In many ways, the beauty and grooming of a woman can be judged by her hairstyle. So, neat and tidy, they are the basis for a bright and effective image. In order for the hair to be like this, it is necessary to take care of it regularly and constantly using high-quality store and home remedies. This article will help you quickly and beautifully make hairstyles, collected hair for which you can easily style yourself. Particular attention is paid to accessories that make the image bright and unique.

Hairstyles: collected hair for every day

For everyday wear there is a wide variety of tufts, braids and tails. All of them should look neat and at the same time not solemn. The most appropriate words for this occasion are simple elegance, which, however, can cost a lot of effort.

The curls are assembled in such a way that not a single so-called rooster can be obtained, nothing is separated from the common head of hair, and the attachments remain invisible.

Also, naturally, the hairstyle should not conflict with the image. She should harmoniously complement and complete the holistic style.

Solemn and wedding hairstyles: collected hair

Simple and beautiful hairstyles

The styling method for these cases is similar to the previous one, but there are some features that make everyday styling into a holiday one.

Collected hair complements the ornaments. Rhinestones, stones, flowers, feathers, beads, and so on can act as them.

All hairstyles for special occasions should be very tightly fixed. Here the effect of so-called cardboard hair will be appropriate.

It is permissible to decorate them with the help of visible changes in the color and structure of hair in the form of colored curls, corrugation, pile and so on.


In general, accessories are the main assistants in creating a unique image. Likewise, hairstyles: collected hair in the right way will give an individual charm and character to a specific hairstyle.

Hairpins can be of different sizes: as bright and large, and barely noticeable, almost like invisible.

Thanks to them, the curls are well fixed, even without varnish or mousse. Another significant advantage is that they are quite easy to fasten hair and therefore they are very comfortable. However, we must bear in mind that excessively tight hairpins can damage the curls. Therefore, it is recommended to use such "crabs" and "bananas" that do not have metal clasps. Studs and Invisibles must have rounded ends.

Elastic bands, as well as the previous accessory, can be the main component when both complex and simple hairstyles are made. Collected hair in the usual gum from silicone is needed both in horse tails and in other styles, where, perhaps, they can be seen and will not be. They are often decorated with flowers, cloth, stones and plastic figures.

So that when they make the "highlights" in the image they are not harmful to the hair, you need to choose soft and elastic gum without metal and other components that can break the hair.

The bezel is able to make the hairstyle look relaxed and at the same time tender and feminine. With a bandage, its owner acquires a romantic mood. As well as in the cases already considered, here besides the appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, so that there are no sharp irregularities on the jewelry that could tear the hair.

With the help of a twister on the head, they create a very effective and at the same time light beam. It is a hairpin-gum, which stably holds the hair all day, without dragging them at the roots.

Scallops, Chinese sticks and other similar accessories will make the image truly exotic. At the same time it is worth stopping the choice on products from a tree and plastic.

Inimitable Horsetail

These beautiful hairstyles, collected hair for which are completely in the elastic band, are very common due to the simplicity and ease of its implementation. It can be done in different ways depending on hair growth, parting and height. To heighten the effect, the elastic band is wrapped with its own hair strand or pigtail. You can also comb upper hair and fasten with a barrette.

Very original retro tail. To do this, the side parting is done, the bangs are laid behind the ear, and the strands are wound.

For a club party and for everyday wear, a voluminous tail is suitable, for which several strands at the top are collected and wound, and released pre-combed strands are wrapped around it.

Rich variety of braids

They are the hardest to do, but at the same time you can include all your fantasy, since the abundance of options can be limitless.

Braids can stumble from different numbers of strands and in different directions. The most common "dragons" or "spikelets." They are braided from the forehead or the top of the head to the bottom of the head.

Original and extravagant looks "fishtail." It is a braid, which is interlaced all the time by changing very thin strands.

A spit from strands wrapped in bundles will look unusual.

"Basket" will give playfulness to the image, and the sideways spit looks unusually feminine.

Lovers of exotic options will not disregard afrokosichki.

These hairstyles will be elegant with a business attire, and with evening. In some cases, they fit the sporty style. The bundle can be made at the top and bottom.

It will turn out neat with the help of the twister mentioned above.

A lighter option comes out when, making a light tail and combing curls in it, wrap them under the gum.

A bundle of a pair of harnesses will also be stylish. At the top of this two braids are braided, wrapped and secured with an elastic band.

Complex hairstyles

The collected hairs are stacked in this case using several methods.

For example, a very interesting variant is the combination of a beam and a pigtail-spikelet. Original and braids, which are collected in one tail, Malvinki and bunches with bows and so on.

Wedding hairstyles

On her best day, any girl should look perfect: all the details of dress, makeup, shoes ... and, of course, curls. The veil is present in most cases on the head, making the image of the bride extraordinarily quivering and fragile. The same effect suggests wedding hairstyles. Collected hair with a veil, among other things, opens the shoulders, neck and, of course, the face of the bride, which gives her image extraordinary tenderness.

Among the girls are very popular hairstyles, executed in vintage style. For medium and long hair, wedding hairstyles are an excellent option, the collected hair (the photo below vividly illustrates this) which is in a low tail, and at the top on the crown they are combed.

Also relevant hairstyles with voluminous weaving, which can effectively be decorated with fresh flowers.

Very often, individual curls frame the bride's face, making it sweet and tender.

Almost always the veil is attached to the back where the hair is collected. This is done in order to focus on the face of the bride.

Women, when choosing a hairstyle, try to make it emphasize the style and personality. If you add a little imagination to the standard versions and learn how to do the styling masterfully, they turn into real queens. In this case, it is not necessary that the occasion were wedding hairstyles. The collected hair is stylish, neat and tidy make it perfect every day.