In the wardrobe of every fashionista there will definitely find a cute sweet blouse made of seductive translucent chiffon. Such a thing is very romantic and feminine and can bring coquetry and playfulness into the image. If there is no such blouse, then it is urgently necessary to correct the situation and sew this lovely thing for yourself, because, having dressed in a thin fabric, you can turn your head and track admiring glances.

About the style and colors

Depending on the cut and color of the material, such a blouse can be combined with a variety of items of clothing. For example, a motley blouse in the form of a top will look great with a denim skirt or shorts and as it is impossible for the article to be in the summer. The model from one color will suit a strict trouser suit. This combination will dilute the severity, but will be within the limits of business style.Simple blouse of chiffon (pattern)

Do-it-yourself chiffon blouses (the patterns will be discussed in this article) are easy to sew, you just need patience and perseverance, as well as a thin needle for a sewing machine that will not beat the fabric, and you can get to work.

General information about the pattern

How to make a chiffon blouse? Pattern - this is the first stage of work. It is necessary to approach its development responsibly, since the whole outcome of the work depends on it. To build it is necessary to measure the shape: waist circumference, hips, chest and upper arm. Further, for convenience, all values ​​should be divided in half. In order to get a great chiffon blouse, the pattern must match the style of the free cut. Even if there are taliievye tucks in it, the finished thing should not fit the figure, but, on the contrary, be somewhat large. This will not spoil the look at all, but on the contrary, it will create the necessary fabric tails, which will repeat the waist bends and other lines of the female figure.

Basics of building

So, how is a chiffon blouse built? The pattern can be drawn on simple glued sheets of paper, and then cut and transferred to the fabric. To build it, one should draw a vertical equal to the length from the shoulder to the bottom of the product, and three horizontals: the lines of the hips, waist and chest. The length of each of them should be 14 measurements taken +5 cm. You can also measure the width of the front, this will help determine how deeply draw armholes, but this is only necessary for a blouse with a set-in sleeve. If it is single-cut, then this measure will not be needed. Next, you should draw a neck, through which the head will easily pass, otherwise you will have to draw cuts and fasteners on the button or button. After drawing the shoulder with a slope of about 5-10 degrees. Here you can extend the shoulder line by modeling the desired length of the sleeve. Further attention should be paid to the side seam. Namely, smoothly interconnect all three lines and, having reached the beginning of the armhole, round it out and withdraw it to the sleeve, having drawn its second seam. In principle, on this basis building can be completed, and start experimenting with cutouts, figured bottom and so on.

The simplest blouse

The simplest pattern of a chiffon blouse without sleeves can look like two rectangles, the width corresponding to the waist or chest plus 7-8 cm and the length from the shoulder to the middle of the hips. For sewing it is necessary to sew the details along the shoulders, leaving room for the neck, as well as the side seams, without stitching the armholes. Such chiffon blouses with their own hands (patterns resemble simple squares or rectangles) at the bottom or at the waist can be collected on a string-gum, stitch it on the wrong side with a small zigzag. Or at the waist to make a belt of coarse lace.

Sleeve blouse

Pattern chiffon blouse with short sleeves can also be cut by simple manipulations. Namely, in the form of rectangles with side seams cut and rounded in the armholes. With this cutting you will need to make only four seams and process the throat and the bottom of the product. This sewing option for the chiffon blouse is the most optimal, especially if you need a short sleeve, because this fabric is loose, and the product can simply “crawl” in the process of wearing.

Pattern blouses made of chiffon with sleeves vtachnogo type is more suitable for models with long sleeves with assemblies on the shoulders. Cutting such a blouse is also not very difficult. Rounded okat, extended to the top in order to stab the folds for processing, wide enough armholes for free fitting will help to hide minor defects of the cut.

Sleeveless Blouse

The pattern of a sleeveless chiffon blouse can look like a regular shirt and be fitted along the side seams. To make such a product look beautiful on the figure and not puff up on the chest, the product template should be placed "along the oblique." This means that the fabric should be folded in half in half, aligning the perpendicular sides, and cut the details so that the fold runs exactly in the middle. You can make a pattern by retracing the cut lines from the shirt, which is suitable in size, and adding 3-4 cm on all sides for seams and loose fit. However, it should be borne in mind that this level is more suitable for experienced masters, and for beginners it is better to master working with chiffon on simple models.

Sewing and assembly

Quite often, even experienced seamstresses cannot cope with such loose material as chiffon, which also strives to “run away” from under scissors and twist. That is why it is better to cut this fabric in one layer.

For processing cuts and making seams it is necessary to pick up a very thin needle that will not knock out individual threads from the web. So that when combining parts the fabric does not seem to be picked up, it is not necessary to put too large a step on the machine. If this trick did not work, then you should sew the details in a small zigzag with a narrow stitch.

The assembly procedure also plays an important role. First of all, it is necessary to sew one shoulder, then to treat the neck with an oblique piping or zigzag with the inside edge turnout and only then close the second shoulder. Next is the turn of the armhole. If a vtachnoy sleeve is provided, then at first it is placed in the armhole and the cut is processed with an overlock and only then they go to the side seams and bottom processing.

Decorative items

What should be a chiffon blouse? Pattern - this is just the basis on which you can create completely dissimilar models. And in this an important role can play decorative elements.

Tricks for craftswomen

Chiffon has a strong electrifying property, which can interfere with cutting, so it will not keep the antistatic at hand.

If it is necessary to cut a part “along the oblique”, it is better to mark the middle line on the folded corner with chalk and then unfold the fabric for cutting in one layer.

Chiffon drapes very nicely, and its transparency allows you to not burden the silhouette with the number of folds, so this material is just perfect for various assemblies for gum or drawstring, as well as for multi-layered products.