Nipple piercing is a completely non-innovative discovery. Piercing was a fashionable phenomenon several centuries ago. Some tribes for many decades similar transformations of their bodies used for various ritual actions. Ancient Rome presented Caesar's personal protection for nipple piercing, it was then fashionable and served as a symbol of courage, courage and valor of soldiers. During the reign of the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Victoria piercing was used to improve the shape of the female breast and was especially popular among ladies of secular society.

The procedure does not present any complexity, but nevertheless is associated with certain risks.

The process of piercing the nipples

Before piercing, the nipples are brought to a state of excitation with the help of a reduced temperature, marking the future passage of the needle on the surface. Then a gentle body is pierced. It is very important to observe the following requirement: the puncture channel should not be displaced. With displacement, certain problems will begin. The whole point is in the individual characteristic of the breast: unnecessarily small or retracted nipples make it difficult to pierce, and sometimes even impossible to perform such a procedure. But with large nipples there are no difficulties, and the correct puncture of the nipple will not allow the accessory to shift.

Varieties of piercing

The puncture of the female nipple is horizontal and vertical. It depends on the type of decoration used. It is necessary to take into account the professional qualities of the master, because a poor-quality puncture can be painful, have a curvature and lead to infection or a change in the shape of the nipple.

Piercing accessories

Ornaments for the nipples of a woman have a diameter of 1.6 mm or more. For male accessories, a diameter of more than 2.4 mm is recommended. As ornaments are often used so-called barbells or rings. More popular is the product that supports the nipple in an excited state. Refined accessories can be bought at specialized points of sale. It is recommended to pay attention to accessories of certain world brands, which are made of high-quality materials. The best option is to use jewelry made in European countries, preferably from titanium, implantium, zirconium or surgical metal. Ornaments of poor quality may be corroded or cause infection of the nipples.


To contra-indications for carrying out of piercing it is necessary to carry the following:

  • serious pathologies of internal organs;
  • blood diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • period of exacerbation of diseases in chronic form;
  • diabetes;
  • decreased immunity;
  • allergic reaction to metals.

Puncture of the nipple: care

A recent piercing is nothing more than an ordinary wound in the nipple that slowly heals and is able to become infected under certain conditions. Due care is needed during the entire period of piercing.

Puncture of the nipple in girls is regenerated for several months, but the maximum withdrawal is carried out in the first few weeks before the full formation of the canal.

The puncture site is washed with an antiseptic solution 2 times a day, and after bathing, and every walk along the street. It is recommended to hold compresses with an antiseptic solution within five days after the procedure. For this purpose, it is necessary to glue the cotton pad to the medical plaster and moisten the solution. Such a disk is glued directly to the nipple. The compress is to be replaced at intervals of 3 times a day and worn during the whole day and removed only before the bathing procedure. If you do not want to wear it around the clock, you need to repeatedly apply the disc for 15 minutes and all night.

In case of puncture care, use antiseptic drugs (Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, etc.) or ointments based on antibiotics. Even with full healing of the nipple, the procedure for washing with an antiseptic solution should be carried out 2 times a month.

Possible complications and their elimination

The most characteristic symptom of infection of the nipple is a painful sensation, a burning sensation and itching, the presence of a discharge with a yellowish-greenish tinge. In this case, the puncture of the nipple must be treated not only with a solution of antiseptic liquid (eg, Chlorhexidine), but also with antibiotic ointment, following the instructions of the drug. If you have more serious problems, you should immediately contact the master or doctor.


We present a list of recommendations, the observance of which can turn piercing into a modern decoration of the human body:

  • Do not change the accessory until it is completely healed. Avoid turning and turning it to avoid secondary infection of the wound.
  • After taking a bath or shower, use antiseptic compresses.
  • The puncture is forbidden to steal, therefore, until the healing is complete, the sauna and bath are postponed.
  • In swimming pools do not swim.
  • It is forbidden to visit the solarium and undergo insolation (the tanning process).
  • To avoid further injury to the puncture zone, therefore, it is necessary to wear comfortable clothing and sleep at night on the back or side.

Consequences of piercing

After carrying out such procedure, as a puncture of nipples (the photo is presented above), different sorts of allocation can appear. This sign indicates the attachment of the infectious agent to the puncture site. In the absence of a painful sensation at the moment of discharge from the punctures, one should not get upset, it is just necessary to continue the treatment with either "chlorhexidine" or some other antiseptic. In the case of pain, and if the treatment does not give any results, you should remove the jewelry until the channel is completely healed. Do not risk your health.

Women (girls) are obliged to pay special attention to the puncture of the nipple and the subsequent care for it. Poorly performed procedures or irregular treatments can lead to problems in the future when breastfeeding a child.

What will give you such a process as puncturing the nipples? The feedback of the piercing owners in this case is extremely contradictory. There is an opinion that piercing can help with feeding a baby with nipples of a flat shape. But also piercing can give a lot of trouble to women during breastfeeding, so you should take off the accessory a few months before the beginning of feeding for the healing of the canal.

The purposes of piercing are different, but all young people with piercing of the nipples indicate qualitative changes in sexual relations.