Urinary incontinence is a delicate problem for both women and men. It occurs quite often, but in the open, because of its intimacy, it is not accepted to talk about it.

The incontinence itself is not a disease. As a rule, this is the result of any disease, when the proper functioning of the body is disturbed.

Enuresis. How to live with this?

Pads urology - an essential item for incontinence

Expressed this disease is an involuntary release of urine, which defies self-control. In this case, the strip of urology, an assistant suffering from incontinence each person. It has nothing to do with age, although many are accustomed to that it is an integral and natural process of aging. Not always the enuresis (this is called incontinence in medicine) is treatable, so it is important to learn to live with this disease, to continue to fully operate and enjoy their favorite activities. But, as a rule, people suffering from enuresis, are susceptible to depression and other neurological disorders associated with feeling of discomfort, fear of being embarrassed in front of people during the next attack.

The cause of the incontinence

The causes of incontinence, are very diverse. While women are more often affected than men. Possible reasons:

  • Infringements due to inflammation in the urinary system.
  • Diseases of the Central nervous system.
  • Damage to the spinal cord.
  • Adenoma of the prostate gland in men.
  • Menopausal symptoms in women.

How to live with this problem?

Enuresis in most cases is temporary, a consequence of a disease. For the restoration of the bladder will take a lot of time and man should continue to live: to work, to communicate with people. Thoughts about the sudden passing urine constantly swirling in the head, thereby deteriorating the mental state of the patient, especially women. All the time have to wear urinary pads to feel discomfort, to feel an unpleasant odor. Timely treatment to the doctor will surely help to partially cope with this problem. He will conduct a survey and determine the degree of severity of the disease, prescribe the appropriate medicines.

And will recommend a good and modern means of hygiene, without which people suffering from enuresis is simply not enough. And here a special “thank you” to say the miracle producers of urological pads, which could help people to gain confidence in yourself, find peace, feel much more confident!

Why do consumers choose Seni?

Manufacturers of pads for incontinence, not so much. But most opted to Seni. Pads urology should possess a number of advantages: excellent to absorb large amounts of liquid to eliminate unpleasant smell to cause irritation and allergic rash. All these qualities combine strip company Seni. Despite the delicacy of the problem, the strip of this company help to cope with feeling of shame and awkwardness.

What distinguishes Seni from other firms? In contrast to urological pads of other manufacturers, Seni possess a high absorbency, which allows you to lead an active lifestyle. But this is just one of the advantages. Consumers make the choice in favor of this company and for the following reasons:

  1. These pads urological do not contain latex, so the skin is protected from the debate.
  2. They contain a special sorbent, which prevents bacteria from multiplying and binds the liquid.
  3. Contain a special inside layer that helps to evenly distribute the liquid across the pad.
  4. Thanks to a special aircraft, the fluid does not drain and remains inside.
  5. Pads are very soft, the top layer passes the liquid inside remains dry. The skin is not irritated, and the feeling of comfort adds confidence.

Pads Seni Lady women recommend!

Popular feminine pads Seni Lady urological. They have quite a large range of sizes – 7 different size and absorbency varieties. In addition, many mothers used them as postpartum pads, thanks to the excellent retention of large amounts of moisture. Many say that they are indispensable in the first period after childbirth and for the price is quite acceptable.

Seni Man - convenience and comfort for the male half

Produces Seni and urological pads for men.

They have a special anatomical shape, which allows the strong half to use them imperceptibly for others. Dimensional mesh of such pads consists of 4 varieties:

  • Active - for leading an active lifestyle.
  • Normal - small in size, suitable for moderate discharge.
  • Extra - have a fairly good absorptive capacity, have side edges on the sides of the flow.
  • Super - have the widest surface of the absorbent layer, perfect for bedridden patients.

Of course, the great benefit that the freely available features are necessary hygiene products as urological pads. For men who temporarily suffer from this disease, but used all the time to be seen, will fit size Active. They are almost invisible and will not require a change of lifestyle.


Strip Seni – an indispensable thing in urinary incontinence. With their relatively nevesomiy cost (200-300 rubles. per pack) they are very reliable, comfortable, well absorb liquid. Many consumers are attracted to their ability to block odor and protective bumpers on the sides of the flow. Their only disadvantage – the lack of wings that help tighter fit clothes. But all other virtues is just a breeze.