There are works that are reminiscent of a soothing massage or warm ice cream, and there are those that we read, not to gain a favorable and peaceful spirits, but rather to disturb and to stir up ourselves to impossible. It is to the latter belongs the considered writing of Chekhov, his short content. "Gooseberries" is like the lash of a whip. The retelling of the story and identify the moral meaning of the work we begin today.

The work (summary) Gooseberry And

Characters not so much: two main and several minor. The story begins with the fact that Ivan Ivanovich is a veterinarian, and Burkin, a teacher of the gymnasium caught up in the bad weather, find shelter in the house of the landowner Alekhine. And Ivan Ivanych tells the audience the story about his brother.

Their professional paths diverged. Ivan Ivanovich became a vet, and Nikolai Ivanovich chose a career official. The last dream – like manor house itself. He had a vague idea that there should be, but always present in his dreams one detail – the gooseberry bushes. Here to death official wanted on his land grew gooseberries and with terrible force were bearing fruit. On the way this plant is being built as a complete essay, so our summary. "Gooseberries" is called so for a reason.

No sooner said than done, but not in a moment. Nikolai Ivanovich began to accumulate, so much so passionately that you didn't finish, didn't finish, and the mansion was set aside. All the small gifts brother (Ivan Ivanovich) he put or if I could, monetized. For a long time collecting the money. Captures the summary. "Gooseberries" is fraught with many more plot surprises, but to feel properly, it is necessary to read the story completely.

The poor widow

Then the hero married the widow, but not because loved, but because her money was. It is all of her savings transferred to your name and put it in the Bank, continuing fervently and passionately to save. Lost widow: when a woman was married to her first husband, she used to live in abundance, and the second choice was half-starved. From this life when a cheerful middle-aged woman began to smolder and eventually died after three years. Now we can say for sure who makes the fabric works "Gooseberry". Chekhov (the characters in his very bold and distinctive) has written characters masterfully. So, the two main characters:

Secondary characters:

  • teacher Burkin;
  • landowner Alekhine;
  • widow
  • various servants.

Spiritual revolution Ivan Ivanovich

When the miraculous event finally happened (Nikolai Ivanych still bought a poor mansion house), he invited his brother to visit him a little.

What is the picture unfolded before the eyes of the visitor? The pond was dirty. The water was coffee color. All rummaged, apparently, was still in full swing repair work. But the interesting thing is that the entire staff of the human part of the estate was similar to the pigs (very characteristic) is the servant and the "master". However, two of him hugged and cried about the fate of his grave, remembered youth, and in the evening the servants brought the coveted gooseberries.

Nicholas ate and said: "You try, how delicious." On his face there was an expression of a child who finally got what he wanted. And gooseberries, meanwhile, was sour, but to Nikolai it was magical. He had the color, odor and taste dreams. One of the most dramatic moments, which are abundant in brief the contents. "Gooseberries" is one of the best works of Chekhov!

And Ivan Ivanichu slept badly in the manor, because he suddenly discovered how ashamed to be happy in a world where there is so much grief.

His brother for the sake of this accursed earth wearing ruined his life and ruined poor unfortunate woman who wanted marriage with him to find a decent and peaceful old age, and met a painful and quick death. Probably ideas in the creation of works of "Gooseberries" Chekhov was taken from life itself. How many of these men and women martyred for the sake greedy and selfish intentions of their spouses in reality? Accurate statistics, it seems not, because it's not violent death, but only an unfortunate choice of life partner.

Worst of all, Nikolai Ivanovich was quite happy. He didn't remember that his peace washed with blood and death. Thus, the main moral: we should not forget about the suffering of other people, even if you are all fantastically beautiful. Especially since you cannot build your happiness on the grief and suffering of loved ones. That is the moral content of saturated Chekhov "Gooseberries". The main theme of it shakes the reader to the extreme.

Ivan Ivanovich recognizes himself in the brother

But that's not the worst discovery. It is horrible that Ivan Ivanovich in the behavior of the brother who overnight with the purchase of the manor was a nobleman, seized his features. The official, who, sitting in the civil service, and was afraid to say the word across, now prophesied a banal truth, but in a tone as if they are worthy of perpetuation in granite. The vet (Smith) realized that he probably always was the same pompous Turkey, and it shocked him. Perhaps writing the story "Gooseberries" Chekhov wanted each of his readers recognize yourself in this "mirror" and understand something.

Have time to do good

Students (Teacher Burkin and Alekhin landowner) did not appreciate the whole drama of the narrative, probably because other problems are not so much hard, as their own. In addition, Alekhin got up early that day, and he terribly wanted to sleep. Meanwhile, Ivan Ivanovich more dispersed and shouted that we must do good and that's all that matters and nothing else!

The story ends with everyone going to bed.