Most parents choose a name for the child long before the baby is born. Some of them do not pay attention to the meaning of the name, for them the main thing is how it will sound in combination with the patronymic and surname. Others think differently. They believe that it is the name that determines the character and fate of the child. No wonder they say that "as you call a boat, so it will float." The meaning and origin of the name Stanislav will certainly interest parents who dream of giving it to their new baby. It will also be interesting to the owners of this name.

The origin, mystery and meaning of the name Stanislav

Stanislav: the mystery of the name

Each name has its own secret, which makes it unique. Stanislav is a female name consisting of two roots “camp” and “glory”. Each of them has its own meaning that influenced the definition of the given name. For example, “camp” is short for “put,” “set,” and “fame” is from “glorify” or “fame.” As a rule, such a construction has several definitions. Because of this, the meaning of the name Stanislav is “establishing fame” or “made glorious.” Parents should take this into account, because babies will try to meet the definition. The origin of the name of Stanislav is Old Slavonic, but in spite of this it is not in the Orthodox faith, that is, in the calendar calendar it is not defined. At baptism, the child will be given a name different from the mundane. What else is so unique Stanislav? The secret of the name is the inner world of the girl, who has significantly influenced her character. But first things first.

Stasya - this is what the abbreviated name of Stanislav hears most often in childhood. She is rarely distinguished by the perseverance of Stanislav. As a rule, you need an eye and an eye for it. The restless nature of the baby makes her a ringleader in any circle of children, it is Stanislav who is the initiator of the majority of mischief. The meaning of the name Stanislav influenced the character of the little girl. Little Stasia is growing up a lively girl who can stand up not only for herself, but also for her friends. Always striving to be first, likes to attract the attention of Stash (another abbreviated name). Stanislav hates seriousness and discipline, so parents will have a hard time with her. However, despite this, the girl is able to self-discipline, but does so only without external influence. As soon as the baby feels the pressure from adults, he immediately does the opposite.


The main traits of Stanislav’s character are sociability and benevolence. As a rule, if the activity of the girl will be directed in the right direction, then the “dangerous age” will pass without unpleasant adventures. The meaning of the name of Stanislav says that the girl likes to achieve heights. And this is actually true. If Stasya takes up the matter, she, in spite of everything, brings it to the end. As a result, a girl can succeed in any field. But only if she is sure that she needs it. Due to the light character, Stanislav quickly converges with people, has a huge number of friends and acquaintances. In the character of the girl is present and the proportion of lightheadedness. Stasha will never worry for a long time because of any trouble, painfully analyzing his mistakes and miscalculations. In such situations, she decides that she was simply unlucky. However, the cheering joy from Stanislava is also unlikely to wait. The girl simply takes all her victories for granted. Stasya has a great sense of humor and a sharp tongue. In the company by any means she seeks to be a leader. Stanislav often plays a role, and so it gets used to it, that she herself begins to believe in its reality. This feature of her prevents the girl from struggling with negative character traits, because for the beginning they should be recognized that it is absolutely impossible for Stanislava.

The meaning of the name Stanislaus has identified the nature of women. She can not stand alone. However, due to hypercommunications around girls is always a lot of fans. Stanislava parents in the education of girls should be firm, otherwise it is too early to taste all the forbidden for her age “harvest”. In love Older and most it would not hurt to be a little careful, because feelings and emotions are usually intermittent and come in the most inopportune moment. Stanislaus amorous girl. It is during these periods of its actions is unpredictable and very extravagant. However, due to the impulsive nature cools off the Stash as fast as it falls. Pulling the girl to strong, powerful men, but she will be happy with a calm and romantic man.

Stanislav is very rarely assiduous. However, despite the restless nature of the girl, she is not very bad at school, trying to live up to her surroundings. Stasya will never allow anyone to talk about her worse than anyone else. Due to this character trait, Stanislav sometimes independently receives quite a decent education.

Stasia is growing a healthy girl. She is not even the usual children's cold. However, the baby still has one predisposition. Stanislav is prone to allergies. Therefore, parents from an early age should be attentive to the diet of the child. Prevention measures and proper nutrition will significantly reduce the manifestations of the disease. In old age, Stanislav should take care of the heart and measure pressure more often.

Marriage and family

Family life at Stanislava does not always develop perfectly. The first marriage of a girl most often ends in divorce. However, if Stanislav manages to curb his indefatigable character, he will settle down, he will become a magnificent wife and loyal friend to his life partner. Sexual satisfaction is not a woman in the first place. For her, the main thing is respect and mutual understanding. In the family, Stasia tries to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone will feel loved and needed. Stanislav is a great hostess. She loves to collect guests, regaling them with various pickles, which she always cooks on her own. She loves praising her food and admiring her. Stanislav adores children. Having given birth to his own, he devotes himself to their education. Very often becomes a mother of many children.

Stanislav needs a profession related to business. She will receive the greatest recognition as a journalist, sales manager, critic or lawyer. Show your analytical mind of Stanislav can in the exchange field. She is very interested to observe the rise and fall of stocks on the exchange. If a woman seriously decides to do this, she will be able to organize a fairly profitable business in the future.

Compatibility named after Stanislav

The most successful for Stanislava has a relationship with Vseslav, Gremolata, Ladimira, Andrew, George, Yaroslav, Victor, Evgenie, Maxim, Sergey, Vladislav, Pavel, Prokhor, Samuel, Michael, Hippolytus, Timothy.

Failure will accompany the alliance with Askold, Sylvester, Albert, Nikolai, Yermolai, Ratmir, Konstantin, Vilen, Yuri.

Astrological characteristic of the name

  • Planet - Mercury.
  • Zodiac sign - Aquarius.
  • The color of the name is gray, gray-green, silver, light green.
  • For success in business, it is best to use black and brown colors.
  • Stone mascot - Labrador, jasper.
  • The tree is ash.
  • Animal - shepherd.
  • The plant is a daffodil.