Each name has its own specific characteristics. And, of course, has a certain effect on the character of the owner. That is why, going a certain way to name your baby, parents should see, and what does a particular name. It will bring into the life of a child in the future? Right now I want to understand the origin of the name Ivan, its characteristics and compatibility.

A bit of history

As always, you should start with origins. Thus the initial cost to consider the origin of the name Ivan. So, it has Hebrew roots. However, it is worth noting that in ancient Judea it was pronounced quite differently, as Jochanaan. Russian variation is a little simplified its pronunciation. There is also a version that the name Ivan is descended from the ancestor of the Slavs – WAN. Again, Christianity it is slightly altered by adding just one letter "And".

Studying the origin of the name Ivan, it should also be noted that in the 19th – early 20th centuries, every fourth Russian were given the name. Everything is simple: it happened because in the calendar it found a whopping 170 times! Almost through the day. As you know, before the priests gave the names of the children in accordance with the information in this book. And so it happened that while children are not called parents, Ivanov was very, very much. In the middle of the 20th century there was a decline in the popularity of name. Now it restores the lost glory.

Main name

What is the mystery of the name Ivan? Initially, it should be noted that it is very contradictory. Such people are innocent and cunning at the same time. Usually they are straightforward, assertive and able to achieve all their persistence. However, if the van for something to lose interest, he changes his course and is on the new identified self way.

It is also necessary to mention the fact that the carriers of this name in the life can reach the greatest heights, and to fall so low that never rise. Such men make great bosses, workers and creative individuals. But still, the maximum they are coming to the sport, then they often find themselves. If you are not in the labour force, in the field of hobby for sure.

What will bring this name for a boy? Ivan in the childhood very much in need of maternal affection, care, love. Although, it should be noted that it is quite an independent kid, which from a very early age can take care of himself. In the team so the child feels free, relaxed. Knows how to make friends with children of different ages, though more drawn to the younger, wanting to take care of them. The school period is more complex. And all because the van is less smart than other kids. Science bothered him, often he just doesn't want to teach a particular subject just because he didn't like it. This implies that the academic performance of boy will be low. And this, in turn, can lead to the development of a inferiority complex. However, this can be avoided if Ivan find what he likes, and will succeed.


What is the nature of the name Ivan? What Vani special?

  • This is a very sensitive people. They care about the opinions of others.
  • Ivanov has a strong sense of justice. Because of this, they often suffer.
  • These people lack intuition. And this often leads to negative situations.
  • Vani do not accept compromises, because the only right think your opinion is.
  • These are very active people who manage to do many things at the same time.
  • Ivana is extremely sociable. However, if they don’t like the person, they’ll be shown it to him with all of their looks.
  • It is a reliable and serious people on whom you can rely in a difficult situation.

Working life

Having considered the origin of the name Ivan, you need to tell and who such men can become in adult life. Initially, it should be noted that even if these men and active, they think slow. Also they are not able to make the right decision, because every step used carefully weighed.

In principle, Vani can occupy any position, anywhere they are able to succeed. But they will be most comfortable where it is necessary to work with your hands. The stars also say that the carriers of this name suited the profession of a merchant, sailor, and engineer.

Ivan is a Russian name, so these men have a true Russian, health. As has been said above, they are predisposed to the sport that they, in fact, and temper. They are very active, hardy, but still able to abuse these benefits, forgetting that nothing lasts forever. It should also be noted that Ivana is prone to bad habits – Smoking and alcoholism.

Separately need to talk about how to behave Ivan with friends. So, this is a great loyal companion who is always ready to help, and to give everything for the well-being of a loved one. But here it should be noted that even to a close friend Vanya will never forgive betrayal or dishonesty. After all, justice for these people is very, very important.

The door of the house for fellow Vanya is always open. He loves collective gatherings will never refuse to visit a good company. He always had many friends among co-workers, classmates, fellow students. It should also be noted that these men are in close contact with their relatives, including relatives of the wife.

That still hides the mystery of the name Ivan? It is also necessary to say a few words about how to behave such men in marriage. Initially, it should be noted that they are mostly married twice. The first marriage is dissolved at the request of his wife, which cannot withstand the increased activity of man, his eternal get-togethers and celebrations at home with friends. The second marriage is mostly happy, because Vanya with age, realizes his mistakes and then trying to avoid them.

It should also be noted that this is a very jealous man. Especially when someone has attention to his wife. But, in turn, Ivan can easily flirt with the girlfriends favorite, not seeing anything wrong with that. At home these guys are used to perform only the work of men. They will never wash the dishes or clean the house, unless there is an extreme need. But your men work they perform excellently. So, Ivan can do everything and knows how he works on home repair, repairing clothes and appliances. Love to care for the garden.

Ivan also makes a great father. He loves his children, and love and children. But, again, he will not change the diaper at a young age, considering it a female responsibility.

Compatible names

Definitely also need to be considered and compatibility of name Ivan. So, a good Union men will be with Alla, Valya, Dasha, Katya, Lisa, Zoe, Irina, Claudia and Mary. It is not necessary to have a relationship van with the women, whose name is Lena, Tonya, Zina, Larissa, Nadia, Masha, Rimma, Emma.

Name and season

And at the very end I want to talk about the meaning of the name Ivan, depending on the time when, when the man was born.

Winter. This is a very open and sociable Ivan. He is generous, sympathetic, trusting. Because of this, often gets into trouble. However, such guys attracted women, because they are very elegant and charming.

Spring. Such men are cunning, devious and resourceful. They often come out unscathed and find an outlet in seemingly hopeless situations. It's gullible and never offensive guys who can be very cruel and secretive.

Summer. This energetic and cheerful people who look at problems with a smile and Forbearance. They are kind and helpful. However, they are also indecisive, which is the main problem in their work life.

Autumn. This is a sociable and sincere person. However, it is impulsive and unpredictable, which often scares or alarms others. Women in these men will enjoy the sense of humor and courtesy.