The fair sex is considered to be skillful inventors of various methods of seduction. But when the whole arsenal of tricks is exhausted, and the goal has not been achieved, the desperate young ladies decide to use the secrets of magic.

Spell on monthly blood: the consequences for men and women

Humanity came up with countless love spells and conspiracies. Some of them are really effective, but there are those that have a dubious impact on the outcome of the case. However, without exception, leave a trace on the fate of man. One of these methods is a love spell for monthly blood.

How does it work?

It should immediately be said that all ways of attracting a person against his will and with the help of magic are serious effects on energy. And this applies to the one who bewitches, and the object of passion. With particular caution should be taken to the methods of black magic, such as a love spell on monthly blood. The consequences of such an impact are truly serious. It frightens many, and they resort to simpler love spells and methods of influence.

Implications for men

So, of all the possible ways, the spell for monthly blood has been chosen. The consequences for a man, as for a woman, may not appear at all at first. Do not delude yourself that everything will go smoothly further. Even one of the laws of physics about energy says the following - it does not arise from nothing and does not disappear anywhere, but passes from one type to another. The same thing happens in the case of a man.

For example, when performing a love spell, a woman means that only the victim of the ritual will adore and desire her. However, the action of magic can turn a passionate lover into an absolute impotent. What first suppresses his will to others gradually begins to destroy the energy metabolism in the organism itself. To such incidents often leads to a spell on monthly blood. The consequences can lead a man to binge. This will serve as a flight of the subconscious from the negative program of energy impact. This often happens when in the process of enchantment, the blood of menstruation is added to an alcoholic beverage.

How much does the spell work? Is it necessary to renew it?

It should also be remembered that any magical influence has its own period, which ends sooner or later. Love spell has one month of service. Therefore, having done the first, the woman is obliged to update the process every 30 days.

During the period of influence, a man is at the peak of his sexual activity, which means there is a high probability of fertilization of those who have bewitched. Since menstruation stops during pregnancy, the effect on the victim ends. Not having received another dose of love spell, a man can dramatically change his attitude towards a woman. It often becomes the cause of quarrels or partings. Given the fact that most often at this moment a woman is in a position, the plot takes on a completely tragic character.

Even staying with the chosen one, a man can feel an inexplicable feeling of disgust towards her. Many say that the woman breathed raw meat, which undoubtedly repelled them. About these and other negative consequences are warned in all sources, where you can find detailed instructions on spells. Therefore, this particular method of magic should not be applied to a person with whom a woman plans to enter into long-term relationships or a family.

Implications for the family

These and many other factors should be considered when doing a love spell for monthly blood. Consequences can and do break the family. These serious effects need to be remembered, wanting to simply increase the interest of the man to himself. Is the result of working with magic worth the consequences that may last forever, irrevocably spoiling it?

Implications for women

A great impact on the one that uses magic, has a spell on monthly blood. The consequences for women are much more serious than those for men. The main difference between them lies in the fact that the representatives of the fair sex destroys this effect, starting with the energy envelope. Its integrity is known to have a huge impact on the life of a woman. Any hole in the power industry exacerbates all existing streams that are aimed at bewitching.

For example, if at that moment someone from the side decided to impose an evil eye or perform another magical ritual, then her condition may worsen dramatically. Together with the general weakening of the body and the gradual loss of health, a negative wave of life begins to be felt. This is explained by the fact that the oscillations of the pendulum, which controls the causal relationships, are amplified in frequency and amplitude. This is how a love spell on monthly blood can seriously affect life. The consequences will affect absolutely all areas of life.

After the deterioration of health, failures often join the flow of negative events, which, like a snowball, accumulate and form a serious problem. She, in turn, like a magnet, attracts everything except the good. In addition to the consequences received on her fate, a woman begins to drown in those that affect the life of a man. For example, yesterday, an adorable girl may suffer from the sexual weakness of her chosen one. Or if a man became an alcoholic, then, by the will of fate, his wife will clear up negative consequences with him.


Both participants are affected by a love spell on monthly blood. The consequences will leave a mark in the fate of both men and women. This should be remembered when a love spell seems to be the only way to attract a chosen one to yourself and make him feel strong. Ironically, it may turn out that the vector of men's spiritual experiences will take an unexpected direction. And what seemed so close will become beyond reach.

In addition, it must be remembered that if during a pregnancy a woman can prolong the effect of a love spell, then with the end of the reproductive age it will become impossible. It may happen that even without all the negative moments of withering, she will be left without a husband. Left without the influence of a love spell, it simply will not keep anything near his wife. That is why many couples disperse in such a period, although their whole life together seemed to be perfect.

Privorot on monthly blood: consequences. How to remove it?

Before you decide and resort to the rituals of black magic, you should know that manipulations associated with blood, have a strong influence on the object of impact. Especially this kind of material. He has a very large energy potential, because it is extremely difficult to remove a love spell for monthly blood.

If you want to get rid of the influence of magic will have to work simultaneously with two people - the customer and the victim. Since the principle of the love spell is as follows: performing a ritual, a woman activates her and men's karmic retribution. The impact is directly on the victim, but the consequences are unequally divided between the spell members. A man gets lack of will and other negative moments, and for a woman the result of working with magic can turn out to be completely tragic. It is difficult to destroy the connection between the love spell for monthly blood and its consequences.

How to remove the magical chains, you should know in advance so as not to suffer as a result of the ritual produced by your own hands. Information can also be useful in order to reduce the impact of negative consequences.

Remove the love spell on monthly blood

For the decreasing month you need to buy fresh red meat with blood. After waiting for the night, in the light of the moon, it is necessary to light a row of 9 church candles. You should also fumigate the room with a dense, heavy aroma of essential oil. Then you will need any underwear thing that is bewitched (a T-shirt or shirt in which he came in for a few days), you need to place it in front of a number of candles.

A piece of meat is put on the garment. It must be chopped with a kitchen knife. At the same time, the following should be condemned: “Fall down in smoke, my words, for red meat, for spicy blood. Through the dog enter, fall into the ground. Let the servant of God (the name of the bewitched) slave of God (the name of the object) not know, neither the soul nor the flesh wants it. To be in my opinion. Amen!"

Next, wrap the meat in a thing and tie a knot. Coming out of the house, you need to give a chopped piece of it to the dog. If there are no dogs in the neighborhood or a bitch comes, this is a bad sign. The next morning you should visit a professional who understands magic, which will help remove the influence of the consequences of this ritual.


Summing up, we should once again weigh all the advantages and disadvantages that the spell has to monthly blood. Consequences, testimonials about the evidence of this ritual, there are both positive and negative. However, it is necessary to remember about the main recommendation given by experienced magicians about the love spell for monthly blood. It should be carried out with utmost care.