When a young woman waits for the appearance of the long-awaited baby, and even for the first time, she is very worried. And this is natural. But for some reason, many people suddenly start to believe sharply in a black cat, a “bad” Friday and in the fact that an umbrella cannot be opened indoors.

Spectrum of opinions

Of course, their life changes significantly. Already, food is somewhat different, and the mode of the day. It is also desirable smaller nerves and no colds. One thing is not clear. Many girls, who had not believed in any signs before, now have become very superstitious. In fact, here, for example, is a question that has begun to excite some future moms: “Is it possible for pregnant women to attend the funeral?”

Signs: is it possible for pregnant women to go to the funeral

And for some reason, other issues are less of concern to women "in an interesting position." And they firmly know what to answer. For example, is it forbidden to paint your nails, wear high-heeled shoes, fly on an airplane? And is it possible for pregnant women to go to the funeral - different opinions immediately arise. From what?

It’s just that various prejudices suddenly invade people's minds. And even if a woman had never believed in either an empty bucket or a coin, which she should certainly pick up on the street, now the change in hormonal background and the maternal instinct waking up in it make her think about many things that others say. Especially the elderly. So do not scold a worried woman, but try to understand.

Other world

It has long been observed that pregnant women are somehow special, very wary, or something, refer to beliefs that are associated with dead people and their souls. Other representatives of the older generation instantly give a negative answer to the question: “Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the cemetery and burial?” No, that's all! And why - and they themselves really can not explain. Like, they always did that. And, in general, the cemetery is not the place where the pregnant woman should spend her time.

The birth of a man is always a mystery unknown. And this fact was surrounded by all sorts of fictions, guesses that arose hundreds of centuries ago. However, even today, they have enormous power over man.

Sometimes it comes to the absurd. Quite a few people are one hundred percent convinced: women who are pregnant with their feet should not step on any cemetery. They also argue that in no case should one come to the grave of one’s very beloved person. Otherwise, "contact" with the dead can not be avoided.

This is confirmed by the magicians. The whole cemetery, they said, is filled with a very delicate "matter". It is called - the souls of the dead. And they need their embodiment all the time. Moreover, a pregnant woman herself is not able to protect her future child. Her vital energy in these months is greatly weakened. For at once two organisms “supply” - theirs and the fetus.

However, there are quite a few women and men of all ages who do not believe in “this nonsense” about whether it is possible for pregnant women to go to the funeral. Without a shadow of a doubt, they declare that there is nothing terrible about it. You just have to come - thus paying tribute and memory. This will bring future mommy peace of mind, and not discouragement. But the extra experiences that did not come, reproaches of conscience only harm the baby.

The priests also say that such a state is not a “contraindication” when deciding whether to allow pregnant women to attend a funeral. There, they assure, there is no harmful and bad energy at all. It so happened that in the old days people began to think that in the womb of the mother the baby was deprived of its guardian angel. And thus, he is not protected from the "black" forces.

But all this is only the national signs. Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the funeral - the woman herself decides. And prejudices against this are generated by the lack of information of the population, insufficient enlightenment in the spiritual sphere. And also great pressure on the psyche of prejudices that have entered our consciousness through previous generations.

Better stay home

However, there are many cases when in fact not only relatives, but also doctors, the same ministers of the church simply insist that this or that future mother never go to say goodbye to the dead. And in these situations, the debate about whether it is possible for pregnant women to go to the cemetery and to the wake, disappears by itself.

For example, when a pregnant woman, especially in recent months, knows that she may feel bad at the cemetery, which she will not morally or physically endure this mourning procedure, then, of course, it’s better not to go anywhere. And then enough to say goodbye to the person mentally. Another day, go to church and light a candle. Order a service for the rest of his soul.

After all, it is a serious matter. And no woman should be condemned at demolitions. It is known that a nervous breakdown, especially a very strong one, may well provoke complications. And this sometimes leads to the loss of the baby. So that a woman in a position, if she herself is rather afraid to go to this funeral, should not risk it.

Come necessarily!

In general, this procedure is not easy and rather exhausting. And not only for pregnant women. But the wake are held in a somewhat different situation. Now no one "forbids" the expectant mother to come here. On the contrary, not to appear - this is not good, it is indecent. After all, you must pay tribute to the deceased, to honor his memory. And of course, what is important and extremely necessary, to support the relatives of the deceased in such a dire misfortune.

True, it is worth remembering that a woman is still in the position. And a large concentration of people is fraught with the fact that you can “catch” some sore that is transmitted through the air. Therefore, a pregnant woman should, before leaving the apartment, use a simple tool to save the future baby from trouble. How? Yes, take a nose and smear oxolinic ointment. This is a proven barrier to all sorts of viruses. As experts say, for the future mother sores (such as SARS) are more dangerous than some kind of not very great psychological inconvenience.

Exceptional case

However, there seem to be similar problem situations in life, but there is no standard solution for getting out of them. And often with this dilemma, is it possible for pregnant women to go to the funeral, loses its sharpness. What to do if, for example, a very close friend or the most dear relative died? If, at the same time, the woman herself realizes that she can never be there and not be on the last journey of this man, then the best thing for her is not to listen to anyone. And act as her heart dictates. And conscience. There is no longer a matter of well-being, the weather, or the distance of the trip.

Superstitions are usually associated with the same thing, which makes some people believe in all sorts of monsters along with ghosts. This is because we are not able to explain any phenomena. And therefore we “shift” to the otherworldly forces all the responsibility for this.

Researches of scientists prove that prejudices quite often “work” because they strongly believe in them. Signs instantly have a chance to be fulfilled. By the principle: a person is afraid of something - and attracts it to him. And if not, then nothing happens to him. Scientists have long proved: our thoughts materialize.

As for herself, a woman will solve a problem - this is her own business. And each - individually. Based on your well-being, belief in omens. And accord with your heart.