Since ancient times, people memorized various phenomena and patterns. On the basis of these observations, national signs were created. And, although many of them have no scientific basis, some people still believe in their truthfulness. One of the most common were observations related to the human body and well-being. In particular, this concerns the signs of "what it is like."

For centuries, people regarded itching in various parts of the body as a precursor of any events in life, both good and long-awaited, and not so much. Consider the most common signs on this topic.

If it itches

It has long been believed that the sudden itching of the hands has a secret meaning. The most common sign of the following. The hand is scratched - it is necessary to expect either a sudden flow of money, or their loss. This is due to the fact that itchy right or left limb.

Signs: what is itching (palm, eye, ears, chest)Another sign has a similar meaning - it itches the palm. The interpretation here is the same as in the previous case. Interestingly, in order to not transfer money in the house, it was suggested to scratch your hand on the countertop. There is another sign on this topic.

According to her, the right hand itches for an unexpected meeting with a man who has not been seen for a long time. Our ancestors regarded itching in the elbows as a forerunner of the news, while paying attention to what itches. Right - waited for pleasant and joyful information, left - sad.

But the itching of the fingers in the old days was considered a symptom of anemia and demanded immediate treatment to the doctor. It may also indicate scabies. Therefore, if the itch does not pass for a long time, it is better not to postpone the visit to the specialist.

If you suddenly itch your eye

Our ancestors noticed another interesting pattern, namely, what to expect if the eye suddenly itches. A sign, by the way, may have diametrically opposite interpretations. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what eye itches. If left, ahead of frustration and tears. Itching in the right eye can heal both joy and sadness. To know what to expect in the future, it is advised to pay attention to what day of the week this happened. If the name contains the letter “p” (for example, Wednesday or Thursday), then the eye itches to joy. On other days, this phenomenon promises sadness. But there are other interpretations. So, the itchiness of the right eye can foreshadow a love date or just a meeting with an old friend.

It must be remembered that this phenomenon can be a symptom of an infectious disease. Therefore, if itching persists, you should consult a doctor.

What are your ears scratching

What to expect if your ears itch? Sign usually predicts a change in the weather. Interestingly, the interpretation here depends on what time of year it is the date of birth of the person. If the spring or summer, it is worth waiting for warming. And when the ears itch from a person born in the autumn-winter season, on the contrary, you need to prepare for a quick cooling.

In accordance with another interpretation, itching can foreshadow unexpected expenses. Thus, the sign gives you the opportunity to prepare for them.

If the earlobe is scratched, then it was believed among the people that a serious conflict awaits the person. In this case, he himself will be his source. But the most common is perhaps the following meaning of why the ears itch. The sign foreshadows in the near future any news. Again, their character depends on what kind of ear itching. If right - the news will be good, left - unpleasant. Moreover, the more itchy, the more interesting they will be.

However, not always scabies in the ears can be explained with the help of folk signs. It is noted that it can be a short-term reaction to stress.

If your chest itches

For ladies, what itches often is of great importance. A sign created by our ancestors indicates that her husband or lover thinks about a girl or a woman. But this is only if the left breast is itching. It may also foreshadow a meeting with a loved one. If the right breast is scratched, it is a harbinger of grief or separation. You can expect treason or gossip.

There is another interpretation of why the chest itches. Omen promises inclement weather. As you can see, the predictions are so contradictory that it is hardly worth relying entirely on their loyalty. In addition, itching may not be a precursor of any event, but a symptom of an allergic reaction.

Other folk omens

There are other signs of "what is it about." For example, itching in the back can be a harbinger of unpleasant news or sadness. If the spine is itching, we can expect a sharp change in the weather, which, in turn, will adversely affect the general state of health. Itching under the knee foreshadows rapid warming. Lips itch either for gifts or for kisses. If the tip of the tongue is itchy, it speaks of gossip.

Interestingly, for many will, there is a kind of antidote - actions, by performing which, you can reduce the negative meaning of interpretation. For example, when the tongue is scratched, in order to avoid gossip, the people propose to tighten a tight knot on something, in order to silence ill-wishers.

In general, about scabies

In general, as you can see, the signs of “what itchs” have a completely different meaning. But usually itching in the right side of the body carries a positive value. For example, good news, financial well-being, success in personal relationships, or pleasant, long-awaited meetings.

The scab of the left side of the body has, as a rule, the opposite meaning and can bring tears, loss and frustration. This pattern is related to the fact that people have long believed that a guardian angel sits behind the right shoulder of a person, who protects a person and rewards him. Behind the left is the messenger of the devil, who is trying in every way to tempt a person and bring him to misfortune and misfortune.

Believe it or not?

Each person chooses whether to believe in folk omens. What is itching about - the question is certainly entertaining, and from the wisdom of the people one can learn a lot of interesting things. After all, it took shape for more than one century, even then, when all knowledge about the world and man was based solely on observations. But on the other hand, you should not regard signs as a guide to action or build your life on them.

In addition, itching in one or another part of the body may not at all carry a hidden meaning, but be a symptom of a disease. In any case, it is better to treat signs as entertaining entertainment and not to look for something more in them. Every person is free to create his own life. Therefore, it is better to set yourself up for success and to create your signs that foreshadow only good.