Some believe this fish is quite simple and uncomplicated, not quite worthy of a real avid fisherman. Like, carp – he and in Africa a carp: the fish is a weed and not a trophy! In addition, castlepaste this representative of the carp there is almost legend. This is partly true, but the skillful cooking of crucian carp in sour cream, for example, will not be worse in taste than other purebred fish. A trifle carp, fried until crisp on the teeth. Delicious – finger-licking.Carp bait in summer: a recipe

To catch more

In order to successfully catch this fish needs bait. For carp to go without it, just not recommended. And to get a chic nibble and as a result the carp bucket with a palm, you need to try before the fishing. Bait for carp – one of the basic conditions. How to make your own hands in various culinary variations, will be discussed in our article. We hope that our recommendations and recipes will be helpful to you and your Karasino fishing will be very productive!

Bait on a crucian. Basic cooking rules

Fishing cooking is a special art form. Some food for bait fish, as they say, he would eat, Yes, no money! And all because anglers, especially avid, carefully examining the fish's preferences, and based on preferences, come up with something different, original. No, you can use and development of firms-manufacturers. They in this question the dog ate. But the best bait for carp – proven for generations – one that is made with your own hands. And improperly prepared can directly affect the quality and performance of fishing.

Features carp

When preparing catchability bait for carp, you should take into account that the carp – fish, in General, are omnivores. And it is the hand of the angler, allowing you to create multi-component compositions, which would not be suitable for other species. And carp are fairly easy to train to a specific place and time of feeding, which is also important. By the way, a "Karisalova" declare that you implement the correct bait recipe for carp is not a simple matter, and requires some effort. We divided the preparation of snacks for the seasons. It is necessary to clarify that these recipes are in any case are not the ultimate truth. As already mentioned, each angler can bring in recipes of their ingredients.

At this time of year (early may to early June), according to long-term observations of fishermen, carp prefer to peck at manure worms and bloodworms. Accordingly, bait, place to fish before angling should include these ingredients. Good also feed pomace as a basis, which fed the carp in fish farms. This bait will be less vedatsya small fish.

All summer the crucian is caught more or less actively. Bait for carp in the summer, used to catch, depends on the usual for this area of the diet of carp and the size of the pond, where he lives. If the pond is small and quite shallow, it is usually enough for 3-5 balls the size of a handful. Cook them out of the ordinary oat flakes soaked in water mixed with soil and formed into a ball. Good effect sometimes gives a mixture of black bread and steamed barley soaked in water. Bait for carp in the summer, the need for this kind of fishing should contain some flavors, those fish are suitable for smell and taste.

Flavoring substances on a crucian fishing

To add or not to add them to the lure? This dispute is about some fishermen. Of course, to add, but within reasonable limits. Because they attract fish such as carp, from afar, causing it to float to the place of fishing and there to feed. Noticed that the carp is very fond of anise, vanilla, garlic. Just do not go overboard with additives. Otherwise, instead of lure, you will scare the fish too spicy aromas. Ideally, ten drops of anise oil will be enough. Or crush a clove of garlic to the mixture.

More options

  • If you catch carp on top, the perfect bait would be maggots. They can be fixed with a powdered milk and throw a ball in the fishing. After 15 minutes, subject to the availability of this place carp, fish activity will be provided.
  • If the water where you are going to catch carp, the vegetation is poor, it requires a more active bait. Within three hours of active fishing gear, for example, have to feed up to 3 kilograms of feed. And it is done from cake, bran, crackers. To add aroma of anise (some fishermen prefer as a flavoring agent to use cacao powder – a few spoonfuls). If you are buying bait at the store, mix it with soil to weight.
  • Good effect gives a mixture made by their hands from wheat, beans, hemp, canola, and cereals. It do not require additional flavoring. And the number it requires less (one fishing – 1 kg should be enough), as it has a high calorie content. Zakim need to do immediately abundant, in the amount of 5-7 balls about the size of a handful. Some of them should reach the bottom, and some scattered on the surface. After 10-15 minutes, you can start fishing. The following SCORM as carp – fish is very timid, it is recommended to make not earlier than in three hours.
  • If you decide to buy all the same in the store, so as not to mess around, then experts recommend taking carp bait on a crucian carp. Most of them are well suited for the respect of this fish.

The simplest

And the simplest bait on a crucian is done as follows. Consider a few common options:

  1. Take a kilo of barley (fraction) and as much wheat. Add 0.5 kilo of corn grits and a glass of monkey. A little sunflower oil cake. Mix everything. And directly on the fishing before the fishing, soak with water and making balls that entices carp. To the mixture is recommended for aroma add 20 drops of “Sage”.
  2. We take a kilo of makuhi, a pound of dert, a glass of chips for smell Stir dry. On fishing we soak for several minutes and form balls.