Carp – worthy and coveted trophy for many fans of fishing. But just for the bait, without the use of additional efforts to catch him hard enough. What tricks do not go to the fishermen in order to get this careful and powerful fish (some carp reach truly gigantic sizes)! Bait for carp, with his own hands and made lovingly – one of these secrets. Some fans of carping downright proud of their recipes fish cooking, contain them in great secrecy, and in any case do not purchase a mix at the store, even the advertised! You: it's a matter of national pride fisherman!

The basic idea

Bait for carp with their hands in carp fishing is of paramount importance. Roughly speaking, without it anywhere, especially if you are going to catch on to this trendy and effectively tackle as a feeder. But for tying the fish to the place chosen for the future of fishing, groundbait for carp with their hands – a very necessary thing. Because the carp fish is hungry and getting used to a particular "table" and routine food, so it's so important to tame it first. And make it most effective bait for carp, with his own hands made, and in time abandoned in the pond. Then fishing will generally catchability.

Criteria and installation

What criteria should have the best groundbait for carp, with his own hands made? Well, maybe not best, but good enough?

  1. In contact with the bottom as a result of casting, the fisherman she has, so to speak, "explode" – that is, to create a suspension in the district that attracts fish by its smell and flavor.
  2. She needs to stretch and spread out, like a little cloud, created from the smallest and larger particles of feed for carp which will be eaten by inhabitants of the water element. Moreover, according to the taste and smell, they must maximize the interest of not even really hungry cold-blooded. By the way, in this aspect, with such fish as carp, there is less difficulty and conventions, as it is very voracious, and consumes a day a lot of food, growing to such gigantic proportions thanks to his excellent appetite.

Component parts

Best bait for carp, with his own hands made, should consist of several global components. It is conditionally possible to divide them into three groups according to purpose:

  1. First, it is the basis in the form of attract fish and create a dust and mist in the aquatic environment the smallest components.
  2. Second, this Supplement, fillers, in a crisp and nutritious, looking to the future catch more appetizing.
  3. And thirdly, one must have flavoring agents that enhance the smell and attract carp from afar.

To make bait for carp with their hands (for the feeder, for example, or simply to accustom the fish to the place) turned out the most delicious, be sure to use all three components of the mixture, skillfully varying the ingredients. Let's dig into each component used.

  • The most popular ingredients, especially in past years, were and still remain dry cereals and grains, the most plain. First, they are a natural food, not even specifically entering the ponds from the surrounding fields. And this is the natural food of the carp, which he used to consume. Second, the grain for any rural (and urban) resident – the most accessible and fairly cheap product that does not require a special search.
  • Chopped not too finely raw, but dried seeds. In the course can go all that is at hand. Sunflower seeds, flax, pumpkin, coriander. All this certainly can be found in almost any home. And therefore is in demand. Moreover, seeds of all possible plants surrounding the water where carp are specially bred (or wild fellow), are natural fertilizer into the water during reproduction of plants.
  • But following the basics – dry groundbait for carp with their hands – not of natural origin. But the same can man something of their own to bring to the cooking and ingredients? So, your attention is a variety of dry milled baking: biscuits, muffins, white crackers, cakes, pies, slightly lost its freshness, stale. Well, who would have thought that carp, too, "cookies" like? By the way, this explains the fact that some anglers prefer to add in a feeding, hand-made, some amount of sugar.

Supplements as the engine of progress

As manufactured bait for carp with their hands? Recipes may contain various additives. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Millet porridge, boiled until soft.
  • Pearl barley (peeled wheat), steamed in a thermos as prefabricated.
  • Pea porridge, not too razvrata.
  • Canned corn in cans, honey. Or corn cereal made with whole grains.
  • They say that in the East, in the traditions of using rice for porridge for the feeding of carp, especially since it is easily "glued" and does not collapse quickly when placed in water.
  • Sometimes use a mixture of these above additives.

Than flavored?

As a rule, season with bait flavours for carp is a must. Checked really like barbels have vanilla, anise drops, garlic. Some fishermen use cocoa powder. "Sweet" types of Oriental spices like cinnamon and ginger, can also go to the course. There are more original ways of flavoring foods: shrimp, canned fish, sunflower or hemp oil, halva, honey and marmalade – who cooks fish in that much! The basic idea of the use in the mixture – the presence of a strong odor that would attract carp from afar. There are, however, your cooking rules. For example, it is forbidden to mix different incongruous with each other flavors.

Bait for carp with their hands. Recipes

As already mentioned, there is a wide variety of recipe dishes. Let's start with the most simple. As a rule, the main ingredients are mixed at home and Packed the composite is brought to the place of fishing, where it has just before casting into the pond water is added and mixed to such a consistency to roll into balls that fit in the palm.

  • Cook porridge on the water (or milk) from a kilogram of grain. Let cool and add half a kilo of sunflower cake and slightly cleaned and slightly suppressed the raw seeds. As a flavoring added to the mixture in a jar the easiest fish canned in oil. All thoroughly kneaded and Packed before the arrival of fishing (you can keep at the bottom of the fridge for a few days).
  • In equal parts take sunflower meal, dried milled corn flour. The cake should be steamed and then mix with other ingredients, season to flavor of unrefined vegetable oil.
  • Cook the peas and puree them in the blender. In the ratio 2:1 add semolina, cooked cool. Mix and pour half a Cup of sunflower oil.
  • Cook wheat or barley porridge (1.5 kilo), add a pound cake, three or four boiled potatoes, a bunch of chopped fresh dill, razdelyaet a few cloves of garlic. All this is carefully stirred to obtain a homogeneous bait for carp with their hands.

Recipes in the summer, as you can see, is remarkable for its availability and cheapness. So there is no need to spend money on expensive offers fishing shops, buying imported food. But in spring and in autumn, when the water for carp is a little cool, in the bait to add life: bloodworm, chopped worm or maggot. And don't forget about the main purpose of creating carp bait: to lure the fish dreams to clean the corners of the reservoir that you have designated for fishing, places to hide, and leave with a fishing trophy!

What is best for the feeder?

Feeder bait for carp with their hands not too different in essence from the simple for bait. But since it must be placed in the trough, this factor imposes on the creation of a mixture of some additional terms. Of course, the bait must be attractive to fish (aroma and taste), to be sprayed gradually, creating a cloud of mist around him, but to do it not too fast, and extended.

Bait for carp with their hands

Recipes in the summer and fall may include all the available ingredients. Here is an example of a multicomponent bait that you can prepare yourself:

  1. To create a base take a few components. Half of the volume – biscuits or cakes, a 10% bran or feed, in the same sunflower cake, semolina porridge, corn, oat flour or corn.
  2. For supplements using roasted and raw sunflower seeds, pre-shredded, flakes oat, hemp seed, peanuts and powdered milk (you can take in equal parts).
  3. Of flavors choose one, for example, vanilla.
  4. All are thoroughly mixed and Packed in bags.
  5. On the fishing spot connected with cereal additive and put into the feeder. RAM too is not necessary, since food will be bad to clean up. Ideally, all bait must disperse suspension near the bottom in 10-15 minutes!

And finally, remember an important rule: all existing bait is not final and immutable version. Play with additives and main components, use the new fragrances, maybe you just invented the compound will gain popularity among the produced fish.