A frequently asked and long-time bored question from a guy to a beautiful girl: “Doesn't your mother need a son-in-law?” Maybe once was funny, but his time is long gone. Yes, and too many people used it, too often it sounded on the streets, in public transport and in public places - tired, began to annoy the girls and position the guys who asked him as close and predictable.

Cool questions for girls with whom I want to make acquaintance

And who comes up with them, cool questions for girls, but so cleverly that beautiful women without problems and suspicions are drawn into the conversation, agree to meet and even pick up the phone when you call?

There is this, not to say a profession, rather, a communication style, a talent for communication — a picker. This is when a guy so delicately and exquisitely “glues” a girl, that she does not notice his true intentions, but communicates as with a casual counter, having nothing to do, because it is interesting.

How to interest a girl with one question?

An approximate situation is this: the guy noticed a pretty girl, something sweetly sank in his chest and he decided to conquer the beauty by any means. But here's the ill luck - the potential gentleman doesn’t really know what cool questions for girls are.,  and when what is appropriate to ask.

But the young lady can be interested in and provoke a conversation with just one question, if you ask him in time with a suitable tone.

Some experienced pick-ups advise beginners to introduce a “victim” into a stupor. For example: “Girl, do you know how to cook a delicious soup (soup, hodgepodge, olivier is not important)?” then we will organize culinary competitions ", or:" Did your mother teach you or your grandmother? And you treat them now? Will you treat me? ”

And continue in such a half-joking, half-light tone, many girls like it when the guy shows his desire to meet in an unobtrusive, easy-going manner.

You can ask something extraordinary: “Do you know why the telescope was called a telescope?” And make some pun on the way. The main thing that the girl was not against the continuation of the conversation.

Dating rules

Getting to know the need to subtly, so it does not seem like a rough tackle and left a favorable impression of the guy. Even if this time the hapless gentleman fails, then a second, third meeting with the same girl may occur, and, who knows, it is possible that later on a pleasant first impression will play a crucial role.

For example, congratulate a girl on a holiday, she will be surprised, will ask, with what, here and give her something positive: happy day of joy, luck, happy girls day, in the end! She will respond to it instantly and as you need.

In the continuation of the conversation, do not strain the interlocutor, do not ask 100 questions to the girl, all at once. The chronology of the questions is as follows: two for half an hour, but not both at once, and the second only after they received the answer to the first.

Do not stand in front of a girl in a pose of a tin soldier.

Do not hide her eyes from her, but to stare at her face, and, moreover, her breasts, is not recommended. Look in the nose of the interlocutor.

Speak each phrase naturally, wait for the girl to finish answering the question or express her thought to the end, and only then continue the conversation.

Believe in what you are talking about, try to prepare and learn really cool questions for girls in advance. They like guys with a sense of humor.

Attention: it will be funny! And maybe it won't be ...

Acquaintance usually occurs spontaneously. If a girl really conquered the heart of “Djigit”, then she automatically becomes his muse - the guy and sprinkles with pearls, and jokes are obtained in the subject, and jokes - funny, and questions - witty.

But most guys still doubt their sense of humor, as well as whether it is worth asking funny questions to girls. And here (attention!) You must clearly define the boundary between humor and mockery. If the guy does not see the difference between these two concepts, then he should not shine with jokes before the young ladies - the expected effect will not work.

Types of questions

Cool questions for girls can be of several types: unexpected, provocative, evaluating, stimulating, evoking emotions.

But every guy needs to keep in mind that each type of questions affects different girls differently. If provocation works fine on some, others need to be immersed in emotions. And there are circumstances - with certain of them girls are poorly amenable to the most interesting of the questions.

If she just broke up with a guy, and here you are, like a jester of peas with your humor, and even pouring 100 questions to a girl, like a horn of plenty, will she answer and even talk?

Topics for conversation

In order for the acquaintance to take place, you need to start a conversation, and in order for the conversation to be meaningful, you need to identify its topic and prepare some interesting questions to which you can get a meaningful answer.

When meeting a girl, questions should not be too cheeky or vulgar in nature, but they should not seem too childish - she should understand that she is talking to an adult serious guy (but not a nerd).

Topics for questions: cinema, vacation spots, hometown, hobbies, occupation, relationship between a man and a woman.

Then, over time, it will be possible to ask more intimate questions to the girl - in order to get to know her better. And at the initial stage you need to adhere to certain boundaries.


At the first meeting, the girl must be amused, even if she is not sad, and interested.

Therefore, funny questions girls welcome. They can be on any topic, as long as they are in a topic (for a tautology, I'm sorry).

A girl, and you see that someone is now walking on a rainbow? It's me and you!

Do you know why a baby elephant in a shop window is sad? He is in love with you (later, when the acquaintance develops into something more, you can give her this teddy elephant).

Girl, want to meet the best guy in the universe?

And so on. Develop your imagination, according to circumstances.