Often asked and long bored question from the guy to the beautiful girl: "Does your mother need no son-in-law?", Maybe once it was funny, but his time has long since passed. And too many people used it, too often he sounded on the streets, in transport and in public places - he got bored, began to irritate the girls and position the guys who were asking him, as short-sighted and predictable.

Funny questions for girls with whom I want to make friends

And who invented them, cool questions for girls, so cleverly that beauties without problems and suspicions are drawn into the conversation, agree to meet and even pick up the phone when you call?

There is such, not to say a profession, rather, a style of communication, a talent for communication - pikaperskiy. This is when a guy so delicately and exquisitely "glues" a girl that she does not notice his true intentions, but communicates as with a casual counter, with nothing to do, because it's interesting.

How to interest a girl with one question?

The approximate situation is this: a guy noticed a pretty girl, in his chest something sweetly jumped and he decided to win at any price a beauty. But here's the ill luck - the potential gentleman does not really understand what are the cool questions for girls,  and when it is appropriate to ask.

But the young lady can be interested in and provoke only one question for conversation, if you ask him in time in a suitable tone.

Some experienced pick-ups advise newcomers to introduce a "victim" into a stupor. For example: "Girl, and you know how to cook a delicious soup (borsch, hodgepodge, olivier - it does not matter)?" And when she does not understand the situation, give a positive answer, develop the theme: "And I, too, can, then we'll arrange culinary competitions, "or:" Did your mother teach you or your grandmother? " And do you treat them now? And will you treat me? ".

And continue in such a half-joking-semi-light-hearted tone, many girls like it when a guy shows his desire to get acquainted in an unobtrusive light form.

You can ask something unusual: "Are you aware of why the telescope was called a telescope?" And on the run to write about it some pun. The main thing that the girl was not against continuing the conversation.

Terms and Conditions

To begin acquaintance it is necessary subtly that it did not resemble a rough tackle and left favorable impression on the guy. Even if this time the unlucky gentleman fails, a second, third meeting with the same girl can occur, and, as you know, perhaps, in the future, a pleasant first impression will play a crucial role.

For example, congratulate a girl on a holiday, she will be surprised, ask, with what, here and give her something positive: a day of joy, luck, a day of beautiful girls, in the end! She will react to this immediately and as you need.

In the continuation of the conversation do not strain the companion, do not ask 100 questions to the girl, and all at once. The chronology of the questions is as follows: two for half an hour, but not both at once, and the second only after having received an answer to the first.

Do not stand in front of the girl in the pose of a tin soldier.

Do not hide her eyes from her, but stare at her face, and, especially, the chest, is not recommended. Look in the nose bridge of the interlocutor.

Every phrase is pronounced naturally, wait until the girl finishes answering the question or expresses her thought to the end, and only then continue the conversation.

Believe in what you are saying, try to prepare and learn really cool questions for girls in advance. They like guys with a sense of humor.

Attention: it will be funny! And, maybe, and will not ...

Acquaintance, as a rule, arises spontaneously. If the girl really won the heart of the jigit, then she automatically becomes his muse - the guy pours and pearls, and jokes are obtained in the topic, and jokes - funny, and questions - witty.

But most of the guys still doubt their sense of humor, as well as whether it's worth asking funny questions to the girls. And here (attention!) It is necessary to clearly define the boundary between humor and mockery. If the guy does not see the difference between these two concepts, then he should not shine with jokes before the young ladies - the expected effect will not work.

Types of questions

Funny questions for girls can be of several types: unexpected, provocative, evaluative, stimulating, evocative.

But each guy needs to keep in mind that each type of question affects different girls in different ways. If on some, a provocation works perfectly, others must be immersed in emotion. And there are circumstances - under certain of them girls do not give in to the most interesting of questions.

If she just broke up with the guy, and then you, like a buffoon peasant with his humor, moreover, and syplete 100 questions to the girl, as from the cornucopia, will she answer and even talk?

Topics for conversation

To get acquainted, you need to start a conversation, and to make the conversation meaningful, you need to identify its topic and prepare some interesting questions, to which you can get a meaningful answer.

Questions a girl in the acquaintance should not be too cheeky or vulgar, but they should not seem too childish - she should understand that she is talking to an adult serious guy (but not a botanist).

Topics for questions: cinema, recreation, hometown, hobbies, occupation, relationship between a man and a woman.

This later, in time, you can ask more intimate questions to the girl - to learn it better. And at the initial stage, you need to adhere to certain boundaries.

The question-joke

At the first meeting the girl should be cheerful, even if she is not sad, and interested.

So funny questions for girls are welcome. They can be on any topic, most importantly, to be in the topic (for the tautology - forgive me).

Girl, but do you see that someone is walking along the rainbow now? It's me and you!

Do you know why the elephant in the window is sad? He fell in love with you (then, when the acquaintance grows into something more, you can give her this plush elephant).

Girl, want to get to know the best guy in the universe?

And so on. Develop your imagination, according to circumstances.