Prostatitis is an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. The acute stage of the disease, unfortunately, is very short and quickly flows into a chronic one. In the article we will tell about the causes of prostatitis, describe the symptoms of the disease and the methods of its treatment.

Variety of ailment

There are two main types of prostatitis, depending on the causes that caused it - infectious and non-infectious (stagnant). The first arises from the action of viruses or bacteria. The development of stagnant prostatitis leads to stress, sedentary lifestyle, overwork, smoking, sedentary work and the like. The noninfectious form of the disease can be cured quite easily, if we revise our views on life.

Depending on the stage of the disease distinguish between acute and chronic prostatitis. From the disease that has arisen for the first time, there is every chance to get rid of it without a trace, but the neglected form can lead to serious consequences for the man. Often, representatives of the stronger sex miss valuable time and lead to the fact that the inflamed prostate tissue irrevocably change and cease to function properly. If for a long time not to pay attention to the pathological process, such changes will undergo almost the entire prostate, which is fraught with impotence.

Causes of prostatitis

As a rule, the disease develops due to:

  • venereal infection;
  • exposure to bacteria;
  • dental diseases (caries);
  • hypothermia;
  • mental overstrain (stress);
  • in rare cases - muscle tearing with lifting of gravity.

Let's consider each reason in more detail.

Venereal infection

The presence of such an infection often makes itself felt. In addition to itching and pain, men notice sores on the glans penis, discharge from the urinary canal and similar manifestations. A good urologist knows how to deal with such ailments, but be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of money for treatment, and enough time for trips to the doctor will be enough.

Bacterial infection

Bacteria are the organisms most resistant to any action. For individual people, these pathogens of all kinds of inflammation have long become habitual companions. Meanwhile, streptococci and staphylococci are the worst pests for humans. With this pathogenic flora it is necessary to fight without fail.

Diseases of the teeth

In the presence of caries, the bacteria we just talked about are carried throughout the body. Therefore, if your teeth are aching, it is likely that after some time you will come across a disease such as chronic prostatitis.


In this case, the development of an acute form of the disease is possible, which is fairly easily cured by prescribing antibiotics and several sessions of prostate massage. But, unfortunately, often men do not immediately go to the doctor. Pain with prostatitis, which could torment for a while, gradually pass. Slightly deteriorating erection, but this is often written off by men for fatigue and the like. They go to a specialist only when serious problems start with an erection, and the duration of the sexual act becomes indecently short. But precious time is lost, at this stage the inflammation in the prostate gland is already becoming chronic. As a result, a man for a long time becomes a urologist.

Overexertion and stress

Any stressful situation can cause in the prostate gland the development of a stagnant process, which can be compared with an inflammatory process. It should be noted that in the case of stress, and in the case of a venereal infection, the symptoms of prostatitis very quickly become chronic (similar to the situation with hypothermia).


If you have made yourself a chronic form of illness, exacerbations will happen often enough. And provoke them can almost blow the wind. A healthy man in order to pick up inflammation of the prostate, it is necessary to supercool the area of ​​the pelvis, and a patient with chronic prostatitis will suffice even for a small cold to exacerbate the disease. Symptoms of the disease can also resume after a single alcohol abuse, due to seasonal weakening of the body, in case of slight fatigue, due to unrealized erections, as a result of sedentary work, due to irregular sexual life, even due to constipation. In general, do not have time to cough, as soon as you remind yourself of the disease. Prostatitis is an insidious disease, so you can not delay with treatment!

Inflammation of the prostate is first manifested by strong cuts in the lower abdomen during urination (it happens that discomfort persists all the time). Other symptoms of prostatitis are pain in the scrotum and crotch area, deterioration of the erection, shortening of the duration of the sexual intercourse. They can manifest themselves one at a time or several at a time.

There is still such a sign: after ejaculation in the head of the penis, there is a drawing pain that passes somewhere in half an hour. Regardless of the cause of prostatitis, it is often the first symptom of the disease.

When the ailment has already passed into the chronic stage, there are additional signs: rapid urge to empty the bladder, although there is little urine, a flaccid flow when urinating, and the like.


The urologist rarely has difficulties with the diagnosis. At the first stage the doctor asks the patient about the symptoms and conducts a general examination. Also, the urologist performs a rectal examination of the prostate, during which the secret of the prostate gland is taken. This is an unpleasant and often painful procedure, but without it the diagnosis of prostatitis is not complete. In addition, transrectal ultrasound may be required.

In the laboratory, a secretion of the secretion of the prostate and urine is made to determine the sensitivity of the flora to certain antibacterial agents. This information is necessary for the purpose of effective therapy. If you start treatment before the diagnosis of prostatitis, it may be useless, and in some cases even lead to the transition of the disease to a new, even heavier form.

Antibiotic therapy

Treatment will depend on the cause of prostatitis. If the disease was triggered by viruses or bacteria, first it is necessary to eliminate the infection, and then to eliminate the pathological process in the prostate gland. Bacterial lesions are treated with antibiotics. Their reception is required in the event that the cause of prostatitis is hypothermia. With stress, in addition to using medicines, you may also need neurosis therapy: relaxing massage, electrophoresis, vitamin intake.

The next stage is directly treatment of prostatitis. Often doctors prescribe prostate massage, although many urologists doubt the correctness of such actions. If the doctor did not eliminate the cause of the disease, and immediately proceeded to treat inflammation of the prostate, there may be negative consequences. In addition to various procedures, prescribe a medication fortifying drugs that eliminate stagnant processes in the prostate gland.

When the treatment of prostatitis is carried out, success largely depends on the patient himself. Because the prostate is poorly supplied with blood, physical activity is necessary. At men who at least do gymnastics, chances to recover are on the order more than at those, which favorite employment - to lay on a sofa.

Usually, the urologist prescribes such medications for getting rid of the disease: Prostatilen, Prostamol Uno, Vitaprost, Prostan, and the like.

Every man should understand that it is important to consult a doctor at the first symptoms of the disease. The specialist will be able to select the most effective drugs, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Folk remedies

And whether grasses help or assist? From prostatitis, many people prefer to be treated with traditional medicine. People turn to the experience of previous generations, because they believe that folk remedies have no toxic effects on the body and do not cause side effects. In addition, they are much softer in showing their medicinal properties. However, one must take into account that the effectiveness of traditional medicine depends on the nature of the origin of the disease.

If there is a stagnant prostatitis, such treatment can be effective. In the case when the disease is caused by bacteria (streptococcus, staphylococcus, etc.), natural antibiotics can help, but they will take a very long time and at the same time, restrictions on nutrition, smoking, and alcohol consumption will be required. If the inflammation of the prostate is caused by a sexually transmitted infection (chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc.), treatment with folk remedies will be practically useless.

You will not be able to relieve the herbs from prostatitis to the fullest extent, but since this disease is inflammatory, and most plants have anti-inflammatory properties, they should be used in treatment and taken as part of the dues. The most effective in this disease are pharmacy chamomile, narrow-leaved spray, calendula, St. John's wort, tavolga, birch leaves, strawberry leaves. In the collection should be present plants that relieve spasms: dandelion leaves, linseed, mint. Such herbs as clover, sweet clover, clean the blood vessels and improve blood composition, and the better the prostate gland is supplied with blood, the more effective the treatment will be.

The most popular folk medicine used for prostatitis is the infusion of chamomile. It is advisable to take it three times a day (half an hour before a meal) half a cup. And the infusion is prepared very simply: one tablespoon of chopped flowers or one filter bag should be poured into 100 ml of boiling water and insist for thirty minutes. After this, the liquid must be filtered. Infusion is good for 24 hours, so it does not make sense to cook it for future use.

Prophylaxis of prostatitis: drugs, lifestyle

To prevent the development of ailment, it is necessary to give up everything that harms the body. It is necessary to minimize the presence of alcohol and cigarettes in life. Blood circulation in the prostate gland worsens if a person leads a passive lifestyle. It is necessary to protect yourself from stressful situations, try to supercool less often and catch cold - for this you should strengthen immunity, take vitamins. Physical fatigue is also fraught with health problems - sports are good, but in moderation.

As additional measures, various drugs can be used to prevent prostatitis. They counteract the inflammatory processes in the prostate and the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. Most urologists recommend the following medicines for taking: Indigalplus, Prostatilen, Prostamol Uno, Metronidazole.

Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health

A diet with prostatitis should be observed. Stagnant phenomena in the pelvic organs exacerbate fatty foods and seasonings, as well as salty foods. The diet should include fresh vegetables, herbs, pumpkin seeds. It is desirable to completely abandon alcohol, especially from beer.


With inflammation of the prostate, new and new tissue cells are affected daily. If you start treatment in a month, the result will be worse than if you started it right now. So do not delay! Remember: health is the most precious thing that we have.