From what kind of hair on the head of a girl, her whole image, appearance will depend. That's why stylish ladies devote so much time to their packing in the morning. There are different activities, both festive and ordinary shopping trips, but for any case the girl should have in her head an action plan or an approximate image of what she will go to the park or to the wedding to her girlfriend. If the clothes are chosen in advance, then the hairdo can not be bought and postponed - it must be done just before the output, and that the outfit perfectly harmonized with the makeup and styling, it is worth considering feminine hairstyles on one side. Stackings of this type today have become ultra-popular, especially for long and medium hair. But which hairstyles can I make?Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

Hairstyles for one side - exquisite options for any occasion and celebration

The peculiarity of the folds of this form is that they are diverse, and they can be selected individually for each face oval, bangs, length and so on. All the hairstyles on one side can be divided into several groups:

Of course, the latter option is universal, but it is worth considering in more detail each of these options and highlighting among this group the most topical hairstyle.

Kozopletenie - a favorite option for brides

Brides prefer luxurious varieties of hairstyles, which are really made for a special occasion. So, for example, today popular variant of a hairstyle on one side is an oblique from curled locks. Naturally, this hair style will be based on hair, curl, and straightening, but the braid is braided. Due to curly curls, the volume of the hairstyle will be much larger, and not to notice such a person will be extremely difficult. So, the most popular variant of a hairdress is a plait on one side. How is it done?

For start curls curl (preferably elastic and tight). Then the roots are done in bulk. Particular attention is paid to the bangs: if it is, then the bulk of the hair will be concentrated on the crown, if not, then near the forehead and the crown of the head. When the volume is done, it remains to braid the three-dimensional braid. The technician of such oblique mass, because you can try all the options. In conclusion, hairpins with flowers are often inserted into the bride's hair. They look so feminine and romantic.

Curly Curls

If an ordinary holiday or even a romantic date is planned, then there is no need for pomposity. It is better to try a more modest, but at the same time stylish option, such as curly hair on one side. Styling of this type is popular with both stars and ordinary girls. Styling structure is simple: at first the hair is thoroughly washed, dried and combed, and then the curls are wound and immediately stacked on one side. It looks very feminine. The main thing is to notice one thing: if you want all the hair to be on one side, then a flagellum is attached to the back or a barrette is attached, which keeps the twisted locks on one side. When you want to just give volume, hide part of the forehead under the strands, it is not necessary to release all the hair strictly on one side, some part can stay on the back.

Hollywood Styling

Above is the classic version of the hairstyle, which is preferred by the girls because of their speed and ease of implementation. But there are other hairstyles on one side with curls, and one of them is "Hollywood". Its difference is that the curls are not pronounced, but due to smooth combing they have a smooth wave. This styling is perfectly done on both short and long hair, for which it was rewarded with huge popularity and demand among the girls.

It's very easy to make such a haircut. All hair is shifted on one side and curled. It is desirable to twist the hair curlers in the same direction - so the wave will turn out to be more intricate and voluminous. When all curls are curled, you need to take a comb with sparse denticles and gently comb your hair. It turns out a very feminine and chic appearance. The main thing is that the wave is as smooth as possible - for this, a lot of fixing varnish is used.

Smooth Styling

Hairstyles on one side with curls, of course, are very popular among girls, but are not the only modification of the head of hear. The shape of the hairstyle, which is located on one side, can be perfectly smooth. For example, the collected female hairstyles are very popular. In this case, it can be a smooth bundle, a tail and even a scythe.

Consider a smooth volume beam on its side. To begin with, the hair is thoroughly washed and smoothed so that no waves form. Then all the strands are assembled on one side at the ear level and assemble into the tail. At this time, you can use a hairdresser's sponge or a so-called bagel, into which you have to twist your hair. It turns out a very bulky ball, which is easily supplemented by some decoration. Looks hairstyles with beams very feminine, because they are used for special romantic celebrations and holidays.

Mixed hairstyles

Each female laying is a number of some techniques for its creation, and here the favorite kind of hairstyles on one side is just the mixing of one instruction with another. So, for example, girls love to do bulk beams, but for the base they take not always smooth hair, but on the contrary, curls. In addition, such women's haircuts may have an oblique from above, and a bundle from below from the side. The variant of this laying is popular with brides, as it looks very neat and feminine with such a hairstyle. Hair can be laid on one side in different ways, and some laying is easy to do by yourself, and some should be entrusted to a professional.

Accessories for laying on one side

Why does the shape of the hair on one side attract more attention than the symmetrical head of hear? The answer is simple, because the hair "locks on one side" has some imbalance, and therefore stands out among the rest of the packing. When hair, be it medium length or maxi, is shifted to one side, then there is a certain violation of harmony, and to somehow normalize the appearance (so that the image does not outweigh), you just need to add accessories. Jewelry for all hair styles should be used different. If this is a "Hollywood" styling, only a pair of clamps can be used here, in combination curls and oblique it is better to have hairpins with flowers or pearls from the tip of the braid, to a parallel angle, in order to balance the appearance visually. At the same hair style on one side on medium hair can do without accessories, but here you need to make a plentiful volume on the crown, especially if the braid is long.

A wide variety of hairstyles on one side allows the girls to look perfect at any event, it is enough to choose a beautiful shape in advance for an oval face, attire and mood, and then from the resulting image it will be impossible to tear off admiring glances.