Waking up in the morning and realizing that we slept, we do everything in a hurry: we smooth our blouse, eat it on the run, and the hair does not have time at all, we have to lay our hair at work, in two minutes. The reasons for which we do not have time to make a beautiful styling, mass, to list them is meaningless, it is better to find an answer to the question of what kind of hairdos exist in a hurry at home, and be ready for force majeure situations at any unforeseen moment. Remember them easily, because they consist of only a few steps.

A beautiful hairstyle in a hurry for a couple of minutes

To be ready for any unexpected meeting, you just need to remember which quick hairstyles can be done on hair of any length: short, medium and long. As for the last two options, for them, hair styles are identical: you can use for long hair, and for medium hair. But the laying on the short are very different in their technique.Hairstyle at home in a hurry

The most popular hairstyles for a couple of minutes are tails, oblique and use of rims as an accessory and addition. But in order not to look trite, it is worth considering not the classic versions of these hairstyles, but their modifications, which are very many.

"Tail vice versa" - fast laying on long and medium hair

So, the most popular haircut in a hurry for long hair is the tail and all its varieties. Many consider the usual "horse" tail boring, though fast, but it can not arrange all. The option "tail on the contrary" is very convenient and fast. You can do it in a couple of steps, and this requires:

  • Make a "pony tail", but do not tighten the elastic band to the base of the head.
  • Pull the elastic band a couple of centimeters from the head to the end of the tail and divide the hair in the gap from the head to the rubber band into two parts.
  • Take the end of the tail and squeeze it into the resulting slit so that the tail "turned out" and turned into a shell.
  • On medium length hair, this end of the tail can be squeezed through the slit once again and the base secured with a hair clip.
  • Owners of long strands should leave the tail unoccupied, so that the hairstyle would stay and not have to be corrected. Since the elastic band will be hidden, you can brighten up this place with some bright big clasp, and do not tighten the rubber band. Conversely, if you make the tail a little loose, then the hair will be slightly disheveled, and you will get a very light and romantic appearance.

Such a hairstyle will whip up all day, and if necessary, it can easily be done anew.

Scythe - practical, convenient and reliable

Owners of medium length hair are much easier to make quick styling. All this is because such strands are universal, they easily curl or fit on one side. Due to its lightness, the haircut on the hastily on medium strands can be fixed only by a pair of invisible, but at the same time the laying can last all day.The braids are ideal for medium hair, because you can braid an outer braid for two minutes because of the short length. In this case, it is always advantageous in combination with the technique of combing "spikelets on the side". It can be decorated with various accessories in the form of hairpins with flowers or pearls.

Spit + bundle - a winning option, when there is no time to think

Spits are also good in combination with tufts. So, for example, a haircut in a hurry, where there is an outer bunch and spikelets on the back of the head, looks very feminine and neat and at the same time will stay on all day. To do this, you need:

  1. Starting from the neck and moving to the vertex, braid on the nape of a small "spikelet".
  2. Collect all the remaining strands and part of the "spikelet" in the tail and fix it with an elastic band.
  3. Using a hairdresser's sponge, make a bunch. To do this, the tail is carefully combed and then inserted into the so-called "bagel" (foam rubber). Scrolling the "bagel", the tail is wound on the sponge and pressed as a result of the "bagel" to the base of the head. It turns out to be a very bulky and accurate beam.
  4. The bundle is fixed with invisible or studs, and in front is decorated with an accessory - a ribbon or a bow.

Hairstyles in a hurry for long hair of such a plan can also be done, but the main thing here is to take into account that after a twist a very large beam is obtained, and it is not always possible to appear with such a hairdo in the office.

Accessories are a great way to make a quick hairstyle

In the chest of each woman there are a number of hairpins, rubberies, invisible hairpins and hairpins, so that you can make a haircut for any occasion. Hairstyles in a hurry at home are perfectly combined with the rims, as well as with ribbons for the Greek hairstyle.

It is the second version of the accessory that is great for long and medium hair. To collect the hair in a Greek hairstyle, you need to comb them, then tie the tape as a rim along the forehead and fasten on the back of the head. It remains only to spin all the strands in a spiral under the ribbon. It turns out a very romantic and easy image, although the hair is done in just a couple of minutes.

Short hair is not a reason for despair

To owners of short haircuts could be taken into account the fast version of the styling, it is worth recalling the existence of a hair dryer, mousse and varnish. A hairstyle for a short hair on short hair can be very original. For example, owners of asymmetrical haircuts enough to shift all the hair on one side, comb and separate the individual strands with mousse. The result is fixed with a hairspray.

Girls with shaved temples "under 2" can do "controlled chaos." To do this, all the long locks of the bangs and on the vertex are pulled forward and the hair dryer refills the "tuft" back. It turns out very stylish, and most importantly - you can quickly put short hair.

Fast hairstyles can be made on hair of any length, but that at the time when you urgently need to come up with something, do not climb the Internet, it is worth remembering in advance and trying out the proposed options.

A hairstyle is a part of the image, and it's worth treating it as a dress: every time you choose a way of packing that will fit a new skirt, dress or coat. Feel free to experiment with the styling, especially with the fast ones: they are easy to make and can also be changed quickly in minutes. Supplement them with accessories and you will see that the haircuts obtained at home are obtained as "star" - with them you can go even on the red carpet.