Modern preparations for cleansing the intestine act on the body in the same way as enemas. They are able to remove accumulated slags and toxins in it. Still such means can be used for preparation for inspections of an intestine.

Types of laxatives

On sale you can find various preparations for bowel cleansing. But you can not assign any of them to yourself independently. The doctor should choose the most suitable remedy. You also need to know that taking laxative medicines affects the normal intestinal microflora, which is so difficult to create by the body.

Drugs differ depending on the mechanism of action. They can be divided into several groups.

1. Surfactants, or chemical laxatives. They act only on the large intestine, irritating its receptors and stimulating peristalsis. These drugs can cause a single defecation 8 hours after admission. This group includes preparations of buckthorn, rhubarb, senna, castor oil.

2. Osmotic preparations for bowel cleansing, fillers. They work in the small and large intestines.

3. Detergents, or laxative oils. They act in the small and large intestines, soften the fecal masses and facilitate their gliding along the mucous membrane. Defecation begins 4 hours after ingestion of this group. They include paraffin, vaseline, almond and fennel oils.

Osmotic and volumetric means

If you are looking for a drug for cleansing the intestine instead of an enema, then you will be treated with the means that cause watery diarrhea. She can come in a couple of hours after taking (maximum - after 6). Osmotic agents have a mild effect on the body, so they can be used regularly.

The principle of their action is based on the fact that they are not absorbed into the walls of the intestine, but remain in it. In this case, they are able to accumulate a large amount of fluid and increase the volume of stool. They begin to press on the walls and thereby stimulate the work of the intestine. This group includes magnesium hydroxide and citrate, magnesium and sodium sulfates, Carlsbad salt, Dufalac.

The mechanism of action of volumetric means is aimed at increasing the volume of feces. Thanks to this, its evacuation activity is stimulated. Desires appear about 8 hours after taking medications. This group of agents includes bran, sea cabbage, methylcellulose, agar-agar.

Laxative Fortrans

The most effective are the preparations made on the basis of substance macrogol-4000. To prepare for research or to get rid of toxins and toxins as efficiently as possible, Fortran's intestinal cleaning preparation is often used. The active substance is able to retain water and increase the osmotic pressure in the intestine. It is not absorbed into the digestive tract. This is the cause of the laxative effect.

In addition to the main component, the composition of the preparation includes electrolytes. They prevent a possible violation of the water-electrolyte balance of the whole organism. Assign this medication only to adults. Children can take it after 15 years.

Using Fortran

To prepare a solution, a sachet of the preparation (64 g of active ingredient) is dissolved in a liter of water. To achieve the maximum effect on average, a person needs to drink 3-4 packets of the drug. The exact dose is calculated on the basis that for every 20 kg, 1 liter of solution is needed. It can be taken in the evening (for example, on the eve of a planned examination) or divided into 2 doses. If you are going to the examination, then the reception of the drug should be completed 3-4 hours before the procedure.

Assign it, as a rule, before radiographic, endoscopic examination or surgical intervention, when thorough cleansing of the large intestine is necessary. Preparations based on macrogol 4000, including Fortrans, can cause side effects. At the beginning of the admission, some people experience nausea, or even vomit. But they stop when you continue using the product. To the very rare complications, when taking Fortrans, they include the appearance of edema and skin rash.

Laxative "Moviprep"

Many people wonder how it is possible without qualitative cleaning to cleanse the bowels of toxins without the enema. Drugs based on macrogol are recommended by many doctors. "Moviprep" is considered a modern osmotic laxative, which can be used not only to cleanse the body, but also to prepare for examinations.

When it is manufactured, the active ingredient macrogol-3350 is used. For a course of cleaning, it is enough to prepare 2 liters of solution. In addition, it is recommended to drink a further liter of any other liquid. It can be water or not strong tea.

The drug "Moviprep" consists of two sachets A and B. The contents of each of them must be diluted in a small amount of water and brought to a volume of 1 liter.

Contraindications to macrogol

For all drugs manufactured on the basis of the same active substance, identical restrictions are established.

Laxatives, which contain the substance macrogol, can not be taken with:

- volumetric lesions of the intestinal mucosa (for example, with a malignant tumor in one of its departments);

- hypersensitivity to polyethylene glycol;

Also, these laxatives should not be given to children.


In addition to the powders "Fortrans" and "Moviprep", there are other preparations for cleaning the intestines from toxins and toxins. The drug "Chitosan" is based on the work of natural enterosorbents. It is made from a substance contained in the shells of Kamchatka crabs.

The principle of its operation is based on the fact that it combines with slags and toxins, forming non-toxic and safe compounds. They are excreted naturally, not accumulating in the intestine. Also, they are not absorbed into its walls and do not dissolve.

Recommended drugs for cleaning the intestines from toxins and toxins in cases where it is necessary to cleanse the body of the products of decomposition, remove heavy metals, reduce the concentration of cholesterol. It can also be used to strengthen immunity.

For the purification of the body it is necessary to take it 3-4 months twice a day during the month.

Other means

Everyone can choose how to cleanse the intestines from toxins and toxins. Drugs do not necessarily have a strong laxative effect. Enterosorbents can be used for these purposes. The most budgetary option is the usual activated carbon. In addition, you can take the drug "Polyphepan". This drug is recommended in cases where the patient is forced to take a large number of medications, including antibacterial and hormonal drugs. The most effective means is "Enetrosgel". He is appointed from infancy. The medication is able to sorb all toxic substances, but do not take vitamins and other useful substances out of the body.

Many use drugs for bowel cleansing, known as dietary supplements. All of them are intended for soft cleaning, normalization of metabolism and restoration of microflora. The patient can buy such biologically active additives as Ankir-B, Rekitsen-RD, the course "Complete Cleansing", "Cleansing the Intestines", tea "Cleansing" and many others.

As the manufacturers of these agents assure, they are all capable of gently, but at the same time, effectively purify the intestine from toxins. Preparations contain cellulose, flax seeds, bran, laminaria and other substances. Of course, each of the additives has its own unique composition. For example, manufacturers of the "Double Cleansing" means promise to remove toxins, improve the skin condition and get rid of constipation. This will contribute to the included in the fiber cellulose, magnesium stearate, powder from the leaves and fruits of hawthorn.

If you just want to get rid of accumulated toxins and toxins in the body, then you can first try enterosorbents and dietary supplements. It is worth remembering that it is undesirable to prescribe yourself strong laxatives. Before using them, consult a doctor. Also, do not forget to drink ordinary clean water to avoid dehydration when you perform a thorough cleansing of the intestine.

Drugs, reviews about which will make it clear what effect you should expect when taking them, are very fast. Powders "Fortrans" and "Moviprep" have a laxative effect an hour after admission (it may occur earlier). But usually the urge to defecate is fast enough after the last dose has been drunk.

According to the reviews of patients who had to drink funds, they have a rather unpleasant taste. Some even regret that they decided to replace this laxative with an enema. But its effectiveness is indisputable. However, it is worth remembering that the purpose of the powder "Fortrans" or "Moviprep" is a qualitative preparation for the research of the rectum. Use it for the purification of slags or for weight loss without the recommendation of a doctor is undesirable.