The relationship between a man and a woman will never be complete if at least one of the partners does not receive satisfaction in sex. Unfortunately, the male and female physiology is very different, many ladies need a lot of time to tune in to the sexual wave and begin to enjoy sexual intercourse, while most men are ready to complete it in the first 10-15 minutes.Preliminary caress: how right

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase sexual desire, speed up the female libido. For this, there are preliminary caresses.

Preliminary caresses: how to properly excite a woman

For a start, men should know and remember that the woman's arousal occurs primarily in the head. In order for a lady to start testing a partner for a sexual attraction, he needs to adjust it to an erotic mood. What kind of preliminaries do women prefer? One of the proven methods is the writing of an erotic SMS or a soft whisper in the ear with exquisite compliments of every single part of the body of a loved one. This will help a woman to relax, feel desirable and sexy. Here it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of perception: some girls like what they call "dirty swear words," while others, on the contrary, can only be seduced by romantic phrases, and trivialities can scare them away.

Although it is commonly believed that women "love with ears", compliments and beautiful words may not make any impression on some fair sex representatives. In this case, it is necessary to proceed to the offensive. Kisses - the most simple and pleasant version of the prelude before sexual intercourse. But then again, someone is excited by gentle touches of the lips, and someone's passion is caused by bites and hot French kisses. No less important are simple touches. However, this version of the prelude is no less exciting and acts on men.

Massages and touches

French writer-publicist Frederic Berberer in his famous book "Ideal" argued that the human body can not exist for a day without embraces, since from the very beginning it has been taught to receive its dose of sweet touches from loving parents.

Having matured, a man or a woman can no longer be caressed in the same way as before, because with age such actions become indecent and even illegal. Then, in an attempt to get the necessary amount of touches again, a person throws out a heap of money for professional massages, relaxing SPA procedures, hairdressing services, manicure and pedicure with only one purpose - to feel on the skin tender touches of another person. So why not give them to your beloved partner for free? The main thing is to learn the techniques of massage, which will make the preliminary caresses unforgettable and will present tremendous sensations.

Equipment. Preliminary caresses with massage

Before performing the massage itself, you can light scented candles. However, this advice is not suitable for everyone, because some men and women only exasperate incense. Massage oil can also be used if desired, because sticky or greasy marks remain of it, and preliminary caresses may have to be interrupted by going to the bathroom to wash off the remains of the lotion.

Massage can begin directly from the head, gentle touches need to alternate with careful scratching of the fingertips, gradually lowering down, massaging the shoulders and arms, back and hips, legs and feet. Such caresses cause creeps all over the body, which is very like any of the partners. It is important to pay attention to all areas of the head and body: the nape and forehead, hands and hands and feet. If everything is done correctly, by the end of such a session the body will be relaxed, excited and ready to continue the sexual act.

What men like

Most often it is the man in the preliminary caresses does not need. Unlike a woman, he is not excited by emotions, but from physical contacts. Therefore, the young man can be brought into a state of extreme ecstasy by applying several tantric or oral techniques. The first way is to put pressure on the genitals: alternating strong and gentle compressions, as well as massaging. The second option - caress the mouth: tongue, lips and even teeth. It is important to change the speed of touch from time to time, then speeding up, then slowing down the movements. And do not forget to pay attention to all the main and nearby sites near the most intimate places. Perhaps, such methods are not suitable for everyone, but this is the most sensual and delicate way to give a partner a paradise pleasure. Preliminary caresses for men often excite women.

Role-playing games

Some couples prefer a way of foreplay, such as role-playing games, to "uplift" people. In this there is nothing criminal or vulgar, on the contrary, the opportunity to try on the mask of another person allows you to liberate yourself, feel bolder, embody deep fantasies.

The most popular types of role-playing games: nurse and patient, teacher and student, housewife and hired master, housekeeper and homeowner. For a more natural embodiment of ideas in life in specialized stores you can purchase suitable sets of clothing. However, you can confine yourself to what is available in the wardrobe, focusing on fantasy or on the sexual act itself. It is not necessary to follow the patterns, it's much more interesting to come up with your own game options. The main thing is to drop the embarrassment and enjoy, only then the process will properly affect both partners.

Sexy lingerie

Who still does not fit this option with disguise, as role-playing games, for preliminaries you can leave only sexy underwear. And here already every woman will choose for herself the most suitable: innocent white, fatal bright red, sexy black, lacy or satin. Anyone who likes it herself and leads to the tone of the sexual partner. Underwear will help a woman not only look playful and erotic, but also hide the flaws in the figure that prevent you from relaxing and imagining yourself coveted and sexy.

Toys for adults

For couples who are uncomplexed, who love diversity and creativity, there is such a pretty bold variant of preliminary caresses, like the use of toys for adults. In the stores of sexual goods a rather large assortment of gizmos with sharp, soft, fluffy or vibrating elements is presented, able to satisfy any, even the most extravagant tastes. It is important not to use them without the consent of the partner, so as not to shock or not at all to discourage sexual attraction. It is better to visit such institutions together. Erotic toys not only bring sexuality into the sexual life, but also help to further stimulate the partner to receive the long-awaited pleasure.

Striptease is a time-tested and rather popular form of pre-petting. Erotic music, muffled light, smooth movements - these are the main criteria for successful private dance. Any man will appreciate this foreplay. A woman can feel bold and relaxed, which will affect positively and on the sexual act itself. The main thing is to prepare in advance for the process: to choose the right composition, to work out several dance moves, to pick up clothes, which you can easily and negligently get rid of.

Preliminary caresses - this is not the sexual act itself, and the main pleasure lies ahead. In order to achieve maximum ecstasy, it is important to discard all the shyness, trust the partner, because without clothes and giving himself up to embraces, there is no turning back.