How to interest a potential buyer? Car owners who decide to sell their car, need a good think. The offers on the market a lot, so you are not only competent to make a Declaration and to determine the power prices, but also to properly prepare the car. Pre-sales car preparation is the most effective way to increase the value of car and present it in a favorable light.Presale car preparation: how to sell a car quickly and profitably

Why conduct pre-sales training

Marketers have long known that every customer, regardless of how well he understands cars, makes a purchasing decision based on an attractive appearance. A car can have perfect technical condition and low mileage, but dirt and scratches on the body, chipped glass and damaged interior upholstery spoil the whole impression. Mind the buyer will understand that all these defects are easy to eliminate, but subconsciously he will already be opposed, which means he will look for other options.

Presale car preparation eliminates this development and even, on the contrary, helps to sell quickly and profitably at times and not the best product. Many car owners can angrily argue that when buying cars they are always guided only by reason and do not peck at various tricks, but this is not so. In fact, if a person does not like a car at first sight, he will not purchase it and will leave the seller with the thought that he does not like this car.

Although in all this there is a rational grain. A good appearance shows that they loved their four-wheeled friend, they took care of him: they changed the oil in time, regularly inspected it, drove it neatly and kept it in the garage, not on the street.

Do-it-yourself car presale preparation: a few recommendations

1. Minor repairs. It is necessary to replace all blown bulbs, lubricate or replace the belts on the engine, if possible, correct the defects of the body: get rid of dents, scratches and rust. The hardest thing is to fix the body - perhaps in this case it is better to turn to specialists, although it is possible to tint suspicious spots from a can on our own.

2. Remove all unnecessary from the car.   It is necessary to get rid of all the rubbish that accumulates over the years in the cabin and trunk.

3. Car wash.   Try to spare no effort and time and thoroughly wash the body, engine, headlights from the inside, glass, wheels (wheels should shine on them).

4. Presale car interior preparation. To write separately, as it is one of the most time-consuming stages. Inside the car need a good wash, but this will not eliminate all problems, such as the smell of cigarette smoke. To get rid of unpleasant odors will help dry cleaning. If this procedure seems too expensive, then you need to at least vacuum the interior and go special Polish for all plastic elements.

Pre-sales preparation of the car with your own hands can significantly save money and at the same time increase the cost of the car. But do not overestimate their capabilities: a number of procedures that allow you to restore the car, it is simply impossible to carry out yourself, without the involvement of professionals and special equipment.

Car service

Pre-sale preparation of a car in a car dealership consists of several important steps, and the seller can order both a full set of services and individual procedures. Consider the most common options:

  • polishing + dry cleaning - the cost of 6-8 thousand rubles;
  • polishing + dry cleaning + repair of minor defects, such as small chips on glass, burn-throughs and cuts in the cabin, etc. - 8-10 thousand rubles;
  • polishing + dry cleaning + repair of minor defects + partial restoration of the body (4-5 small dents by vacuum method) - 8-12 thousand rubles.

Correction of more significant damage, replacement parts, oil change, change of plastic and rubber items are charged separately.

What should be avoided when preparing the car for sale

Pre-sale preparation of the car allows you to sell it quickly and at a good price, but during this event there are several pitfalls. The main thing here is to compare the costs of preparation and the real cost of the car, because it may turn out that the money spent will not return due to an increase in the price. To properly compare these two values, you need to look through the ads and determine the minimum and maximum prices for your brand - so you can approximately determine how much is permissible to spend on pre-sale preparation without harming yourself.

There is one more thing. Pre-sale preparation of the car should not give the buyer the impression that something is wrong with the car and that a good appearance is trying to smooth out the flaws in the vehicle. This often happens when the body is completely repainted.