It is not a secret for anyone that an active lifestyle is a positive effect on absolutely all systems of human organs. And a sport like tennis is no exception. The rules of tennis have been invented for a long time, but not every one of us is familiar with them. Therefore, it is time to get an idea about this kind of outdoor activities (for someone else) and its nuances.

Who regulates the conduct of tennis matches?

The International Tennis Federation is the most basic regulator of all issues that arise during the conduct and organization of various tournaments. The rules of tennis are also regulated and established by this sports supervisory authority.

Rules of tennisSo the requirements say that a match can consist of either three or five sets. Accordingly, in order for an athlete to be considered a winner, he will need to take precedence over an opponent in at least two or three sets, that is, for the most part. The set itself can be given in two typical schemes.

How is the account maintained in the set?

Often it is played with a so-called tiebreak. However, sometimes there are games without it.

If the tie-break is still provided, then in this case the victory in the set is awarded to the tennis player who wins six games first, but on the condition that the opponent has a lag of more than two games. When the score is 5: 5, the set is held to 7. When the score becomes 6: 6, the tiebreak starts.

The rules of tennis say that a set without a tie-break is up to 6 games. However, if the mark of six games is reached, and there is no gap between the players of two games, the set will continue until this gap occurs.

Game score and features

It is noteworthy that the score in the game today is announced the same way as in the era when tennis was born. The rules of the bill have established that his announcement begins with the player who submits. If there are no points won, then zero is announced. Taking the first point - 15, the second - 30, the third - 40. The taken fourth point guarantees a victory in the game, but under the condition that both opponents do not have 3 points each. In such a situation, the score is considered equal.

The next point, if the server wins it, gives an advantage in the account. If the server loses this point, the receiver already has the advantage, and the score is announced less. In order to win the game after the set, you must take two points in a row. Simply put, the server with the score is more for his victory in the game is extremely important to take the next point.


During the tiebreak, scoring is based on the principle of “one”, “two”, etc. The required number of points - 7.

An athlete who first scored seven points wins a tiebreak and set, but for this you need to have a gap of two or more points from your opponent. Otherwise, the game lasts until such a gap is reached.

Filing a tiebreak is available to the player who in turn must perform it. He also gives when playing for the first point. After this, the next two points are given by the opponent. Then the filings alternate from one tennis player to another until one of them wins.

Beginning of a tennis match

We have reviewed the basic rules of big tennis. Now let's focus our attention on how the match begins. First, the players determine who will be the first to serve, and also choose the sides of the court. The selection takes place by lot. After each odd game the athletes change sides.

Ball on court

The ball is in play from the moment it is filed and until that episode when the point’s draw is not completed or an error has not been recorded during the service. And the rules of the game of tennis for beginners speak about the same requirements. Sometimes the ball gets in line. In such situations, the ball will be counted, since the line is an integral part of the court.

The player who performed the kick will be credited with a point if the ball, after serving, falls within the boundaries of the court and touches any possible permanent membership of the court. If the ball touched the permanent membership of the court before the rebound, then the point is awarded to the opponent.

Subtlety perform the submission

First, the tennis player is forbidden to step on the back line with his foot. Both legs should be behind her. In addition, the athlete must be located between the side and the line of the middle of the court. When a player has taken the correct position, he must throw the ball up and hit him with a racket. These elementary rules of tennis for teapots should be strictly followed.

Principle of scoring

A player can lose a point in such situations:

  • He makes a double mistake in making the filing.
  • The player can not kill the ball on the opposite side of the court.
  • The ball after his strike misses the boundaries of the court.
  • Takes the ball to its rebound from the surface of the court.
  • Touch twice or more ball.
  • The ball hits the player himself.

Pair play

In general, all moments of the game of a single discharge completely coincide with the nuances of the game in a pair. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that the rules of pair tennis are completely identical to the requirements of the same game one on one.

In those moments when controversial situations arise, they should be interpreted on the basis of the current rules regulated by the ITF. At high-level competitions, players and judges use a special video analysis system called “Hawk-Eye”, which allows you to examine in detail the interesting moment of the game.