The truth is what is it? The philosophical question, but we will consider it today in a linguistic vein. We study the meaning, synonyms, antonyms and tell about the examples.

The truth is what is it? Meaning, synonym, antonym

People often say the word "truth", and each time it can carry a different meaning. We inform the interlocutor in such a way that we agree with the thought expressed. Sometimes the real fact requires confirmation, and the person says: "True!". For example, in this spirit:

- Is it true that people cannot stand on their heads for long?

- True. If they have no special training.

So, the question, the truth - what is it, can be answered, according to the dictionary in three ways:

  1. The statement, which correspond to objective reality. Scientific fact or real state of Affairs. For example, the Earth is round. Or withdraws from Ivanov Petrov, and Sidorov are asked to tell the truth, decides whether Ivanov himself or asks for help to a friend? This value is directly related to the concept of "truth", but we will discuss later, when the field of view will get the synonyms.
  2. Adherence to moral law or justice. Here, already reflects the difficulty of interaction between people. It is known that people want justice, that is, in their coordinate system they want the truth, the difficulty is that everyone is their own. This value is embodied in such a saying as "your truth".
  3. Sometimes "truth" is the title of the printed editions, and ancient sources. For example, "Russkaya Pravda" – the code of laws of Kievan Rus. And it was a long time ago already in 1016, established her Prince Yaroslav the wise. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" – the name of the newspaper.

Substitutions are somehow related to values. And there are only two main synonyms:

And both are only partial replacements. Because “truth” is a concept that is broader and more global than the truth. With justice is the same story. Truth refers to truth and justice, as part of the whole. We are still talking about the concept of "truth." A synonym for it is only partial. This indicates how highly the language means the word in question.

Let's take two phrases: "social justice" and "social truth". And even an untrained person it is obvious that the first may or should permeate all of society, to make people happy. And the second reflects only the interests of one group, so cannot be universal. Of course, you can say that this is a free interpretation, but we're dealing with language. And the last is a field of creativity within certain limits, of course.

The same is true (but “truthfully” cannot be said in this case) for truth, which is vast, abstract and elusive. Truth is a fact, and truth is a phantom. Philosophers have been chasing him for a very long time, and no one has yet invented a system that would convince everyone.

In some contexts, “truth” is replaced with “truth,” and sometimes such a replacement is impossible, for stylistic reasons. Before you change one thing for another, carefully consider whether the meaning will not disappear? One should be very careful with the definition of “truth,” a synonym conveys only a partial meaning of the basic concept.

Contrast always helps to reveal the most important thing. The global antonym of truth is a lie. The latter has its own meaning and synonyms. Consider them at least briefly.

There is only one meaning to a lie: it is a discrepancy between the statement of objective reality. "People can fly without airplanes." The statement is contrary to the facts. Or Petrov believes that Ivanov is a harmful and evil person. What he reports to Sidorov, and Sidorov does not agree, for he saw Ivanov pick up homeless cats and nurse them. So Ivanov is a kind, sincere person, and Petrov, apparently, has run into a bad mood of his friend. And nothing to build slander. However, we digress. It must be said that even a child knows what the word “truth” has an antonym for.

Synonyms of "lies" and other opposites of the truth

Lies have more names than truth. Consider them:

Despite the outdated status of the story, you can still hear this squabble between people:

- Is it true that you copied from Petrov, Ivanov?

In this case, the exclamation expresses not only the utmost despair, but also disagreement, moral indignation, which has reached its apogee. That is, there is nothing more deviating from the true state of affairs ("curve") than a similar assumption. Therefore, not so synonymous and outdated.

We are researchers thoroughly the meaning of the word "truth", as well as its synonyms and antonyms. It remains for the reader to wish to easily distinguish truth from falsehood, because it is not always that simple.