Many people are concerned about the problem of excess weight. That just did not come up with for weight loss: pills and regimens, diet and exercise. Ab Gymnic device, reviews of which are numerous, will help to reduce weight easily and pleasantly.

What is myostimulation?

All the muscles of the human body work under the influence of electrical impulses. The nervous system sends a pulse, and the muscle contracts. People lose weight during sports because muscle work requires energy.

Myostimulation simulates physical activity - the muscles contract and relax, but the person does not perform any movements. That is, you do not need to bend down, jump, or swing the press; all this is done by a myostimulator for a person.

Ab Gymnic belt: owner reviews

The Ab Gymnic belt, reviews of which are often favorable, is based on the effect of myostimulation, but the product is very different from professional designs. Its power is not enough to cope with overweight on their own.

Is it possible to lose weight when using a belt?

If nothing is done except wearing such a product, then the result will be appropriate. Of course, the use of the belt helps to strengthen muscles, strengthen blood flow, and improve blood oxygen saturation.

All these effects, when properly applied, are produced by Ab Gymnic. Reviews of those who used it claim that 15-17 minutes of belt work replace 3 hours of intensive training. Other users note that the effect of the application is felt only the first 10 minutes.

Also, it should be noted that some reviews suggest that the belt turned out to be an almost useless tool in the fight for a beautiful figure. Many expected him to have a much more pronounced result, but it should be remembered that Ab Gymnic is not a panacea, and it works best in combination with proper nutrition and increased physical activity (long walking walks will do).

How to fashion an attractive figure?

First of all, you need to keep a balance of incoming and used calories. If the calories are consumed at least a little more than the incoming, then there is a gradual weight loss. Of course, it is advisable to use for training Ab Gymnic. Reviews of regular users are unanimous: one session burns up to 2000 calories. This is a very serious result.

Another indispensable property of the belt is that the muscles are trained locally or built up exactly where they are needed. It is the local use that makes it possible to sculpt a female figure almost before our eyes, creating tempting bends.

Why is this possible?

The electrodes are superimposed on the beginning and end of the large muscles - this is how the Ab Gymnic acts. User feedback suggests that the passage of an electrical impulse is accompanied by a very intense muscular contraction, which is very difficult to achieve on your own. The fact is that under the action of an external impulse, torsion or longitudinal twisting of the muscle fiber occurs, and then the muscle fiber returns to its place.

Miostimulyator repeats those actions that occur during normal physical exertion.

Fat burning mechanism

Physical activity leads to the fact that mitochondria, or energy cell stations, are formed in the trained muscles. It is in them that all organic compounds are oxidized. In the process of oxidation, energy is released, which serves to obtain electric potential and other universal energy sources. It is the mitochondria that process excess fat, giving the body the necessary energy and vigor. The Ab Gymnic belt (reviews sound positive in many languages) simulates exercise, which is good for health.

Under the influence of physical exertion or professional myostimulation, the thighs change and the buttocks are lifted.

Belt application

The good effect of myostimulation can be seen on those muscles that are located deep and are not easily affected by regular workouts. This is clearly seen in women who have recently given birth to a child. The stretched abdominal muscles are difficult to correct, and after using the belt, the waist becomes visible after only a few sessions. The belt also works well on deep back muscles.

Not only for weight loss is used Ab Gymnic. Customer reviews indicate that the belt gives a visible result with muscle atrophy, disorders of lymph outflow and blood circulation, with various disorders of the nerve impulse, with venous insufficiency.

Who should not use a belt?

There are few contraindications for using the Ab Gymnic belt. Customer reviews suggest that it is advisable to consult a doctor before use. Experts identify such conditions in which the use of a belt is undesirable:

  • Pregnancy of any period.
  • Tumor diseases.
  • Purulent diseases.
  • Any rash and sores on the skin.
  • Stones in any organ.
  • Severe chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation.
  • Having a heart rate driver.

Adjusting the intensity of classes

The power of muscle contractions can be changed if you use the Ab Gymnic myostimulator. Customer reviews agree on one thing: after 5–10 minutes after the start of a session, the muscles stop responding to stimulation as intensely as they did at the beginning. You can increase the power, but addictive again comes after some time.

The optimal effect is obtained when the period of contraction is equal to the period of relaxation and the power of contractions is maximally large. This mode simulates fast walking. If you combine diet, exercise and local action of the belt, you get an excellent result.

How long is the course?

This parameter is individually adjustable. Everyone selects the optimal mode for themselves using the Ab Gymnic slimming belt. Customer feedback suggests that the optimal session duration is 40 minutes, preferably daily. The best duration of the first course is from 10 to 12 procedures. At the end of this course you will see a tangible result.

Adjusting power, you need to pay attention to their own feelings. There should be no discomfort or pain. Pain or discomfort indicates that the parameters are not correct.

You should always monitor your heart rate. There may be a slight increase in contractions of the heart - as with ordinary physical exertion. But in no case should there be interruptions in the work of the heart or arrhythmias. If something like this has appeared, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

What do the doctor's say?

That the Ab Gymnic belt is completely safe. Reviews of doctors suggest that the belt can be applied to those who, due to illness can not play sports. People with spinal disorders or limbs can replace the gym with a belt. A person can be in bed or sit, and Ab Gymnic is doing his job at this time.

The belt can be put on a waist, hips or hands or on all places where there is excess fat. Under its influence, the overall condition of the whole organism is improved, because during the passive workouts all the capillaries open and the metabolism improves.

It should be understood that with obesity of 3-4 degrees, it takes some time until the muscles begin to respond to irritation. Excessive layer of fat simply does not pass an electrical impulse. Therefore, the use of the belt is possible only in the initial stages of obesity.