Women's desire to have the most silky smooth legs thanks to marketing known to even the youngest and inexperienced. Many ladies resort to painful waxing or pancreatic procedures, with the aim to Refine the skin, and other old-fashioned, wielded formidable razor. The main difference between the two methods many consider the duration of the phase between treatments (wax after 3-4 weeks the skin velvety, razor all measured in days), but the main disadvantage women believe the fact that appears after shaving irritation on my legs. Scarlet, sometimes purple spots, annoying itching and small fissures – treacherous companions convenient at the first sight of the machine.

After shaving irritation on legs

Feet irritation after shaving: photos and description of the problem

The root of all problems with this Trinity is in the wrong the process of shaving. Women in haste, barely covering the skin with soap suds, begin to scrape the limbs with the child's tenacity. In the result the wildest efforts of the top layer of skin come off, revealing the lower layers of bacteria, razor and foam. The body sounded the alarm, and the blood rushes to the site of the battle. To remove the irritation on my legs after shaving in this way is quite difficult. The cover skin has received some sort of mechanical "burn" and now the self begins to heal the damaged cells.

Boards of Masters

A guaranteed way not to worry about skin irritation is the refusal to shave, but in most cases, women just can't adjust to the experiments with wax or sugar-based. So as to remove the irritation from shaving on my legs? There are some basic tips masters. Let's look at them:

  • If the skin already has taken on alarming hue, it is necessary to grease with a cream with antiseptic properties. This will allow beneficial to minimize the effects of germs and calm the flow of blood to the location of the irritation.
  • Subsequently the skin should be systematically moisturize with natural delicate oils (olive, Flaxseed).
  • You should not use even the smallest scrubs and tough sponges – cells get more damage. Then their healing will be mercilessly difficult and long.
  • To treat the skin can be a simple decoction of chamomile and calendula, and also to take for a habit after a shower to smear a couple of times per week the skin with aloe juice (it is not addictive like other pharmaceuticals, besides, it is always at hand on the windowsill).

What to do in order to avoid irritation

To avoid irritation of the legs after shaving, several important points should be introduced into the procedure itself:

  • Do not neglect the purity and sterility of the machine (rolling machine in the bathroom can only lead to inflammation and infection), all used instruments should scrupulously sterilized with alcohol and store in airtight containers.
  • It is not necessary to shave "dry." There are situations when girls decide to shave quickly rising hairs no foam and the soul. Such experiments do not Bode well, were nesmytogo dust, dry top layer of skin and unwashed blade will result in instant reactions.
  • Make the hairs easier was shaved off, they should be thoroughly soaked – steam body in the shower (tub), the legs should wrap a warm towel (it should be good to soak warm water).
  • Before shaving, you can arrange a little relax skin using a home scrub, for which you will need to mix a tablespoon of semolina and 80-100 ml of fragrant shower gel.
  • Do not use soap. Its composition dries the skin and cause a feeling of tightness. A faithful assistant in shaving will be the high-quality foam with aloe or mint drops, after the application should wait a couple of minutes. So the blade will be easier to slide on the softened surface.
  • Sacrificing quality shaving, you can change the direction of movement of the blades (top to bottom) of the cell cover will be less exposed to the blade, which means that after shaving irritation on legs will not appear.
  • Do not fight with the hair, if you have to exit to the winter cold. It is better to carry out the procedure before the skin completely away from stress.
  • It is not necessary to wear capron tights or stockings immediately after hair removal, the material can cause not only irritation, but also painful sensations.

It's impossible to hide treacherously appeared irritation on my legs after shaving. To affect the course of the reaction of the body, after the procedure of hair removal you can use simple but effective masks, which takes a couple of minutes, and the result will help to maintain health and so emaciated legs.

Avocado helps

To remove severe irritation after shaving on my legs will help a mixture of avocado and cream (sour cream). Some ladies suggest just fluff "thriftily" legs sturdy layer of cream, over which lay thin slices of buttery fruit. Other suggest to grind the overseas guest in a blender with adding a couple mint leaves and a paste mix with cream. Thanks to its rich supply of vitamin fruit that is damaged, the skin will get an extra dose of nutrients and the inflammatory process begins to subside.

How to remove irritation after shaving? This will help simple mint. Many herbalists advise using a decoction of this particular simple plant. For the preparation of wonderful tools you will need:

  • 1 tbsp quality (not last year) mint;
  • 1 tbsp dried ordinary camomile flowers;
  • 0.4-0.5 liters of boiling water.

The dry mixture should be poured with boiling water and sit for another 15 minutes to fire. After the decoction can be easy to drain, when the liquid will reduce the temperature to tolerable, it is necessary to moisten a towel and wrap their feet. The compress should keep 12-15 minutes, after which you can steaming body in the shower. After herbal treatment, the skin will be more pleasant to the touch, with a slight scent of summer meadows.

Decoction of birch leaves

A mild irritation on my legs after shaving may take a decoction of birch leaves. A couple of tablespoons (heaped, if extensive redness), you must pour boiling water and set aside in a warm place. An hour and a half just to warm up the strained liquid and apply the compress.

Sometimes herbal infusions are not able to remove the pesky shaving nicks on my legs. What to do in this case? Master of salons suggest you experiment with oils. 4-5 tablespoons Flaxseed (olive) butter to pour a teaspoon of high-quality tea tree oil. Apply a thick tool is slightly preheated, so that all components were able to open up to its maximum. The mixture is quickly absorbed through damaged skin and for a couple of days pleasing healthy appearance.


Finding after-shave irritation on the legs, you must immediately conduct an inspection of the skin. If there are wounds or abrasions, they should be carefully treated with antiseptic (alcohol or Cologne here comrades). It is not necessary to apply the cream or lotion directly on the wound, otherwise they may start suppurative processes.


Sometimes bumps or pimples accompany internal irritation from shaving on my legs. What to do in this case, can clarify a doctor. The reaction of the epidermis may be caused by incorrectly chosen foam or the machine, can also influence processes in the body (allergies, hormonal flare or unwell).