Almost every person suffers a catastrophic shortage of time today. The work takes more and more energy, and if you have a managerial position, then you can completely forget about full-fledged domestic food, because there is no time to cook. What remains? Dine in cafes and canteens, which is quite expensive for the family budget.

The second option is to eat with relatives and friends. And finally, the most convenient, but not always useful for your body method - the use of semi-finished products. And in fact, what could be simpler than to heat pancakes, boil dumplings or bake burgers, which are packed in colorful packaging. Will this food be useful and full-fledged, we will try to find out today, and for an example we take the Ermolinskie semi-finished products.Yermolinskie semi-finished products: composition of products, sales addresses

Take or not take

For many housewives this is always a big dilemma. On the one hand, this is a very attractive cooking option that saves a lot of time. Just 10 minutes - and on the table a hot lunch or dinner. Therefore, women sometimes choose their favorite brand, for example, “Yermolinsky” semi-finished products, and always keep in reserve a couple of packages of finished products in the freezer, for an emergency.

However, in others the very word “semi-finished products” is disgusting. The reason is clear - most manufacturers are trying to save, reducing the cost of production to improve demand. What makes this happen? Of course, through the use of low-grade meat, various additives and “improvers”, that is, solid chemistry. For adherents of a healthy lifestyle, this is not an option at all, since the body receives a fair dose of fat, starch and various E instead of the elements it really needs. However, it is impossible to unambiguously evaluate the products of all manufacturers, so we will not generalize and consider specifically the Ermolinsky semi-finished products. Based on the above, each buyer will be able to decide for himself whether to take the products of this company or not.

Exit in a big way

The company really didn’t just open a production hall and began work in one or several cities, but carried out a triumphal march through Russia and Ukraine. To date, residents of more than 500 cities know and love the brand “Semi-finished products“ Yermolinskie ”. At the same time, consumers sometimes believe that production is located in Ukraine, apparently because of the consonant name of another well-known company - Yarmolinsky sausages. But in fact, semi-finished products are produced in Russia. The company specializes in the production of deep-frozen products.

Where is the production

This question will not be easy to answer. The official website of the company is under development, so you have to collect information literally piece by piece. Contacts with management are also not easy to find, because the company maintains a closed foreign policy. In order to convey to the reader accurate information, I had to go to the store and buy “Yermolinsky” semi-finished products. The address of the actual production is not here, but managed to find the legal address. This is Kaluga Region, Borovsky District, Yermolino, ul. Zarechnaya, d. 5.

But this is not the only information that was found. The company has already grown so much that its offices and representative offices are already in almost every city. I would like to particularly note the largest of them. This is the city of Yekaterinburg, on Baiskalskaya street, 10, Omsk, street 10 years of October, and also the official representative office in Krasnoyarsk - Sudostroitelnaya, 74.

Official outlets

Of course, we will not be able to list all the stores. "Yermolinsky" semi-finished products are sold throughout the country, which every day increases the number of regular customers. In Saratov, you are waiting for the store “Universal”, located at the address Moscow, 152. In Krasnodar, you can ask for fresh semi-finished products in a network of specialized outlets. All addresses can be taken on the official website when it opens.

In Ufa, there are also a number of specialized stores that carry the name of a trading company and sell its products. Waiting for you at the following addresses:

Seven Ermolino stores are also in Omsk, for example, every day you are expected at 188 a. Bohdan Khmelnitsky. There are also a number of outlets where you can buy Yermolinsk semi-finished products. Addresses of stores in your city in the future can be viewed on the official website.

Product range

What really attracts the attention of the consumer is the huge choice offered by the trademark “Yermolinsky semi-finished products”. Products are represented by more than 50 items, among which everyone will find what he likes most. In this case, the range may vary by region. Usually in large cities, central supermarkets, all or almost all types of products are represented. Only the names that are especially loved by customers are delivered to remote areas. Very often, the pancakes of this manufacturer are known under the beautiful name of "Mother's", while recognizing the manufacturer, only after examining the packaging at home. It should be added that all products have quality certificates, so you do not risk the health of your loved ones by purchasing these semi-finished products.

For every taste

And now let's look at the list of products that are sold under the brand name “Yermolinsky semi-finished products”. Why today we decided to consider it? Because it is in almost every Russian store, has affordable prices and good taste. An unpretentious consumer may well find it a worthy alternative to homemade food.

In the first place in the number of products sold dumplings. This is not surprising, since this dish is at the same time a wonderful snack, a hearty daily meal and decoration of a festive table, as well as greetings from the Soviet past, when for each New Year we sat down to make them in large quantities.

In the second place you can put dumplings. With potatoes and cabbage, various berries, cottage cheese, as well as chicken meat, among them everyone will choose a worthy option. And then you can put stuffed cabbage and stuffed peppers, pancakes and benderiks, pancakes and khinkali, cordon bleu, steaks and zrazy, cutlets and chops, sausages and stew in one line.

Composition, or What is indicated on the package

This question is primarily concerned with those who decided to try for the first time “Yermolinsky” semi-finished products. The composition is not always possible to study, since most items are sold by weight. The company's slogan states that it contains only natural ingredients. I'd like to believe, but let's see for yourself.

For example, the composition of pancakes with cottage cheese does not cause concern. Here we can see salt and water, wheat flour, milk powder and dried eggs, cottage cheese. Only the mixture of vegetable and fat is alarming, because it is not known what exactly the manufacturer means by this. Most likely, this is a spread, perhaps palm or coconut oil.

Let's look at another example. Is natural sausage from this manufacturer? Let's watch the composition. It indicates beef, water and lard, starch, poultry meat, ascorbic acid and many additives of E. These are color fixatives, a mixture of phosphate, and much more. Of course, it is difficult to call it natural, although consumers appreciate taste. Good reviews can also be found on the stew. Consumers emphasize that in a jar you will find not films and veins, but real pieces of meat in a gentle jelly.

Consumer reviews

In fact, the information posted on the web is not surprising. When “Yermolinsky semi-finished products” products just appeared on the shelves, the reviews were very warm. People were pleasantly surprised that pancakes, cutlets and dumplings are very similar to real, homemade, and recommended them to their relatives and friends. This went on until the production volume grew, and the taste qualities did not cause confusion. It turns out that vegetable and creamy spread began to be added to the meat semi-finished products. In fact, it is a trans-fat that will definitely not benefit your body. But at the same time, consumers note that the taste qualities of the products of this brand are very good, which means that, in general, the manufacturer uses quality products, and this additive goes to reduce the cost price.

On the other hand, if you are an ardent admirer of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, you will have to spend a little more time on weekends to prepare homemade preparations. Buy turkey and veal, twist the stuffing and cook homemade meatballs and dumplings. Then they can only freeze, and ready. Your household can safely put a useful semi-finished product in the oven (in a heat-resistant bowl for the microwave, in a double boiler) and cook a delicious lunch for yourself.

Expert opinion

To make it easier for the reader to make up his own opinion on the products, we decided to present the results of the test purchase, as a result of which professional chefs prepared and tasted individual product names of this brand.

  • And the first experimental were chicken meatballs. They are small, and the manufacturer recommends immediately fry them in a skillet. When frying, they become very tender and fall apart from any careless movement. It consists of chicken meat, pork fat, some rice and onions, which are not felt, and monosodium glutamate. If you first defrost, the meatballs turn into porridge. The taste is not too expressive and rather oily.
  • Meat zrazy with potatoes. In fact, the first sample of this dish was confused. Potato mash heterogeneous, resembles powder from a bag. Stuffing greatly spoils the clear shard of bacon, and all this mass tends to fall apart during roasting.
  • Chebureks. Here the situation is better. There are no complaints to the test, it is snow-white, dense, without cracks and chips, but rather thick, so the stuffing seems a little. In the latter, too, a lot of bacon and monosodium glutamate, but all this is flavored with spices, which completely drowns out every taste.
  • Pancakes with condensed milk. On the one hand - there is no fat, glutamate and other charms, which is already good. But the dough is thick, not porous, but condensed milk is obviously the cheapest, made on the basis of the same spreads.
  • Dumplings - the appearance is beautiful, the dough is snow-white, without cracks. But when cooking, it starts to bubble, becomes sticky, and the broth - fat. Along with the beef, there is lard and chicken, and the dough is obviously thickish.

Instead of conclusion

In general, how many people, so many opinions. Of course, semi-finished products are very convenient. I came home, shook it in the pan - and that’s it, the dinner is ready. However, you can not rely on the manufacturer and hope that he uses all the freshest and most useful. Therefore, you will have to hope for good luck and choose the most suitable trademark for you that best meets your needs.