When people talk about the character of a person, they mean a set of mental properties that determine the behavior of an individual in society. Several identical people do not exist. Each has its own characteristics. One man is able to get along well with others and make new acquaintances, and the other is not easy to communicate even with relatives and friends. It all depends on the temperament and certain traits of character.

What determines the nature of a person?

Scientists have long studied the behavior of a person in various life situations. Numerous studies have shown that the character traits of people primarily depend on genetics, and only then on education. In addition, some aspects of behavior are determined by the physique of a person. So, the famous scientist Kecmer was able to describe three types of physique of people with certain character traits.

Positive and negative personality traitsPicnics are people with a dense physique, often with overweight. They have a short height and a fairly short neck. Virtually all parts of the body are quite large. But the facial features of picnics are small. These are people who very easily find a common language with others and without special problems master in new conditions. The list of negative features of a person from this group is small. Picnics are rarely rude or greedy, always ready to share the last piece of bread with loved ones. But unfortunately, it is picnics that tend to depressive psychosis. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they do not share their problems with others. People from this group are trying to solve their problems on their own.

Thin, tall people with elongated facial features belong to the group of asthenics. They have underdeveloped musculature and poor physical training. Asthenics are always serious, poorly adapted to new conditions. To their inner world, such people practically do not let anyone in. Bad traits of the character of an asthenic person are anger, stubbornness, rudeness, greed. Along with this, people with a physique of this constitution are distinguished by high mental development. A huge number of scientists belongs to the group of asthenics. Most of them devote a lot of time to a career, but ordinary human relations do not pay attention. Many people prefer to live alone, without starting a family.

Athletics are broad-shouldered people, with good physical training and a beautiful figure. Most of the athletes belong to this group. These people have a pleasant appearance. They are rarely impressionable and almost do not show their emotions with the help of facial expressions. Character traits of people from this group are quite diverse. Athletics are often selfish. They know that in any case they will get what they want. On the other hand, they are very kind. Rarely do they leave their loved ones in trouble.

Several groups of character traits

Proceeding from the fact that human behavior is formed due to several factors, experts identified several groups of character traits. First of all, a person's attitude to other objects of society is formed. The character traits of a good person are responsiveness, desire to help, sociability. A bad person will be rude, selfish, cynical and soulless. Sometimes one person can have simultaneously contradictory character traits. He can easily find a common language with others, but will not rush to help a friend who is in trouble.

Identify the character traits of people who show an attitude toward work. It is these qualities that determine how a person can earn a living. To succeed, it is necessary to be hardworking, to have creative thinking. Good businessmen are enterprising, persistent and conscientious people. The list of negative features of a person's character is laziness, passivity, irresponsible attitude to work. Some seek to earn dishonestly. In this case both negative and positive traits of character work simultaneously. Such people can not be called conscientious. Together with this they are persistent, they have creative thinking.

It is very important to understand how an individual treats itself. Good character traits of a person are a sense of self-worth, a good attitude towards reasonable criticism, modesty. The opposite features include egocentrism (the desire to always be in the center of attention), shyness, the presence of complexes, excessive resentment.

It is also important how a person relates to the things around her. Character traits of people are untidiness, greed, careless attitude to things. Positive qualities include thrift, accuracy, economy. All these qualities can be raised in the person. It all depends on the model of behavior in the family. If the parents are accustomed to throwing clothes and do not rush to wash their shoes after the street, the child will do the same.

Dependence of character traits on temperament

Very often the concepts of "character" and "temperament" are confused. In fact, these are completely different things. Temperament is a complex of mental features of the personality that are innate and affect the behavior of a person in society. The main features of a person's character are formed in the process of his communication with others. At any time, the person can be re-educated. But the temperament can not be changed. This is a special soil with the help of which the mental qualities of a particular individual develop to varying degrees.

A person already has a certain style of behavior since birth. Character traits are not determined by temperament. Along with this, there is a very close relationship between the two concepts. From temperament depends, what positive or negative features of a person's character will manifest to a greater extent. In addition, the same quality in people with different patterns of behavior manifests itself in different ways. So, outgoing sanguine people will be able to find a topic for conversation with any person. Phlegmatic people are also sociable. But they are revealed only in a narrow circle. Below we will consider all types of temperaments with their own characteristics.


These are people with a weak nervous system. They rarely find a common language with others, almost never share their problems. The positive character traits of a man of this type are accurate, like to keep everything in place. Melancholics are never late. They can be trusted with any secret. A person with such a temperament will rarely deceive. Talented scientists very often belong to a group of melancholic people. Such people completely devote themselves to work. Thanks to their diligence and talent, many manage to use the latest technology discoveries.

Melancholic, have a special relationship to people. Traits are formed in early childhood. The kids in this warehouse of a temperament rarely play with their peers. They prefer to be in your fantasy world. The child will for a long time to consider the device a toy to be dismantled, and then again to collect it. Active play melancholic absolutely not interesting.

Melancholics tend to be depressed. Here everything depends on what kind of environment a person falls into. If there is mutual respect and kindness around him, the melancholic will feel great. If a person gets into a bad company, where everyone is for himself, the development of a neurosis is not ruled out. Constantly in this state is very dangerous. It is among melancholics suicide is widespread enough. After all, melancholics are very vulnerable personalities. Even the most simple failures quickly lead them out of themselves. The family should be alarmed if a person with a melancholic temperament is in a bad mood for a long time.

A person who without problems finds a common language with everyone, belongs to the group of choleric people. People of this type are always in motion. They try to try everything in life. It is very important that the choleric goes in the right direction. Parents should direct the emotions of the baby in the right direction. A child choleric from early childhood should visit different sections and circles, travel a lot. Free time can be directed to the negative side. It is the choleric people, who constantly strive for communication, fall into a bad company and are the first to try drugs.

Choleric people are leaders in life. Often people with such a character warehouse achieve great success in life due to their perseverance and perseverance. But some of them, unfortunately, have such a character trait as greed. This leads to the fact that the choleric tries to earn big money illegally.

Most of the actors belong to the group of choleric people. People with such temperament are very talented. They easily reincarnate, they play absolutely any role. But there is a bad quality in this area. Choleric people can perfectly deceive. They do it so professionally that rarely anyone can suspect anything. At the same time, choleric students are being deceived from the earliest childhood. A child can easily portray himself as a sick person not to go to school or a kindergarten.


This group includes people with a balanced nervous system. Sanguine easily find a way out of any situation. They do not have emotionality. First of all, they soberly assess their capabilities, and only then find a solution to any problem. Sanguine people are always mobile. Very many features of their character are combined with choleric persons. People from this group are not used to fixate on troubles. They are rarely prone to bad habits. They understand that it is worth trying, and what will harm the body. It is this quality of sanguine and distinguishes it from choleric.

Sanguine lovers are very fond of being surrounded. They completely do not tolerate loneliness. People from this group have a fear of going insane. They have only half a day to be alone with themselves, so that stupid thoughts begin to come to mind. But in the company sanguine people feel just fine. They are rarely leaders, but they do not always give the same effect. Sanguinarians are often talkative, have a great sense of humor. Any shortcoming people with this type of temperament can turn into dignity.


People with such a temperament are distinguished by a stable nervous system and an analytical mind. The main features of a person's nature of this type are restraint and equanimity. It is very difficult to understand what the phlegmatic feels really. People with this temperament rarely open up to others. Getting into a new environment, they can adapt a fairly long time. Characteristic phlegmatic are feelings of anguish and anxiety. Although they are not inclined to complex nervous disorders, unlike melancholics. People with a similar temperament have practically no fears. They are afraid only of abrupt changes in life. Phlegmatic people do not hurry to change their place of work, even if they can not get a good income. People from this group in most cases live in the same place for decades. Even the opportunity to improve conditions will not force them to move to another city.

Phlegmaticians are almost never leaders. They prefer to be subordinate. Even if they come up with an interesting rationalization idea, they will not rush to share it. Phlegmatic people like a measured existence. These people most often occupy the least prestigious positions. They know how to save money. Therefore, there is no need to pursue high pay. Although they always perform their work in good faith and without deception.

Relationship of character traits with human well-being

The physical well-being of a person is closely related to his character traits. A person who has fears or is angry, sooner or later begins to ache. Similarly, it is easy to understand what character traits of a person bedridden are. The kindness and compassion of such a person is rarely inherent. Complex diseases often form in people egoism, anger, greed and envy. Scientists have conducted a number of studies that helped to find out how bad state of health affects the behavior of a person in society. So, for example, the heart muscle is associated with the emotional component of a person. If there are no problems with this organ, people are always open to others, share their impressions with pleasure. But problems with the cardiovascular system form such traits of character as isolation, mistrust, suspicion.

Kidneys are paired organs. The best character trait of a person who is connected with this body is openness. If the kidneys are healthy, the individual can easily share his feelings and experiences with others. If a person has a hereditary predisposition to urolithiasis, he does not seek to open his soul to relatives and friends. And such people tend to keep the joy and anxiety inside themselves. Often problems with the kidneys are in melancholics. But sanguine people rarely know painful feelings associated with renal colic or the formation of stones.

Is the character determined by facial features?

Many studies have shown that the appearance largely shows which traits inherent in man. This can be explained from the physiological point of view. Even wrinkles, you can determine what are the traits of a person over the age of 40 years. The melancholic, which is not inherent in excessive emotionality, often look younger than their years. But the sanguine and choleric wrinkles appear. Despite this, even in old age smiling people look much better. Good health affects appearance. People who have high spirits and can easily see problems, get sick less often.

The connection between facial features and character, people have noticed since ancient times. For example, it was observed that a lean man with a long nose is always cunning and calculating. Such a person rarely gets along with someone, so almost never gets a family. But the high forehead testifies to talent and high intellectual development. Unfortunately, it was noticed that people with high forehead tend to betray. Evil and heartless individuals very often have a square face with inexpressive features. People with such external data are prone to violence. But to rely on one only appearance, determining the character of a person, does not follow. Much depends on the environment in which the individual lives and his upbringing.

Character formation in the child

It has long been noted that character is formed throughout the life process. How a person behaves in society depends on the way of life and environment. But very much depends on the parents. Such qualities as kindness, accuracy, generosity are formed up to 5 years. The child most often adopts the model of behavior of parents. Therefore, adults should understand that raising a child is a responsible occupation. From an early age, children should understand what are the traits of a person's character, what qualities must be adhered to and what to avoid.