This people has an ancient custom - to do tattoos. Polynesians in this skill have a special talent. According to their beliefs, the drawings on the skin can change the character of a person and strengthen his spirit.

Polynesians with trepidation and respect belong to the ocean. If you look more closely at Polynesian tattoos, you can see that their characters are in most cases associated with water and its inhabitants.

Polynesian tattoos are characterized by a set of coded symbols that not only talk about the life of their owner, but also give him the necessary qualities. In addition, the tattoo is always original, not like the other drawing created by the master individually for the person.

Meaning of symbols

The meaning of Polynesian tattoos depends on the combination of elements that are depicted on them. The population of these islands distinguishes several main characters that are present on tattoos most often.

  • The sun   - a sign that symbolizes eternity and life alternating with death. This is joy, luck and positive energy. It is depicted as a circle and denotes the importance of life.
  • Moon. If it is a symbol of the crescent moon, then it means the feminine principle and life abundance. The presence on the tattoo of both the Moon and the Sun narrates about the revealed secret possibilities - such a man is the master of his destiny.
  • Water. The image of a spiral, wave or tape indicates continuous changes that will last a lifetime. The spiral is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Everything that resembles a whirlpool of different sizes, denotes life stages, and also tells about the past, the future and the present.
  • Shark. This fish symbolizes strength, steadfastness, perseverance and power. She is a sacred creature in the water element. Polynesian tattoos with the image of a shark protect from unfriendly people and outside threats. If the teeth are represented in the form of an ornament, they are capable of shielding the wearer from all troubles and adversities.
  • Turtle. The symbol of family safety, health, long life and fertility creates harmony of body and soul. In ancient times, warriors used shells as shields. On the tattoo, this element protects from evil spirits.

Secondary pictures value

In addition to the basic symbols, Polynesian tattoos use images of additional elements. Each curl has a meaning and a certain meaning.

Inhabitants of the ocean

These creatures can be present in different parts of the picture. If it is a whale, it protects friendship, family and home. The dolphin is a symbol of harmony in relationships. The octopus allows you to adapt quickly and adapt to circumstances. The eel speaks of unpleasant events that a person has experienced. Scat symbolizes the external appeal and grace. Shells are treated as a carrier's attachment to the home, which is filled with harmony, mutual understanding and love.

Birds and other air creatures

It is a symbol of freedom and good news. The meaning of Polynesian tattoos is twofold. With these elements in the figure, a person becomes alert, but on the other hand he can appreciate the events from a height.

Painted butterflies and dragonflies are a sign of magical transformations and changes in the soul.

Tattoos in the Polynesian style depicting little men denote a circle of relatives and friends who are able to provide support. The bearer is very grateful to these people. When the drawing depicts several drawn little men who are connected by hands - this means a marriage connection and children.

If a man is squatting on a tattoo, this is interpreted as a carrier militancy and the ability to kill.

The image of a pair of eyes means the ancestors watching the bearer from heaven. One eye bestows advantages over the enemy. So he intimidates and distracts the enemy.

  • The ax says that man is a fighter. It symbolizes courageous and courageous character.
  • All sorts of cords are symbols of a strong relationship with loved ones.
  • The boat protects the traveler or lover of adventure from obstacles on the road.
  • Fishing hook is a symbol of luck.
  • Quite often there are tics. As a matter of fact it is the mask, protecting from a malefice. It happens that they are stuffed with the direction of the look in different directions, so that the owner of the tattoo is protected from all sides.
  • Fern means peace and tranquility.
  • Images of other leaves contribute to well-being and success in endeavors.
  • The lotus serves to overcome the grievous trials.
  • Flowers symbolize beauty and perfection.
  • The cross speaks of harmony.

Natural elements and elements

  • The fire speaks of change.
  • Stones and mountains mark achievements and stability.

It should be noted that these symbols have long been forgotten. The inhabitants of the islands have already managed to forget the secret knowledge. Despite this, in Russia there are quite a few fans of such entertaining ornaments.

Polynesian tattoos, photos of which are presented in our article, can be ordered from a professional master.