Who does not know parsley? This curly green is a welcome guest in the kitchen of every mistress. But it is used not only when preparing dishes, but also in folk medicine. The article describes useful properties of parsley and contraindications to its use.

A short digression into the history

Such a wonderful greenery, like parsley, has been known to us since ancient times. Surprisingly, hundreds of years ago it was used not only in cooking. So, for example, in Greece, in ancient times, this plant was cult. They were decorated with graves, made beautiful wreaths for those who won the games. To eat parsley in food before all guessed only the Romans. Exquisite rich dishes were decorated with this plant, and then served the most influential inhabitants of Rome. The witch doctors soon found out the useful properties of parsley and the contraindications of this greens and began to apply it successfully in healing.

Useful properties of parsley and contraindications

At present, parsley is an everyday product on our table. It is used fresh in salads or served with vegetable sliced, it is filled with first dishes and harvested for future use - dried, salted, frozen. What does it give the body, what are the useful properties of parsley and contraindications known today?

It will save from colds better than lemon

It is known that lemons and black currant contain a large amount of vitamin C, but few know that in ordinary parsley this substance is even greater! A bunch of greenery is enough to fill the daily rate of ascorbic acid for the body. Vitamin C performs protective functions, it protects our body from harmful viruses, bacteria and radicals. By the way, many scientists are convinced that it is radicals that are the main cause of human aging. So parsley keeps our youth. The main thing is not to overdo it with its use.

Green parsley, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which are discussed in the article, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of colds.

Will return sight

Also in green there is a useful beta-carotene. Even in carrots this vitamin is less! It is thanks to this substance in the body that vitamin A is formed, which, in turn, restores sharpness to eyesight. If you eat a few green sprigs daily, your eyesight will be like an eagle, according to ophthalmologists.

In addition, vitamin A is the strongest antioxidant. He also allows you to make immunity stronger.

Strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels

If we continue to study the useful properties of parsley and contraindications, then we must take into account that the juice of this green is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals, including it contains large reserves of potassium, necessary for our body. Therefore, this product positively affects the cardiovascular system of the body, strengthening the muscles of the heart, feeding them with energy and making the walls of the vessels elastic, which prevents the risk of developing cardiac diseases and hypertension.

Potassium allows you to absorb calcium in the body, and therefore helps the structure of bones to be in good condition.

People who suffer from iron deficiency, parsley, medicinal properties and contraindications which are still being studied, will be very useful. It will saturate the body with this irreplaceable trace element, not worse than apples or red caviar. It does not matter how to eat it (in raw or cooked), still hemoglobin comes back to normal. This is especially important for small children, because parsley, unlike red caviar or apples, does not cause allergic reactions. It is absolutely safe for kids.

In addition, parsley is a natural oncoprotectant, so doctors recommend that it be eaten for the prevention of cancer.

The healing properties of parsley

Useful not only herbs, but also the root of parsley, the medicinal properties of which, with daily use, will contribute to positive changes in the body:

  • improve the work of the thyroid and adrenal glands;
  • stabilizes metabolism due to the presence of inulin in parsley;
  • the vessels and heart will strengthen;
  • mental activity is activated;
  • oxygen exchange will improve;
  • will start to develop the necessary enzymes for digestion,
  • appetite will increase;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system and gastrointestinal tract disappear;
  • vision will improve;
  • gums and mouth cavity in general will be refreshed;
  • long protracted depression, energy will return;
  • quickly regenerated skin.

If you use for broths the root of parsley, the medicinal properties of which are very large, then you can successfully fight with swelling, flatulence and various pathologies of the liver. This product is used for fever, and also as a cholagogue.

Parsley seeds, whose properties are not inferior in usefulness to many medicinal plants, are successfully used in folk medicine.

This herb is deservedly recognized as a strong aphrodisiac, like many other spices.

Benefits for women

Such greenery, like parsley, the properties and contraindications of which are considered in the article, is considered primordially feminine. Thanks to it, the menstrual period is normalized, and it is easier to transfer premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The most part of unpleasant manifestations of menopause is eased or completely eliminated. The mental and physical states also come to normal.

Apiol, in large quantities contained in parsley, is precisely the substance by which such an effect is achieved. He acts the same as the main female hormone, which everyone probably knows - estrogen.Greenery is successfully used in cosmetology. It is made of a variety of products, such as skin-toning facial tonics, moisturizing, softening, regenerating and toning creams and masks, lotions against acne and rashes.

It is very useful to eat parsley pregnant. A large amount of folic acid will help the fetus to develop properly.

After giving birth, it is also useful to eat parsley, since the greens help increase the volume of breast milk.

What green is useful to men?

But not only for women is important parsley. Useful properties for men of this greenery were known even in ancient times. It is widely used as a prophylaxis for prostatitis. This unpleasant disease occurs with poor blood flow to the genitals, inactive, more sedentary lifestyle and urological diseases. Also, the cause is infection and irregular sex life. The main symptoms are pain in the groin, especially when you visit the toilet. But painful sensitivity can be reduced through a simple prescription.

You need to prepare the following tincture: chop the parsley seeds into powder (one teaspoonful), pour a glass of hot boiling water, wait eight hours for the mixture to stand, shake and strain. Take infusion should be several times a day before meals, and after a couple of days, a positive result will be seen.

Parsley, useful properties for men which are obvious, is used as a means for increasing potency. Contained in it, apigenin stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. This substance also promotes active circulation in the pelvic area, increases the tone of the body as a whole.

Useful properties of parsley for men are not limited to eliminating sexual dysfunction. Green helps in a severe hangover! It is enough to cook a simple dish: chop cucumbers, fresh parsley and cilantro, pour a little water and kefir into the vegetables, correlating the proportions one to one. And no medication is needed.


As you can see from the material above, this greens contains many useful components. However, it is worthwhile to know that excessive use of parsley leads to some undesirable consequences.

Parsley contains in itself such a special substance as myristicin. If it gets into the body too much, then inevitably there will be a migraine, and in extreme cases there are convulsions in the muscles and even the appearance of hallucinations.Paradox, but it is undesirable to abuse parsley during pregnancy. With excessive amounts in the body, muscle tone in the uterus increases, which in turn can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

There are other contraindications to the use of this herb, for example, gout and nephritis, urolithiasis and sensitivity of the skin.

Parsley as a means to lose weight

Miracle parsley can get rid of many ailments. But, as it turned out, it also contributes to the splitting of fat and stimulates the body to lose weight.

Why is this happening? Particularly active components that are contained in the plant, increase metabolism, and also produce the enzymes necessary for digestion. It is thanks to these properties that the absorption of food becomes much better.

For common greens in parsley a lot of calories - 48 per 100 grams. But, absorbing it along with the rest of the food, a person feels the saturation much faster. This will help reduce the usual portions of food. Folic acid, which is in the juice of fresh greens, speeds up metabolism.People suffering from obesity often have an elevated cholesterol level. In this case, parsley is able to remove from the body its excess.

There is another easy way to get rid of excess weight. Eat only 30 milliliters of warmed parsley broth per day for a maximum of half an hour before each meal. This will help to cope with any edema and removes unnecessary liquid from the body. But do not exceed this dosage! Otherwise, you are threatened with serious intoxication, as parsley is saturated with biologically active substances.

The article details the useful properties of parsley and contraindications. This wonderful spice will help to improve health, restore vivacity and youth!