Paul Dillet - bodybuilder from Canada. Amateur non-standard training methods. In 1999, he won the prestigious "Night of Champions" competition. He was in the top 4 "Olympia" (1994). The article will describe the biography of the athlete.

Introduction to bodybuilding

Paul Dillet was born in Montreal (Canada) in 1965. The future bodybuilder grew up an active child and was fond of sports since childhood. Paul loved to play football. After studying, he managed to get into the big leagues and play a couple of seasons for the Toronto team. Being engaged in football, Dillet went to the gym. He was a tall guy and he had good genetics for building muscle quickly. Over time, Paul began to look like a professional bodybuilder. Therefore, a young man and decided to do this sport.

Paul Dillet - famous Canadian bodybuilder

Carier start

In 1991, Paul Dillet went to the North American Championship. There he finished second, losing to Ray McNeill. All the next year, Paul was preparing only for these competitions. He significantly added to the muscle volume and managed to win. In an interview Dillet noted that this victory was the most desirable in his life.

Thanks to its large size, the bodybuilder quickly became famous. Paul hasn't even received a pro-card yet, and Joe Vader's firm has already signed a contract with him. In addition to the exceptional physique, Dillette had charisma, thanks to which the athlete really liked the public.

Paul never took the highest places in the competition. In his entire career, he won only three prestigious tournaments: the Grand Prix of France and Germany (1994) and the Night of Champions (1999). The favorite of that “Night” was Markus Rull, so after the end of the competition there was a lot of controversy about the fact that Paul’s victory was very doubtful. Dillet promised the fans that next year he will show an even better form to confirm his championship title. But that never happened. Paul repeatedly tried to conquer Olimpia, but he never even entered the TOP-3. His maximum is fourth place in 1994.

Perhaps the bodybuilder just had no luck, because he was always a few steps away from the victory. Or maybe the reason for Paul’s failure was in his specific training methods. At one of the Arnold Classic tournaments, Dillette began to have strong convulsions. Paul was a favorite and could probably win. But the athlete finished his performance not on the podium, but at the doctor's appointment.

Black line

After winning the “Night of Champions,” fate did not particularly please Paul. He had health problems. Because of several losses in competitions, the sponsor broke a contract with him. In addition, Dillet divorced his wife, went bankrupt and got into a car accident. It is clear that the bodybuilder simply could not fully train in such conditions. To deal with all the problems, Dillet had to take a three-year break.

In 2006, a bodybuilder announced his return to competitive bodybuilding. Fans eagerly awaited the appearance of Paul on the podium and hoped for his successful performances. Dillet decided to start with the Toronto Pro tournament. But bodybuilder was awarded only the tenth place. After that, the bodybuilder ended his career.

Paul Dillet Training

The hero of this article was preparing for tournaments not using standard schemes. Before him, no bodybuilder had trained so much. Dillet used hypnosis, connected wires with tension to muscles, practiced occupations in the heat of passion. The latter was used to increase the level of adrenaline, which helps the body to work in full force. Once a bodybuilder even experimented with the manifestation of the primary ancient instincts. The experience took place in the forest. Dillette was put into a state of hypnosis and impressed that he needed to save a young girl abducted by a monster. In this state, Paul was able to run much more and faster. This was the main achievement of the training process.

In 2007, Paul Dillet created his own bodybuilding federation. He called it The World Bodybuilding And Fitness Federation (WBFF). The main task was to attract Canadian youth for fitness and bodybuilding. After the foundation of the organization, there were rumors that its goal was competition with the IFBB. But the hero of this article immediately refuted them.

Present tense

Now Paul Dillet is known all over the world. Despite the fact that the bodybuilder has never won the tournament "Mr. Olympia", he was among the most highly paid bodybuilders. At the same time, Dillett remained a cheerful and open person, never suffering from star fever. Bodybuilders are often invited to watch television in Canada. There he is considered a national hero, who is still respected and loved.

Periodically, an athlete participates in various promotions, and sometimes on a charitable basis. The floor is still swinging in the hall, keeping its shape. At the moment, bodybuilding promotion among young people is his daily work. For these purposes, he opened his federation. In one of the interviews, the athlete said that he wanted to become a man who lit new stars of bodybuilding.

Paul Dillet: anthropometric data

Competitive weight - about 130 kg.

Height - 188 cm.

Thorax (circumference) - 152 cm.

Waist - 81 cm.

Biceps - 61 cm.

Hips - 86 cm.

Neck - 44 cm.