For many years women strive to improve their appearance by resorting to complex techniques of makeup, expensive procedures to remove unwanted hair on the body, the use of various cosmetic products (including those made on their own) and even cosmetic surgery. But in the first place in an impressive list of victims in the name of beauty have always stood and will stand the fight against obesity. In some cases, weight loss is enough to start to eat right, but losing the extra kilos by just changing the diet can take a whole year or even several years. Especially for those who want to lead a body for swimsuit season, New year, important event or just because (but without wasting time in vain, carefully selecting proper food), famous fitness trainer offers a unique program “Lose weight in 30 days”. Jillian Michaels knows from his own experience how to achieve amazing results in just a month.

Jillian Michaels was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA. In adolescence, future celebrity long suffered the ridicule of his classmates, who loved to tease the contemporary with the growth of 159 cm and weight 80 kg. growing up, Gillian realized that can not continue to ignore the problem of excess weight and started to exercise. The need gradually grew into passion, and passion turned into a profession. Making their most popular program “Lose weight in 30 days,” Jillian Michaels gained popularity all over the world.

The essence of the workout

Those who regularly engaged in fitness, I know that any physical exertion at the gym can be divided into two types: cardio and strength exercises. First, respectively, aimed at improving the cardiovascular system, developing endurance and bring the body in tone. Strength training, in turn, contribute to the development of muscle tissue and give the body the desired shape. It is impossible to obtain tight stomach and firm buttocks without adequate weight training. However, the cardio should be paid at least the minimum time, as they are a great warm-up before training with dumbbells or machines.

This alternation of power and aerobic exercise makes it easier to achieve the desired goal – to lose weight and to tighten the muscles in all the problem areas.

The program “Lose weight in 30 days” consists of three levels. Each level is designed for ten days repeat the same exercise, i.e. three sets of the HIIT. Despite the fact that you can hear a lot of negative reviews and not positive reviews about the effectiveness of the programme, most girls and women tend to appreciate a thirty day course Michaels.


The advantages of the method are obvious: the minimum time for training (about 25 minutes), and a variety of exercises and elaboration of key muscles that contribute to achieving slimness and smartness of the entire body. In the video “Lose weight in 30 days” Jillian Michaels demonstrates the correct execution of exercises are not alone. As in other programs, she was assisted by two girls athletic: one shows how to simplify the proposed movement, and the second, by contrast, proposes to increase the initial load.

This feature is another advantage of the system Gillian: for beginners who have sufficient physical training, have the opportunity to follow a simplified variant, a “seasoned” fitness enthusiasts can follow Michaels and complicate training. Load, by the way, you can modify and use the change of weights: the heavier shells, the more power you will have to exert to complete the task.


And, of course, you need to consider that the results achieved (whatever it was) are not saved if you abruptly stop exercise for weight loss and don't try a little change in its system of power. Muscles weaken without regular work, and the extra calories are inevitably deposited in new weight. Try to maintain achieved physical form and overall tone.

Positive feedback

As for the program “Lose weight in 30 days”, reviews best viewed in the most optimal format – that is, in the form of images. The impressive achievements of women, past analyze training, the visible on any collage of the “before” and “after”. Note: not all of the participants reduced the numbers on the scale, however, all, however, tightened hips, abdomen, thighs and arms. The secret of success is simple: body fat weigh very little and muscle – a lot. Accordingly, the load is regularly gain significant muscle mass, and burning fat, their background becomes invisible. This is not a minus, but simply an objective feature of all power sports. Don't worry: even if unflattering, it would seem that the numbers on the scales you will gain the perfect figure, of course, if not too lazy to make the effort.

Pleased with the fact that strong muscles burn calories already by its very existence. Maintaining muscle is in excellent condition and the body has a number of extra energy. Of course, this consumption of calories is not enough to drop the last extra pounds to get the coveted shape, only by doing regular exercises for weight loss.

One of the most motivating feedback about programs Jillian Michaels sounds approximately as follows: pass two courses in a row and you reduce two sizes of clothing. Imagine: you can throw disgusting wide jackets 50 size and finally try on a mini skirt 46. The fulfillment of this desire worth any effort. The more that efforts are rewarded not only real weight loss, but also the General improvement of the whole organism.

Negative reviews

Unfortunately, not all girls are happy with the course. The beginning of the program “Lose weight in 30 days” – 1st level – are only those who have strong enough motivation and a strong urge to reach the goal. Some end up on the second or third day, and the reasons are essentially the same. Someone after training unbearable body aches, someone jump sprained ankle or knee, and someone appeared regular back pain.

It should be noted, however, that all the negative comments are coming from either new to fitness, neglected by acquiring the initial physical training before class with Jillian, either from those who performed exercises incorrectly. Of course, Michaels emphasizes the technique of fitness and demonstrates by example how to squat, do push-UPS, do lunges with dumbbells not to damage neither my knees nor ankle nor the back.

Neutral reviews

There are neutral (this is not to say that it is absolutely objective) reviews on the analyzed program Jillian Michaels. Thighs, waist, back, chest, hands – the key areas targeted by the focus of the HIIT. However, some women forgo certain exercises in favor of others, emphasizing the development of muscles in the most problematic areas. So, some participating in the program are replaced by exercises in training, others ignore the proposed algorithm physical exertion and a long time are engaged on the same level (often the second). Improvisation, of course, not forbidden, but it should be borne in mind: the balanced workout professional fitness instructor, and achievement of optimal results in the deviation from the desired course is not guaranteed.