Pull-up can only a fifth of the total male population of the planet. The rest is full of excuses to explain the causes of failures. In fact, to conquer the pull-up bar very easily, and this requires a bit of free time and desire. This article will help all beginners to learn chin-up. The training program will be interesting not only for beginners but also athletes with experience, because muscle growth has no boundaries.

Pulling on the bar: a training program (from scratch)

The necessary equipment

Naturally, the main equipment for the athlete is to have the crossbar where the novice athlete will execute a chin-up. Training program, designed for people with excess weight or weak musculature, suggests the presence of an athletic rubber strap, which can be purchased in the sporting goods Department. Preference recommended to give the harness, the tensile force which is 50 % of the weight of the athlete or close to this figure.

Equipment professionals recommend adding weights and a small weight gain (8-16 kg), which will help you in the shortest terms to develop the muscles of the arms. Further, when the focusing pull-UPS load is on the muscles of the back, and developed arms, thereby facilitating the process. This trick is used by all beginners in bodybuilding, performing a chin-up. The program of training with dumbbells provides the classic climbs of shells to the chest and the use of supination, when the lowering occurs a reversal of the brushes from itself. This addition will allow you to quickly pump up the muscles in your upper arms that perform the grasping function on the bar and hold the body of the athlete canopy.

With a clean slate

People who are overweight, which is hard enough to hang on the crossbar, it is necessary to modify the chin-up. Training program for beginners working out at the fitness center, there will be more interesting. The horizontal bar needs to be replaced by bars or similar bar, which is not above 100-130 centimeters. Holding hands on the crossbar, you should place the body under her, his legs stretched out as far forward as possible. In the initial position, proviso on hand, you need to try to shoulder blades and draw myself closer to the chest as close to the crossbar.

Performing this exercise, it is recommended to constantly change grip: hands palms toward you or away from you, to take a shot narrowly wide or neutral. A variety of grips will be forced to join in the work all the minor muscles, which subsequently will participate in the pulling – their development will provide significant assistance in the future. You need to strive to ensure that the pulling up to the bar without any problems is carried out to the maximum wide grip with the location of the palms facing away from you. In this case 100% will work the back muscles.

The zero level

Hanging on the crossbar, no need to take it wide grip, if you have not mastered a chin-up. Training program for beginners recommends at the beginning to use the strength developed muscles, causing gradually to join in the work other groups of muscles.

In the early stages you need to use a reverse grip (palms toward you), placing the brush as close as possible to each other. Back muscles that need to work in a classic pull-up, there will be dormant. And the whole burden will fall on the biceps hands, which is very easy to do this work. When performing exercises it is forbidden to make any sudden movements, especially when you return to the starting position, otherwise you can damage the ligaments in the elbow joint.

Help in the early stages

There are a few simple ways that will assist you to master the chin-up. Training program photo and full instructions for use one of the options is set to such recommended equipment,such as rubber tourniquet, without which the novice is simply not enough. Securing one end of the rubber harness on the bar, you need to put the knees in the ring the other end of the equipment. With this trainer up to two times easier. After all, 50% load wiring takes over, pushing the novice athlete up.

The second method is less productive and many coaches do not recognized as tolerate partial power. Putting in the bar chair, you must use foot to pull up on the bar. Legs crossed under him, very slowly unclenching his hands at the elbow, fall down. Reverse pull-UPS less effective for beginners, however, in the absence of other options, worth a try.

Start Dan – it's time to battle!

To the beginner it is very important to do at least one chin-up. Training program from scratch, be it three-, seven - or 30-week, requires the athlete skill at least once to catch up. But many coaches in bodybuilding is not recommended to go to the classical schemes by pulling up if the rookie made a breakthrough with the press on the biceps. The fact that he would need a lot of time to learn to shift the focus of stress on the back muscles. Does not prevent to get acquainted with the technique of:

  • pull-UPS are performed only with the help of muscle strength, rocking and rises due to the inertia here is not suitable
  • at the top of pull-UPS chin must be above the crossbar:
  • when lifting your body up you need to take a breath, and when descending – exhale.

Protracted training

No need to fear a prolonged time of training, because their objective is the systematic development of muscle mass, strength and endurance, which requires a chin-up. The training program "30 weeks" is considered the most loyal of all, because it is designed to develop the muscles, not the number of repetitions that have just tortured the body ("100 pull-UPS" and similar systems).

Attention all newcomers should be given to the fact that in the scheme we are talking about thirty weeks, not training. That is, one week can be a few workouts in which the number of sets and reps will be the same. Ahead program makes no sense, as there are professionals who are experts not only in sports but also in physiology (metabolism, recovery and rest, without them growth will not be).

Alternative solutions to help

For the development of the broadest muscle is not only a chin-up. The training programme of a novice athlete can include a set of exercises that can make the back muscles grow much faster.

  1. Thrust block to the chest sitting. Alternative to pull-UPS exercise is very popular among beginners, which is difficult to perform exercises on the crossbar. The fact that the simulator is limited to a maximum weight (120 kg), so the unit is recommended only to hone technique to perfection. Professionals recommend when performing thrust on the unit to monitor the full mixing blades to damage weight.
  2. Pull the dumbbell to the thigh in the slope. A great exercise for the broadest muscle that you can do at home. In the gym you can perform pull rod in the slope. In both cases, it is important to control to spin during the entire exercise remained smooth.

In conclusion

Acquainted with the exercises, any aspiring athlete will notice that it is not so difficult a chin-up. The training program is quite affordable even to the person far from sports. Importantly, to achieve results, as in other areas, you need three things:

  1. A great desire, which is defined as motivation (for myself, for others, dispute, and similar reasons).
  2. Knowledge of technique, without which you will be able to catch up a few times due to laws of physics (inertia when swinging) and hand strength.
  3. The training, without which progress never happens. To help beginners presented developmental exercises and 30-week scheme of pull-UPS.