The human papilloma virus penetrates the body through small cracks or cuts the skin of the feet, can cause plantar warts. A benign education, popularly known as "chicken ass". How to treat this problem and do I need to do something, find out below. However, people should know that tipici (is the other name of illness) is a benign neoplasm, which mainly affects the soles of the feet. For the most part the serious threat these warts are not, but if they cause discomfort, to get rid of them. What methods to do this, read the article.Plantar wart, or chicken ass: how to cure?


Before you understand the diagnosis of "chicken ass," how to treat the disease, you need to understand the factors of its appearance. So, the cause of the plantar wart is the infection of a person with a virus. And it can be picked up in places of common use (sauna, sauna, swimming pool) with insufficient observance of personal hygiene rules.

Why is the name "chicken ass"?

In people, the name of the plantar wart is not accidental: it is because of the appearance of people that people began to call it so. In medicine, this disease has a different name - "spinach". "Chicken Ass" has a yellow color, inside it is a small papilla, from which appear vertical formations. Outwardly it looks like an anus of the chicken, hence the name.

Spines mostly appear on the feet and toes, on the fingers, as well as on the eyelids (rarely).

Is it necessary to get rid of the wart?

Often the "chicken ass" goes by itself without treatment at an early stage. This happens if a person has a good, strong immune system. Then the body suppresses the virus, and at the same time the skin covers the skin. Self-healing can last from 2 weeks to 1.5 years.

However, it is not always possible for the syringe to pass by itself. If the immunity is weakened, then the virus can feel great in the human body, and then the "chicken ass" can manifest itself. To treat a plantar wart should be in such cases:

- if she is very sore;

- interferes with walking;

- increases rapidly in size;

- if a number already begin to appear daughter growths.

Ways to get rid of neoplasm

"Chicken Ass", the treatment of which happens both traditional and non-traditional, is subject to liquidation by means of such methods:

  • Removing liquid nitrogen.
  • Wart removal by laser.
  • Chemical methods of neoplasm removal.
  • Application of electrocoagulation.
  • Surgical intervention (removal of the wart with a scalpel).
  • Non-traditional methods of treatment.

Chemical methods of elimination at home

How to get rid of the "chicken's ass", not torturing yourself with trips to the hospital? You can use the chemical method of removing warts, whereby the tumor is destroyed by caustic substances. Because the modified skin "chicken's ass" is rude, it can be subjected to aggressive influence. For this purpose, various ointments, such as salicylic, oxolinic, and the alcohol camphor. On the affected area covered with a bandage. Such treatment longer than other methods of elimination of education, but it is safe and painless. After some time the "chicken ass" on your finger or on the heel disappears by itself.

Equally effective is the solution of "Feresol" from warts. It excellently cauterizes the neoplasm, and also has an excellent bactericidal property. When treating the solution "Ferezol" warts on the soles of the feet at first properly steam out, then without stopping for an hour lubricate the build-up. Then nothing to wear on the foot is not needed, the affected area should dry in the air. Usually, the treatment with the help of "Ferezol" ends after the fifth procedure.

Surgical removal

"Chicken ass" can be quickly eliminated by means of a scalpel. The operation itself is not complicated, but after it a relapse is possible, since all the same the particles of the wart tissue remain. Also, another unpleasant moment after surgery is scar formation.

Removal with liquid nitrogen

"Chicken Ass" on the leg can also be removed by cryodestruction. This means that the wart is frozen beforehand, after that it turns white, and after a few days itself disappears. The main advantage of removing neoplasms with liquid nitrogen is that there are no scars and scars after the procedure. However, this method, unlike others, it is better not to use in relation to people with weakened immunity. The fact that under the influence of cold on the body can form blisters, and for those few days, while the "chicken ass" torn away, through these water bubbles can penetrate the infection.

Rid of plantar warts by electrocoagulation

In this case, the tumor prizhivaetsya using a special appliance. This procedure is done under local anesthesia. After some time after electrocoagulation sore spot is black, but heals quite quickly. Plantar wart in this case is removed together with the root, however, a small scar may still remain.

Laser elimination

This is the youngest method of getting rid of the "chicken ass". Dr. burns laser plantar wart in layers, and this leads to rapid healing of the foot. This method has an advantage: it allows you to control the depth of removal. However, as with other methods of physical destruction of such education, it can leave scars. But do not worry, since plantar warts are on a visible place.

Unconventional therapies

How to get the "chicken ass", not involving medical personnel? You can try to get rid of it at home. There are many methods to eliminate this education, but the most common are the following:

  1. Therapy with garlic.
  2. Treatment celandine.
  3. Prayers and conspiracies.
  4. Acetic acid.

Treatment of plantar warts with garlic

Everyone knows that this plant kills viruses, and some people are even confident that it can eliminate the papilloma virus in the human body. The recipe for getting rid of the log is as follows:

  • Wart need to steam clean boiled in hot water. Then follows a partially cut education nail scissors, which you need to pre-process the alcohol. In this case it is necessary to cut the skin a little cushion and fabric "chicken ass".
  • Garlic clean, separate 1 tooth, wash it, cut in half and determine from above on the wart.
  • Using adhesive tape mount the plant on lipice. In this state to leave it for the night. In the morning all repeated. The duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks. For quick effect to do such garlic pads 2 times a day and walk it all the time. However, if this is not possible (person works, for example, and doesn't want him exuded garlic) can, at least in the evening and all night to do this procedure.

Treatment of the spiken with celandine

The juice of this plant also kills the papilloma virus. For the proper effect, you need to lubricate the celandine juice with a damaged leg area twice a day. By the way, it is possible to cut a little bit a little. If there is no celandine, then you can replace it with milk or dandelion. The juices of these plants also contribute to healing. If you still want to try to get rid of the build-up with the help of celandine, but it is nowhere to be found, you can buy it in a pharmacy.

Prayers and Plots

Some people resort to this method of eradicating warts. The patients are even sure that it is the petitions to God that help to get rid of the "chicken ass". There are special prayers from plantar warts. But in general, the clergy say that it does not matter what words are in the petition. The most important thing is that the prayer should come from the heart, and not just a set of words, a recitative. Since only a sincere petition to God can cure not only of plantar warts, but also of any other ailment.

Removing the spike with acetic acid

Often people use this liquid with a pungent odor. Once a day is necessary to put a drop on shipito. The duration of treatment is usually 5-7 days. But with acetic acid need to be extremely careful, even despite the fact that on the foot the skin is rough, but still she could get hurt. Therefore it is better to seal the skin around the wart with a bandage, leaving only the window with the build-up. For ease of use acid it should to pour on a small washcloth or cotton pad, which should then be applied to sieze. To seal the whole thing with the antibacterial plaster.


How to cure a "chicken ass," or a heather scientifically, you now know, but now how to prevent the occurrence of this disease - now find out. So, to plantar wart does not mar your life, you need to adhere to such rules:

  1. Wear shoes to fit.
  2. In time to treat excessive sweating of the feet, since a moist environment for the papilloma virus is an ideal option.
  3. In time, handle various cuts, injuries, scratches on the feet and feet.
  4. To lead a healthy lifestyle: exercise, eat right, sleep at least 8 hours per day, not to drink alcohol and not to smoke. All these activities will help to improve the immune system, and if the body is strong, he will be able to cope with any illness. And HPV it will be uneasy.

Now you know what the "chicken ass" is, where this name comes from and how this illness can be called in another way. We determined the ways to get rid of this build-up, and also in what cases it is not necessary to remove it. Medical methods for eradicating plantar warts are surgical intervention, laser therapy, electrocoagulation, the use of liquid nitrogen. Also, some people turn to non-traditional methods of treatment: prayers, use of garlic, celandine, acetic acid. However, the result of such treatment has not been proven, so if you have a plantar wart on your leg, it is better to go to the doctor first, so that he will appoint the appropriate therapy.