We all have certain characteristics, being under the auspices of one of the signs of the zodiac. They are so vividly expressed, so irresistible that it is possible to calculate the future of the union, based on this information. Let's see if Aries Aries is suitable. These are two fiery personalities striving for leadership. Can they agree? Let's get a look.

Is Aries Aries? Horoscope compatibility in marriage, in love

The main features of the mark

To find out if Aries Aries is suitable, you need to know what they are, what they have in common, what the difference is. After all, people need to find points of contact, platforms, as they say today, for communication. Aries are fire signs. They also stand at the very beginning of the zodiac. These are very bright, strong-willed personalities. They subconsciously seek leadership. You know, the lamb itself (of either sex) may not be aware of that, but it is simply vital to stand out, attract attention, be the first. This is a very straightforward and honest sign. Lambs do not know that sometimes it is necessary to remain silent, not to show discontent, not to criticize others. Seriously, representatives of this sign say, for example, extremely offensive things are not out of a desire to hurt. They consider that they help a friend to cope with his own problems, they open their eyes. But the lambs themselves do not tolerate criticism. They treat their offenses with the same passion as love. However, dealing with their hate is easy and simple. It is necessary to give time to cool. It will take several days - and there will be no trace of the past anger. But, if someone manages to hook Aries for the hidden, shed poison into the depths of the soul, such a person will not envy. He will be pursued as long as it takes to punish him. In general, these lambs are complex personalities.

Now let's see if Aries Aries is friendly. The fact is that such interaction presupposes common interests and the almost complete absence of confrontational moments. Great playground. Two people who can give themselves to their favorite topic fully understand each other well. Even in the case when they are not bound by a common hobby, they will not disperse. This pair has a very important secret. We will tell about it later. People will be enthusiastically real sheep agitate each other "to join their club." They will be very fun. A kind of friendly controversy, turning into a nimble teasing, will keep them together. What's more important, these people are open and sincere. They find it difficult to come to terms with the existence of a world of intrigue and omissions. They are looking for deep-sea support in each other: there is another one in the world, just like me, so everything is going fine. So argues Aries. A person of this sign needs a response from the outside to his actions. Desirable positive. And who will understand him, if not fellow sign. All of the above is true for both same-sex couples and relationships: boy-Aries - girl-Aries.

These two lead a common cause is quite difficult. After all, everyone knows better than anyone else how to act in a given situation, has his own concept of development of a conditional enterprise. Well, if led by Aries guy. The Aries girl, though reluctant, but obeys. However, only if she manages to find herself in something else. When they are equally passionate about the idea, the thunder and lightning fly in the office, causing terror to the rest of the team. The latter think that these two are incompatible. The team even does not need to interview on the topic "whether Aries Aries." All will give a negative answer. And wrong. Lambs can sort things out any number of times. They understand that they are trying for a common cause. Respect the principles of each other. Because they do not part. After all, to find another such reliable partner is very difficult. Especially since everyone is aware of their naivety. By the way, the representative of this sign is easy to trick. Despite this, they get used for a long time. And working together for a long time only when each of them feels the red line, for which it is impossible to cross, so as not to offend a colleague.

Do Aries suit each other in love?

Now about the most interesting. Most often, lovers are interested in horoscopes. They most often ask whether Aries are suitable for each other. It should be noted, it is quite reasonable. After all, the charming feeling of complete interpenetration is replaced by competition in a while. Everyone wants to dominate the couple, to love more, to indicate how and what to do, to patronize, protect and so on. They are too similar. Just do not realize this because of age. If a dispute arises, then everyone wants to become a winner, regardless of whether they are driven by egoism or the desire to adapt to their partner. This is the case when there is a "high relationship". People from this pair will “butt” even when they want to forgive each other. It's funny, right, to look at it from the side. Moreover, the sheep like to attract "referee" in their conflicts. They are more comfortable to understand in public. For example, Aries-Goat would prefer not to interfere with a friend alone, but will avenge the intractability of a cruel joke with friends.

Here, a couple of problems, as a rule, do not arise. However, there are exceptions. The fact is that representatives of any sign are divided into “low” and “high” personalities. The former are more crude, mundane, better adapted to life than the latter. They are not quite comfortable together. Low Aries eventually sit on the neck of the partners, not understanding their delicacy and thoughtfulness. There are still nuances with the year of birth. For example, Aries-Bull is so stubborn and straightforward that a rare partner of the same sign withstands its pressure. And if in friendly or industrial relations this volitional power can be redirected to a useful course, then in the intimate sphere it is difficult to do the same. Such a gentleman will survive, except that the girl-Aries - Monkey. She will be able to lull the aggressive partner with fairy tales, for which the great craftswoman.

Like it or not, but love consists not only of holidays. Simple pressing issues are almost more important for the stability of relations. Here, by the way, there are serious, almost insurmountable obstacles in front of our pair. Everyone wants to steer. Sly will not be one. Will butt until old age. But do not expect. They will not part on this basis. Recall there is a secret about which later. Aries combine children. Both parents of the soul do not smell in posterity. For the sake of the kids, they will endure a lot, including the partner’s shortcomings. As soon as the first offspring appears, divorce becomes almost impossible. The child loves both stubborn parents. And they offend him or betray the inner unable.

Union Strengthening Tips

Having considered some of the nuances of the relationship in this pair, we turn to the recommendations. There are not many of them. Men, remember: if you want to save love, then your only queen is an Aries girl. Your compatibility then will not undergo terrible ordeals. The beauties of this sign are extremely jealous. In principle, as well as gentlemen. Only men, as owners, do not tolerate physical betrayal. But the lady relate to a love affair more refined. They are deeply touched by the partner’s attention to another woman. They will forgive the intrigue, but never pushing aside. An exception may be Aries-Monkey. This girl laughs at the stupid idea that the gentleman may be interested in someone else besides her. By the way, will be right!

We have already hinted at a couple of times on a certain circumstance that makes this pair literally monolithic. It's time to talk about him. The thing is that these are very bright, distinctive personalities. They burn, swear, hate and grieve heartily. That is, they live "to the fullest." Having learned all the charm and depth of communication and having parted, these people are madly yearning. They will not find another such interesting person. The world becomes empty and dull, if there is not the same stubborn, whimsical, naive and pretty lamb nearby. According to statistics, these pairs are the strongest. Remember, Aries!