Often, passing by gardens and courtyards, we notice an interesting structure, made from old tires. Crafts from wheels – this is the most simple decoration, which not only solves the disposal problem, but also pleases the eye of passers-by. Using your imagination and basic materials with tools, you can make your yard or garden unique. Beautiful bright flower beds with wheels attract attention and leave nobody indifferent. But how to achieve this effect?DIY of the wheels with their hands

Where to start?

Construction of wheels for garden can be done very simply. In order to begin his plan, you need to take care of the material. You'll need the old wheels, multicolored oil paint, brushes and a sharp knife. Consider what kind of crafts you want to do, learn the necessary material. You may need wood, nails, screws, or plastic bottles. It depends on what you will do.

Types of crafts

DIY wheel can be used for different purposes. Some people use them solely as a decor for the yard, make the other crafts useful structure, which serves as a bed for plants. There are many other uses of these remarkable works of art. After looking at their beauty and variety, no one doubts that it is a separate art. So, in addition to the decor and beds of wheels, crafts can serve as a fence. Such a fence can divide the beds in the garden, and can be separated from the adjacent plot. You can also wheel to make a great sandbox, where children will be comfortable and play and sit. On the Playground of the wheel can serve as an excellent training facility. Run along the path of the wheels, not everyone can.

Swan of the wheels with their hands

One of the most common figures made from wheels is the swan. There are so many options for making this beautiful bird. We will tell about one of the options. For the manufacture of this crafts from the wheels you will need:

  • car wheel;
  • screws
  • the Bulgarian, a fret saw or knife
  • drill
  • flexible metal plate;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • black, white and red paint.

With all of this, you can begin to work. It is recommended to use clothes of thick material and use a respirator.

Phased instruction

First you need to split the wheel in half: draw with chalk two bands, which will denote where you will end the head and tail birds, as well as highlight the border of the neck. It is also necessary to draw the lines of the head and wings.

Then to draw the lines you need to make the cuts with a grinder. You can work with a knife, but only if you are physically strong. To facilitate you can dunk the blade in liquid soap. When working with a grinder, for security purposes, it is important to do the slot facing away from you. Jigsaw also can work. It is easier than Bulgarian, because not warm up the rubber, and she does not smoke.

After all cuts are made, begins the most difficult phase of work. It is necessary to turn inside the wheel, to form the wings of a bird. As soon as you turn the wheel, once you see an almost finished garland. You only need to shape the neck of a Swan. Measure the length and width of neck and cut out the required metal plate. It should be longer than the neck. Drilled in the plate hole at a distance of ten centimeters and attach from the outside to the neck using screws. During the mounting you have to gradually bend the neck, so it looked like a real graceful Swan neck. The last screw should attach the plate to the breast of a Swan. It will make the design more rigid.

The wings of the Swan can be covered with pieces of plywood if you are going to use it as a bed. Finally, you must fix the entire structure on the Board or metal plate. You can then proceed to painting: the whole of the Swan is covered in white paint, the beak red, and his eyes were black.

Recommendations for work

To do crafts from the wheels, you need to work carefully and slowly. There are a few tips that should not be neglected:

  • if you do crafts, which elements need to twist, as, for example, in our Swan, it is better to take the wheels of foreign manufacturers: they are much softer and more elastic than domestic
  • the older and worn the wheel, the easier it will work with him;
  • if you are working with a knife, you need to take a wide sturdy knife, the blade of which will not break in the process
  • you should not place large crafts near the pool: with a strong wind or for other reasons they can fall into the water, and it will be very difficult to pull them out of there, as they are heavy;
  • painting the product is recommended twice: the first layer will serve as a degreaser and primer; it will also prolong the aesthetic life of the crafts, and it will not need to be painted frequently.

Thus, if you take into account the above tips and connect the fantasy, you can create your own small masterpiece.