Very beautiful and modern look gifts at the wedding, which the newlyweds give each other. Congratulation of the girl to her lover can become a special element of the celebration. The main thing is that as a gift to the bridegroom from the bride, feelings, romance and a part of the soul were invested. And of course, do not congratulate your lover with a new writing desk or an ordinary envelope. And it is best to prepare a gift created with the use of one's own talent or creative approach.

Portrait of a Beloved

A good gift to the groom from the bride will be obtained if you show your own artistic abilities. For this, it is not necessary to be a graduate of the corresponding educational institution, just a few skills in drawing. Quite an original solution will be the image of a loved one such as the bride sees him. A caricature portrait, even a very kind and positive one, is better not to do. You can come up with some special background or take as a basis a historical event.

In the absence of such abilities, a bride's groom's gift for a wedding can be ordered from a professional. And it should be presented as a work done by a brush or pencil of a famous master.

Gift to the bridegroom from the bride

Billboard - congratulations to the amateur

It is now popular to congratulate loved ones with the help of large billboards. A huge photo of a loved one is placed on the stand and a wish is written. But it should be borne in mind that not every man will like it. A gift to the bride from the bride for the wedding should be, first of all, pleasant, unobtrusive and aimed at delivering a loved one only joy.

If the bride knows for sure that the groom will be happy to see himself at a big stand in the city, then why not do so? In this case, you should definitely include the placement of the billboard in the route when photographing. It will be a good idea to show a photo with a congratulation in the city on the big screen of the restaurant.

Impressive gift

Wedding gifts should be remembered for life. For example, it's beautiful, always warm and romantic looks fireworks. It is especially good when the words "I love you" shine in the sky! "Also this can be understood only by the enamored phrase. Fireworks are preferable to make, already approaching the restaurant.

And still very successful are such wedding gifts, which give new impressions for two. It can be a trip on ATVs, a jump with a parachute, a master class of yacht management, extreme driving or any other options. To do this, you need to buy a gift certificate and hand it to the other half in a solemn atmosphere. It should also be loud to tell all present about what a surprise is. A similar gift can be found by reviewing the relevant resources on the Internet.

More traditional surprises

With the ability to knit, you can prepare such a gift to the groom from the bride, like a big beautiful scarf or sweater. It should be made soft, warm and cozy. But it should be noted that this gift is of a calm, good and domestic character. And if the bridegroom is an active person, something impressive will suit him.

Showing your culinary skills is also not bad. Prepare a cake of cheese or sausages - a delicious way to please a young husband. But it should be noted that on the table and without that there will be a lot of dishes. Due to the variety, it is unlikely that you will be able to appreciate the gift of the bride from the bride, and even more so eat it completely. And the bride is unlikely to be pleased to see that the beloved has tried only a small piece.

If the bride prepares a toast for the groom and beautifully pronounces it, then such a congratulation will also be successful. Only it is necessary to rehearse in advance to express your thoughts loudly, clearly, but with love and warmth.

Subjects passed by inheritance

Some families have ancient sabers, rings, bracelets, which are passed on by several generations. Wedding gifts organized in this style are a sign that a wedding and a partner are very important to a girl. And she sees in him the person with whom he expects to be always.

Moreover, if certain traditions are associated with the storage of these items, as well as memories. And the bride expects that the future husband will take seriously the history of her family, will be proud of her and continue to protect.

Musical gifts

And the most vivid idea is musical creative congratulation, non-material. A beautiful song is a gift to the bridegroom from the bride who is sure to like it. It can be:

  1. Favorite song of the groom.
  2. Own and filled with music verses.
  3. A well-known thematic song.

The composition is recorded in the studio, and the groom is given a disc. You can also perform a song under the soundtrack. In addition, a good option is to perform before the guests live.

But most of all men like beautiful dances. If the bride can organically move to music, then you should pay attention to this talent. Classes with a choreographer - a great way for a short time to prepare an excellent surprise, which will appreciate the lover and all the guests. And in the evening you can give another dance gift to the groom from the bride, namely a striptease. And the more professional it is, the better.

Other options

Wedding gifts can be very expensive. That is, with the appropriate capabilities, the beloved is presented with:

  1. Stylish and expensive jewelry.
  2. Laptop latest model.
  3. Expensive phone.

Do not forget that men often often the external qualities of the product prefer its usefulness. That is, choosing between the gold cufflinks with precious stones and the last "iPhone", many will give preference to the device. Although for women this choice may be incomprehensible also because the jewelry will remain valuable almost forever. And any technical product in a few years morally obsolete.

But first of all, we should remember that a surprise should not just be a formality. Its direct purpose is to strike the bridegroom to the core. To succeed once again to subdue the lover, you need to be guided not by your preferences, but by his tastes when choosing a gift. If the groom is a calm and melancholy person, he will not like the idea of ​​diving. After all, it turns out that the gift was simply imposed on him. Also, an active and cheerful person should not be given a cozy blanket created by hand. Everything will end with the man thanking him, but he will not experience special joy from the gift. And the main thing is not to become standard, because the more bold and interesting the choice is, the more he will like the groom.