With the onset of the first warm days in nature and in the city people start to defeat hordes of insects. Most anxiety, and irritation usually cause ordinary mosquitoes. A huge number of remedies may not fully protect us from contact with them, and that's when the questions arise, why a mosquito bite itches and how to eliminate such an unpleasant feeling?

The main reason for itching

The first step is to answer the main question and explain the cause unbearable itching. Why a mosquito bite itches? To understand what this is about, you should check with a whole list of facts. Thus, the skin puncture is carried out only female mosquito, they do this for fun, and for getting nutrients. Unfortunately, during such contact in the person's blood, a small quantity of saliva of the insect, which is enough for the development of local allergic reactions. It is formed not immediately, but only after a few hours.

Why mosquito bites itch: causes and methods of struggle

Answering the question of why a mosquito bite itches, it should be noted the fact that many people will trigger increased discomfort, because they are actively scratching the puncture, thereby only increasing the already active itching. Especially strongly this sin little children who still do not quite understand, to what consequences can lead them to rash actions.

Danger of scratching

What are the dangers of mechanical impact to the bite of a mosquito? The fact is that the intense damage the top layer of skin can lead to the formation of open abrasions or scratches through which inside the body can get various bacteria and microorganisms that trigger inflammation. It must be said that such measures could never bring the desired result, and microtrauma at the site of puncture is almost always formed.

In addition, insects can be carriers of various diseases and infections, including very serious ones. So, some types of mosquitoes can spread malaria.

Folk recipes eliminate itching

Than to anoint a mosquito bite to itch? This question is perhaps even more relevant. There are many special tools that reduce itching, but often popular not they, but ordinary folk recipes from readily available ingredients. Below are some of the simple but effective tips which will help to minimize the effects of contact with insects:

  1. A mixture of baking soda and water in the ratio of 3/1. Applied to the swelling several times a day.
  2. Compress based on the ice. Enough to make just one cube to the bite for 10 minutes to thoroughly freeze the itching. Try not to SuperCool the affected area and not to repeat the manipulation often several times a day.
  3. Implement delicate pressure. With a spoon or with your finger tip (not your nail) to push down on the puncture in the skin and gently tap the lock position for a few seconds and then release, this will help make the discomfort a little easier.
  4. Rub the affected area with chopped green onions.

Dangerous consequences

It is important to know not only what to anoint a mosquito bite that itched, but some more serious measures should be taken in case of complications. Usually side effects from contact with insects observed in persons who are prone to allergies. Unpleasant consequences of such close contact can be headache, muscle weakness, fever, blurred vision, convulsions or even paralysis. Also rare, but still may experience swelling of the throat or hives. If you note in yourself or your loved ones similar to the effects of contact with insects, be sure to seek skilled care at the hospital. While you are waiting for the ambulance or get to a specialist, be sure to use an antihistamine, it reduces the itching after a mosquito bite.

How to deal with bloodsuckers

It is an interesting fact: scientists have proven that regular contact with insects cause habituation effect to their saliva, which means that the unpleasant reaction of the times appears less pronounced. Rely on it, certainly not worth it, it is better to avoid contact using special means of protection. So, to help you to ask the question, why a mosquito bite itches, can such things as:

  1. Mosquito nets on the door and on the windows. They will not let a large number of insects into your home, serving as a natural barrier.
  2. Fumigators - special devices that operate on the network. Fragrant plates containing substances that kill mosquitoes, heat up during operation of the device and emit a peculiar smell that is not harmful to humans.
  3. Sprays and ointments called repellents, act more delicately, do not kill insects, but only scare them.
  4. The people's councils. Some foods and plants have odors that are similar to the repellent. So, mosquitoes are deterred tomatoes, anise, eucalyptus, clove. Suitable plants and essential oils based on some of them.