Probably everyone at least once heard of this disease, as somnambulism (or sleepwalking). But not everyone knows about its causes and why it is impossible to Wake up the sleepwalkers.

The true causes of the disease and possible consequences are still not thoroughly understood. This is despite the fact that the manifestations of sleepwalking is exposed to at least 2 % of the population. Many years ago it was associated with madness and magical abilities, but some time later it was scientifically proven that everything is completely different.

Why not Wake the sleepwalkers, where it may lead?

Most of the symptoms of sleepwalking can be seen in children aged 4 to 8 years. This is due to the immaturity of the psyche at this age and usually resolves on its own without special treatment. With regard to manifestations in adults, most often the disease is triggered by chronic fatigue. However, if the attacks appear frequently, this may indicate a more serious pathology of the nervous system, e.g. epilepsy.

Possible causes

As you can tell from the title, sleepwalking is somehow associated with the moon, namely its impact on the psyche. However, the scientific justification for this no, so often the causes of sleepwalking include:

  • injury, regardless of severity
  • serious illness, such as epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux, apnea
  • physiological features of the brain: people who have frequent bouts of sleepwalking, the examination revealed a greater number of foci of excitation than most people
  • excessive emotionality
  • genetic predisposition
  • the drug and alcohol abuse
  • experienced a lot of stress
  • anxiety
  • arrhythmia
  • sleep disorders;
  • the magnesium deficiency.

Knowing the possible causes of somnambulism, it is possible to carry out preventive work on prevention of the disease.

The main symptoms

The main manifestation of sleepwalking is that the person at any time, night sleep may get up and go somewhere. His eyes are opened, that is why an outsider is unlikely to suspect that actions are taken in a dream. They can do in a dream, everything you need to go outside to take a certain item, sit or lie down. In some cases, the patient may engage in self-harm of varying severity. Walk they can, in the clothes in which they slept, and disguised. Some are even talking to themselves.

There are external signs that directly point to sleepwalking:

  • smooth movements during night travel
  • no reaction to external stimuli (such people do not answer the questions).

Many question arises about whether it is possible to Wake up the sleepwalkers in those moments when they are. The answer is simple – no, impossible. It can only scare the lunatic that will cause psychological trauma.

Also there are other symptoms that are not associated with the campaigns in the dream:

  • restless sleep, which manifests itself in different actions (for example, smacking or jerking movements of the limbs)
  • the person in the dream can talk or shout something
  • grinding the teeth during sleep (not always)
  • glassy look.

Sleepwalking occurs only during the phase of deep sleep, that's why you can not Wake sleepwalkers. In this case, after a natural awakening such a person does not remember a night of adventure. The number of bouts of sleepwalking is different for each individual. Some are periodic, others only after certain stressful situations. And don't forget about the fact that too intense external stimuli can only scare the man. That's why we can't Wake sleepwalkers.

Somnambulism treatment

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment of sleepwalking, which can guarantee a recovery. That's why therapy is aimed at reducing the number of attacks. First need to normalize sleep and reduce the amount of stressful situations. In addition, people who are prone to sleepwalking, it is necessary to exclude the admission of stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks.

If the cause of seizures is a specific disease, it should be mandatory to treat.

Also well established psychotherapeutic techniques.

And finally

In addition to therapy, and before each sleep of the person suffering from somnambulism (why not to Wake sleepwalkers, you can read above), should take care of their security. In particular, you want to remove all items presenting a danger, close doors and Windows.

Remember: the sleepwalking state that the correct approach is correctable, which is enough to follow the recommendations of the attending physician.