Many familiar situation when growing cucumbers instead of many aromatic fruits have to be content with two or three obscure forms. Although everything was done right: on time, planted the seeds the perfect place. And turned powerful the stems with leaves and flowers, but no fruit. The question arises: “Why cucumbers are a lot of empty shell?” To find the cause, you need to learn agro-technical subtleties that can be used for growing this vegetable.

Basic requirements for growing cucumbers

Certainly not all know that the cucumber is a tropical plant, thus demanding to heat, moisture and sunlight. These factors most often affect the ovaries of the flowers, and with a lack of one of these formed the barren flowers on the cucumbers. First, it should be noted that the formation of the fruit comes from the female flower (pistil) and male flower (stamen) is necessary for pollination. The most common its name is an empty shell.

Why cucumbers are a lot of empty shell: the main causes

On the stem are first formed male flowers, then they alternate with the women's. On the lateral processes and the closer to the top of the stem, the number of pistils growing. Education colors influenced by the conditions of cultivation, quality and variety of seeds. When choosing a place, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that this plant is sun-loving and in a shaded place will be a small number of ovaries. Many are wondering why the cucumbers are a lot of empty shell, if it has complied with all agrotechnical requirements. It should be noted that weather conditions also have influence on the development of the vegetable.

Bookmark pistils affect temperature day and night (the higher they are, the more formed the female flowers), the presence of nitrogen in the soil and amount of sunlight. If the weather is mainly cold and wet, there is no balance between the contribution of fertilizers, plants in addition planted close to each other, we grow mainly grains. Besides weather conditions, there are many factors that affect the formation of male flowers.

Seed selection

When choosing seeds, you should take into account not only their grade but also age. 80% of all farmers who are asking the question of why cucumbers are a lot of empty shell, put fresh seeds. In this lies the main cause of infertility. For a good harvest the seeds should be planted with 2-4 year shelf life. If you can not wait, then the seeds have to be heat treated. The best option is to put in the cloth and hang it near the heating system for 3 months. So the seeds "grow old", increasing the yield.

Pustules on cucumbers: the causes of

The predominance of male flowers can trigger watering of the seedlings with cold water. They should not do that. The water temperature should not be below 20 degrees, especially at first after transplanting or crop emergence. Water the plants in the late evening should not be too. It is important to observe the mode of irrigation. During growth of the stem and the fruit, watering should be sufficient (every day), but during flowering you want to restrict the entry of moisture, thereby provoking the formation of female flowers. If you use warm water and observe the mode of irrigation, the question of why cucumbers are a lot of empty shell, will lose relevance.

Primitiva the top of the main stem, it is also possible to accelerate the development of female flowers with ovaries. With this method, start to actively grow side shoots, which are mainly formed pistils.

Does the cucumber need barren flowers?

Many gardeners, not knowing the reason why cucumbers have a lot of empty shell to remove. However, they are greatly mistaken when you think that by removing the male flowers, they provoke the formation of women's ovaries. Netherbloom is impossible without complete pollination. After a few days after they turn yellow and fall off.

Why a lot of barren flowers on cucumbers in the greenhouse

Often when growing vegetables in a greenhouse situation arises when the seedlings of cucumber grows well, forming a strong stem and large leaves, but no ovaries. Usually, the main reason is that have not been pollinated. There are varieties that form fruits without pollination, but the bulk is pollinated by bees. When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, you need to open it, allowing insects to penetrate inside. You can attract bees by putting in a greenhouse bouquets of dandelions or sprinkle a little the leaves of the plant with a weak solution of honey and water. Do not leave a container of sugar syrup or honey, because bees, by adopting the "part" that will carry out pollination of the flowers themselves. It is also possible to artificially pollinate the pistils, but the process is quite time-consuming, requiring specific knowledge and skills.

The influence of weather factors on the growth of greenhouse vegetables

But there is another reason why cucumbers are a lot of empty shell. Very often in hot summer days the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches high values. This helps to ensure that the resulting ovary turns yellow and disappears. Therefore, to obtain good yield care must be taken that the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. High humidity and lack of nutrients in the soil also become a reason for not fertilization occurs. After the formation of ovaries greenhouse plants should be fertilized with organic fertilizers once a week, and the humidity during the whole vegetation period should not exceed 90%.