Farm animals and poultry should be profitable, otherwise there is no point to keep them, the more that costs them serious. Perhaps that is why the question of why chickens are bad in the summer rush, we can assume the burning is a warm season must have been the peak of productivity of chicken egg breed. To look for the causes should in almost all aspects of life of the house, it is only seasonality to explain the sharp reduction of productivity is impossible.

Seasonal periods and egg production

The change of seasons, fluctuations in temperature, various natural disasters — all this affects the residents of the house in exactly the same way as all other living beings. Why are chickens bad rush in summer, because this period is traditionally supposed to be the most productive? The abundance of green vitamin fodder, a large number of animal protein, which is for hens, pecking away at insects, worms, and snails — all of which should stimulate a sharp increase in the number of collected eggs.

Traditionally, the decrease in the number of eggs begins in late October or early November, when seriously shortened daylight hours. In the summer, on the contrary, the longest day, so drop the "egg harvest" concerned caring owners and raises a legitimate question about the economic feasibility of keeping birds that do not bring expected profit.

Why chickens rush badly in summer

The most obvious reason for the decline in productivity in the summer is heat. The villagers say: it's hot, that's chicken and not rushing. However, high temperatures can not always be sufficient reason for the sudden cessation of production of eggs in poultry.

The most common reason why hens do not lay eggs in summer are all consequences of the hot weather, from infections to invasion of parasites. You should check all the possible causes, eliminating them one by one as inspections, then we will be able to quickly restore the number of obtained eggs. We will discuss all reasons in turn.

Age, chicken livestock

Often the owner of a chicken coop simply forgets about the age of your laying hens. It is possible that the peak of productivity they had the past two summers, and this year they are already approaching a certain age when you should give way to young hens, and to retrain in the broth category. The first reason why hens do not lay eggs in the summer, — age, their time is running out, and this is the first signal to the owner that it is time to rejuvenate the house.

But if the hens are quite young and fresh, and the egg is still there? Perhaps it's too early. Why hens do not lay eggs in the summer? Young, it is too early — chicken egg breeds start laying eggs at around the age of 4-4. 5 months. If it is the spring brood, they will only rush in the fall and, most likely, not too active. Their peak productivity will start next summer. Home mesojednik breeds the age of onset of egg production occurs later, after about 6 months.

Diseases affecting cessation of egg production

If the chickens stopped laying in the summer, what to do and who to ask questions? The owner should pay attention to the physical health of laying hens. Inflamed cloaca, dull eyes, loss of appetite, sluggish state – all symptoms of the disease, and you need to call the vet. Treat the bird with traditional methods, adding in food herbs, or infusing into the beak of a spoonful of alcohol, is not forbidden, especially if the loss of a dozen birds will not solve anything. However, large farm with chicken stock to several hundreds or thousands of birds it is better to entrust to the care of a qualified veterinarian. It will determine how sick birds, why have you ceased to lay eggs. It could be pasteurellosis, inflammation of the oviduct, cuticula or gout — all chicken illnesses inevitably stop producing eggs, the body is forced to switch to the fight against disease, it is not up to breeding.

Parasites and control of them

To harass the birds and the parasites that afflict birds and be forced to stop laying. The emaciated body is unable to produce new eggs, the bird becomes fussy, irritable, pulling at her feathers. Can appear bloody scratching, bald patches, scab. This is another reason why chickens are hardly laying in the summer — warm days-being not only useful, but and all kinds of ticks, bedbugs and fleas.

It is desirable to carry out the extermination of the chicken coop, clean the old litter from the floors, whitewash the walls with lime-pechenkoj, it helps to get rid of parasite eggs. For chickens it is advisable to put ash and dust bath birds love to engage in personal hygiene, floundering in the ashes. Fine alkaline powder, which represents the ash that clog the spiracles are small parasites, so you can get rid of the tick-Pereda, skin parasites, fleas and other vermin. To speed up the process will help the processing of the henhouse with a special insecticide designed for use in agricultural poultry and livestock. Not recommended all sorts of aggressive chemicals such as "Dichlorvos" — poison your birds.

Why chickens do not rush in the summer in the heat: how to cool the chicken coop?

One should not ignore the banal reason: too hot. If the temperature in the shade hanging in near forty degree heat, you ask, why are chickens bad rush in the summer is not necessary— in such heat is not something that bear eggs, breathing is not desirable. Birds to help without installing the air conditioner in the chicken coop.

The poultry house is desirable to whitewash the outside, white on color repels the sun's rays. Check the roof of the chicken coop, if it is of sheet iron, then it is possible the effect of the overheating of the room. Under the iron roof, the temperature in the coop could reach 60 degrees — not on the grill, of course, but significantly worsens the condition of women in the room.

Provide birds with fresh water, the ability to hide in shadow, to hide under the bushes in the tall grass. The roof of a chicken coop can be watered with water, cover with straw to create the insulating layer. In addition, in the midst of the summer heat, the birds may begin to moult, and change the pen requires extra effort from the body, the answer to the question of why hens do not lay eggs in the summer, may lie exactly here — end moult and all will be restored.

Ration errors

Summer really allows to save on the feed the chicken coop, especially if you give the hens the opportunity to free range. Many owners happily stop feeding the bird with corn or forage, and the result is a paradox: summer, the season of plentiful food, birds on a starvation diet, then the owner is angry that the hens ceased laying during the summer. What to do and how to influence them?

Green mass is not a substitute for grains, it's a vitamin Supplement to the normal diet. Of course, it is possible to reduce the proportion of concentrated feed, especially if you went to zucchini, pumpkin and other treats from the garden.

Connoisseurs of exemplary poultry house can, without knowing it, to deprive the birds of the ability to digest food. Mesh or concrete surfaces chickens can't peck the pebbles necessary for grinding the food in the stomach. If you put a bowl of Persian, rakosnicek and small stones, soon everything will work out, egg production may recover.

Extra lighting in the hen house

In quest to achieve record productivity some owners go too far. Of course, in the winter the chickens need additional light to produce a normal number of eggs. But if the lighting hour, the bird comes nervous exhaustion, poor physical condition. Competent and reasonable alternation of periods of wakefulness and rest must not only people but also birds. So if the chickens do not lay eggs in the summer, the reasons may be the excessive zeal of the owners — provide the birds the night the darkness and silence, at the same time will save money on electricity.

How to align the process of egg production?

If the reason was, we should not ignore unchecked options — in most cases, the problems run in packs, one follows from the other. Summer heat provokes the development of diseases and parasites, the causes can be excessive crowding birds, the lack of nests in the hen house — laying hens are then forced to hide in the most unexpected places and leave eggs there. And the owners start to worry about the chickens do not lay eggs in the summer, what to do? Chickens while regularly rushing, so only the eggs remain in the bushes, in nooks.

Control over the diet of the birds, care about their health and needs — that's the key of having enough eggs for our table. Of course, we should not forget about the coop mode, in time culling old bird, which does not handle its contents. Can help change the breed, especially if a long time the house was updated just a natural method, without buying fresh individuals. Agriculture is first and foremost a business, and is attentive to all aspects of production.