No matter how much we want young people to be infinitely kind, gentle and attentive, it is rather difficult to achieve this. Everyone knows that after the end of the candy-bouquet period in the relationship, hard times come. Guys wear a mask of an unshakable and unfeeling person and include their charm at full "loudness". Only the charm is directed far from the direction of the beloved girl. Why are they doing that? The answer is rather trivial. Most often this is proof of its uniqueness. About that, why and how guys are made to be jealous, let's talk in our article.

Why and how guys make you jealous

Inattention from the beloved

Let's say you have been in a relationship for a long time, and for some reason have become separated from each other. You already spend more time with your girlfriends and communicate with unfamiliar people. But for you it does not mean that the relationship with your beloved has ended, just at some time, I wanted to unwind and communicate with other people. Remember: for a young man - it's a blow to the breath. Now hold on. At any opportunity, as soon as you show yourself to his eyes, he will show attention to another person of the fair sex, thereby, causing you jealousy.

It is because of the feeling of inattention from the side of the beloved that the guy especially makes you jealous.

Uncreated feelings

There are times when young people break up, and the feelings of the guy still do not have time to cool down. Causing jealousy in the girl, he tries to prove to her that he is still on horseback and is able to exist without her embraces, kisses, tenderness, etc. But, according to psychologists, this is a demonstration only from the side. In fact, in his heart there is a terrible "revolution". Despite this, his male instincts say that you need to act. But these actions are not to seek your favor by romantic deeds or expensive gifts, but by demonstrating your popularity among females.

This is the second reason that answers the question of why a guy makes a girl jealous.

The soulless person

Let's say that in your life a situation occurred when your young man left you for some reason. He knows how bad and hard it is for you, sees how you suffer and feel sad, feels your pain from parting. But this is the man's essence: instead of calming you, discussing exciting moments, supporting in a difficult moment, he even more aggravates the situation, causing a terrible pain in the heart. All in plain view, he begins to flirt with another girl, throwing a sidelong glance at you. It's not because this arrogant person has the same feelings, but for you to see what guy threw you.

Ask about why guys make you jealous, doing such deeds? Unfortunately, only they know the answer to this question, since such behavior does not lend itself to logic.


This reason is perhaps one of the most common. If the guy's head crept into the idea that you no longer need it, in this situation it will be difficult to stop. Sometimes this position of young people goes far enough.

Delays at work, lipstick on the collar, the smell of women's perfume - all these are just elements of verification. It is with their help that he determines the strength of your jealousy and love for him. That's why a guy makes her girlfriend jealous.

But, unfortunately, often from the girl's side this feeling becomes uncontrollable, and the couple break up. Therefore, in this situation, it is better for young people not to go too far.

That's how guys make you jealous. As you know, revenge is a terrible "thing". Let's say you have betrayed your faithful or do not hide your sympathy for another young man. Again, male instincts play a dangerous role. And instead of talking, discussing and solving the problem, the guy starts all the hard. And the degree of revenge can reach incredible proportions.

As a rule, young people do not do it in secret, but in such a way that as many people as possible learn about it. He counts on the fact that "benevolent" witnesses will necessarily give everything in the smallest detail. After such an ill-considered act the relationship finally comes to a standstill. That's how guys make you jealous: cruelly, recklessly, without realizing the consequences.

Variety in relationships

Often, boys get bored when the relationship becomes smooth, emotionless and uninteresting. In this case, young people try to stir up their girlfriend and go on desperate deeds. One of these is flirting with another. But few of them understand that it is unlikely to somehow diversify and beautify the relationship. This situation can lead to a rupture, especially if the pious is sufficiently impulsive and jealous.

Change for the better

That's how guys make her jealous again. Quite often young people do not like the appearance of the faithful.

Let's say you do not like make-up or wear heels. Or maybe you do not like to wear short dresses? But your young man zealously tries to prove the opposite and increasingly pays attention to other, brighter girls, thereby trying to prove that he would like to see you in the same dress, or with the same lipstick. The case starts to gain all the worst turns, and your young man is already directly talking about what does not suit him in your appearance. You are increasingly embraced by the thought that he should love you for who you are, and do not want to take his vagaries seriously.

Then the fun begins. A young man, because of a lack of wisdom, begins to flirt directly with other girls. In this case, psychologists unanimously advise not to go on about a picky guy. It is better to leave everything as it is in this case. Otherwise, a young man will increasingly find faults in you and try to correct them. If he really loves you and appreciates you, then after a serious conversation he will change his behavior. Continues to insist on his own and flirts with other girls? Do not expect a serious relationship with this person.


Jealousy is a reckless feeling. It can encompass all without exception, in particular, this applies to women. Apparently, men understand this well, since they are so fiercely trying to cause a feeling of jealousy in the fair sex. But are they doing the right thing? The answer to this question is from psychologists. Many of them argue that such acts are committed by people inexperienced or unprepared to talk. Because of the lack of wisdom, they are not able to do truly masculine actions. That's how guys make you jealous.