Most potential buyers want to acquire the most powerful pneumatic weapon in the world that does not need to be improved and does not require any maintenance. Apart from pre-pumped systems, there is nothing more powerful on the market than the Hatsan 125 air rifle. In this article, the reader will examine the leader of the arms market closer, find out the specifications, see the photo and get acquainted with the reviews and recommendations of the owners.

Air Hatsan Sniper rifle: specifications, photos and reviews

The legality of the acquisition in Russia

The Law of the Russian Federation “On Arms” prohibits the sale and use of pneumatics with a shot power of more than 7.5 J. The factory-made Hatsan rifle has a capacity of about 30 J. , and working attached in the kit. In the process of purchasing a rifle on the market, the seller establishes the proper kit, and the buyer receives the object of his desires.

There is no need for the owner to worry about violation of the law “On Weapons”. It's still easier than it seems. For the seizure of pneumatic weapons for ballistic expertise, a court order is required, which is issued only when initiating an administrative or criminal case. That is, it all depends on the behavior of the owner of the weapon.

Range on the market

Air rifles “Hatsan 125 Sniper” are available on the market in several variations. First, the separation goes in caliber - 4.5, 5.5 and 6.35 millimeters. Pneumatics also differs according to modifications, which were produced in different periods of time with minor modifications. On the market you can find rifles with both a spring-piston mechanism and a gas spring. Increasingly, there is a weapon with a preset moderator, the purpose of which is to reduce the volume of the shot.

Practically, regardless of the modification, the manufacturer stated the same tactical and technical characteristics for all Hatsan Sniper rifles, which, upon detailed examination, do not differ much from each other, judging by the photo. Such a marketing move on the part of the manufacturer places the responsibility for the purchase on the future owner of the weapon, otherwise only one model will be in focus on those wishing to possess the most powerful pneumatics.

About goodies for owners

Rifle "Hatsan Sniper" has a 500-mm rifled barrel, made of steel. The total length of the weapon, regardless of the modification, is 1240 mm. The source of energy is a spring-piston system (in rare cases, a gas spring), and charging is accomplished through the use of a barrel overlapping. The weight of the rifle in the factory version ranges from 4 to 4.5 kilograms, depending on the modification. The manufacturer stated in the technical documentation the initial speed of the bullet is 380 meters per second, and the effective firing range is 50 meters. Distinctive features of the Hatsan Sniper rifle are:

  • typesetting butt with rubber inserts;
  • rubber back plate for damping recoil and adjustable cheek;
  • aiming fly and plank with fiberoptic threads;
  • recoil absorption system SASTM.

The first acquaintance with a rifle

The box in which the rifle is delivered is of very high quality, and if the buyer has even a little doubt in his purchase, then the packaging is able to eliminate this negative. Inside it are: Hatsan Sniper air rifle, instruction manual, certificate, reinforced spring, belt, butt extenders and legs for shooting in the supine position. The manual has a full description of the disassembly-assembly rifle with high-quality photos, but completely disassemble the weapon without the need is not recommended.

The manufacturer advises that gunsmiths should trust the replacement of the spring in the guns, and not try to solve the problem on their own. When buying, many sellers offer this service to the buyer, you should not refuse. After replacement in the presence of a gunsmith, it is recommended to make a couple of shots to make sure that the spring is working properly. Very often, sellers provide the buyer with information on the speed of the bullet, measuring the indicator with a special device.

Want to do everything yourself?

It is clear that a serious Turkish manufacturer reliably canned their weapons, sending them for export to all countries, because it is not known how much the Hatsan 125 air rifle will be stored in warehouses and at what temperature. Definitely the fact that no one spared the oil. Therefore, it does not hurt before use to get rid of excess grease, which can not only flow out of the mechanisms, seeping out, but also trite to spoil the stiffness of the spring. For maintenance you will need an incomplete disassembly of the rifle:

  1. Unscrew the five screws that hold the bed.
  2. Carefully separate the bed from the rifle frame.
  3. Remove the fuse and trigger fastening screws.
  4. Unhook the spring from accidental shots.
  5. Pull the axle out, heel pin and spring with piston.

All seized mechanisms should be wiped with a dry cloth. Also it is recommended to clear the oil from the cylinder, in which was installed the spring in the rifle. Then you need to apply your own silicone grease, and then you can begin to assemble the weapons. Rifle "Hatsan" going on the scheme, the reverse of the disassembly.

Rifle power: myths and reality

The initial speed of a bullet that can be issued by the Hatsan air rifle is 380 meters per second and this is a serious argument for most buyers, but not everything is as good as it seems at first glance. The meaning of such a statement by the manufacturer for many experts is lost for one simple reason - the weight of the bullet and its rigidity are not indicated. It turns out that the manufacturer measured the air velocity at the outlet of the barrel?

Experimentally, the arrows set the optimal weight range of the bullets, with which you can achieve the best results in shot power: 0.50-0.8 grams. Moreover, many note the fact that the power of the shot increases with increasing softness of lead. And if the choice of bullets became an edge, then it is better to give preference to Beeman Kodiaks, weighing 0.69 grams or Crosman Premier with a weight of 0.51 grams. But Baracuda Magnum bullets, which weigh more than one gram, are recommended to avoid, since they are clearly not intended for rifles like Hatsan.

Advantages of the gas spring

After shooting enough, the owner will quickly come to the conclusion that the Hatsan 125 Sniper rifle has too high recoil, which not only causes physical inconvenience, but also can have a detrimental effect on optics. After all, optics are mostly presented on the market for firearms, respectively, all glasses in sights have a recoil compensator on one side only. But pneumatics gives a double return: the impact of the piston during the release of the spring sets the movement of the rifle forward, and the departure of the bullet creates a natural return back.

There are a few solutions to the problem. The best is the installation of a gas spring, which, in addition to the elimination of double recoil, will add a little power to the weapon. The cost of upgrading is very low and freely overlapped with the purchase of optics - there is no need to purchase expensive devices with dual compensators. There are recommendations for installing a pre-pumping system on the Hatsan Sniper, but many experts claim that this is a hasty decision for weapons weighing 4 kg.

The choice of optics under the spring-piston mechanism

To the choice of optical devices, each customer is different in its own way. Focusing on the price of the device, the multiplicity and size of the glass. All this is true, but only applicable with less powerful weapons. The Hatsan rifle is not compatible with the owners' usual approaches to purchasing an optical device. Here the priority should be the strength of the device. And in the low-cost segment, this is just a huge problem for buyers.

Many sellers in the store, having learned that the owner of the most powerful rifle in the world is looking for optics for it, recommend looking closer at the domestic manufacturer’s VOMZ Pilad P4x32 LS inexpensive sight. In the photo, he looks expressionless, but very practical when shooting. If you need a foreigner in the same category, you can get acquainted with MakSnipe 3-9x40. These two sights are included in the TOP sales in Russia and have only positive reviews among the owners. However, any professional will be upset that the diameter of the glass is 40 millimeters, this is not enough for convenient shooting at long distances.

No improvements can not do

Rifle "Hatsan 125", regardless of the modifications, has one pronounced problem - this is the mechanism for locking the barrel. When cocked, it is often felt as the piston rubs against the compressor. Over time, if nothing is done, there may be a backlash of the entire barrel at a fracture. The problem is solved by disassembling and grinding both contact parts - first with a file, then with emery paper.

There are problems with the cuff in the trigger mechanism. It is recommended to simply change it after every thousand shots, as it tends to wear out. Shelf life helps her and abundant lubricant to reduce, therefore, caring for weapons, do not need to fill the cuff with oil.

It is recommended to pay attention to the trigger mechanism, which constantly strives, then loosen up, then pull up. In the last modifications, the problem was solved by changing the system of suspenders, but the old versions of the weapon very often made a crossbow, even with a broken barrel, catching fear on an unprepared shooter.

New player in the PCP market

Very low margin of safety of the reservoir, which is easily deformed in case of accidental pumping, causes a huge negative because the safety of such systems needs to be in the first place. Yes, and the container can be disconnected only if complete disassembly of the weapon. There are problems with the mechanism of the platoon, which is in constant need of repair. These factors are enough to draw your own conclusions before buying.


Uniquely, the Hatsan Sniper rifle is a sales leader and is recognized as the most powerful airgun on the domestic market. If you need a tool for hunting and sports and entertainment shooting, the buyer will never regret their choice. But you need to look into the eyes of the facts - if you want the rifle to serve regularly for more than one year, then you need to contribute to this by doing a little work on upgrading the weapon. But for those who wish to purchase a legend with a pre-pumping system, it is recommended to wait for a modified modification, otherwise you could get a big disappointment from such a well-known brand.