To date, hunting for good pneumatic weapons is difficult. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the characteristics of the device, but also to the structural features of the rifle. The main parameters of the models are the caliber and the initial speed of the bullet.

Additionally, manufacturers in the documentation for the gun are required to indicate the exact size of the model and trunk in particular. The capacity of the store is also important. Separately, the sight of the device and its attachment are evaluated. If we talk about the design features, then attention deserves the type of trunk. It is also necessary to assess the smoothness of the triggering of the trigger. The stabilization of weapons in this case is not the least.

Pneumatic rifle for hunting

How to choose a good model?

For hunting experts advise selecting rifles smooth-bore. The range of the bullet is quite serious for them. Caliber in this case is welcomed 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm. The total length of the gun should not exceed 1200 mm. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to use. It is also important to remember the mass of the model. In this case it is necessary to approach the question individually, proceeding from the physical capabilities of the person.

If we talk about the average parameters, then the gun usually weighs around 4 kg. A sight is desirable optical. The base for its fastening must be at least 12 mm. Increase the sight is welcomed fourfold. If we talk about the design features, the shoe must be made of steel. In turn, the diameter of the trigger spring should be 12 mm. In this case, you can hope for its smooth operation. In some modifications an additional pin is installed. Due to this, the stabilization of the weapon increases with a shot. There will be a good rifle around 10 thousand rubles.

Devices "Hatsan"

In order to understand what pneumatic rifles are necessary for hunting, how to choose a good model, you need to look at the assortment of the firm "Hatsan". This company is one of the leaders in the production of guns. They are produced, as a rule, with a caliber of 4.5 mm. The range of the bullet is quite impressive. If we talk about smoothbore modifications, they are able to boast of an excellent spring mechanism.

The bullets for shooting in the standard set are provided with lead. The store in many models is designed for one shot. The initial speed of the bullet flight averages around 260 meters per second. Sights most often can be found optical type. However, there are exceptions. There will be good air guns around 12 thousand rubles.

Review of the gun "Hatsan Stryker"

Model "Hatsan MO124"

"Hatsan MO124" - the best pneumatic rifles for hunting among professional models. They are suitable for aiming at a distance of not more than 400 meters. It should also be noted that bullets for the gun are used in caliber 5.5 mm. The spring mechanism in the device is installed quite powerful. The capacity of the store in this case is equal to one charge. As a sight the manufacturer provides a convenient fly.

Parameters "Hatsan MO70"

Models "Gamo"

This company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of smoothbore weapons. It is suitable for aiming at a distance of not more than 500 meters. For the basis of the rifles are taken spring-piston mechanisms. On average, the initial muzzle velocity fluctuates around 305 meters per second. However, much in this situation depends on the size of the barrel. The caliber is usually used 5.5 mm. Fuses in many models - automatic type.

Applicas are most often made of wood. Sights on the market are presented for the rifles the most diverse. The average weight of the rifle of this trademark fluctuates around 13 thousand rubles. However, there are also inexpensive models that are perfect for beginners.

Characteristic of "Gamo Visper"

The specified weapon for hunting is intended for conducting aimed shooting at a distance of no more than 450 meters. In this case, the initial speed of the bullet in the model is 300 meters per second. This modification is most suitable for experienced hunters. The application of the model is made quite flat, however, with good results, it does well. As ammunition, only bullets with a caliber of 4.5 mm can be used. A sighting device is available as a whole. Adjust it if necessary. It is also possible to install an optical sight. Weigh this pneumatic for hunting in assembled form 3.2 kg. The price for it fluctuates around 12,200 rubles.

Model "Gamo Hunter"

Features of the gun "Gamo Shadow"

This gun is used for aiming at a distance of not more than 450 meters. The range of the bullet in the presented model is 290 meters per second. Use a rifle can only be for single shots, because the store is designed for one bullet. They are suitable only for lead type caliber 4.5 mm.

Models of the trade mark "Crossman"

The guns of this company are distinguished by rather high-quality spring-piston mechanisms. On average, bullets are used in caliber of 4.5 mm. The initial speed they are able to develop about 300 meters per second. In addition to hunting models, there are also many modifications on the market for shooting and sports shooting. The barrels are most often provided by the manufacturer of threaded type. Thus, the range of the bullet in the models is quite impressive.

Specifically, hunting modifications are usually made single-shot. Due to this they are very light, you can use them with great comfort. Sights are, as a rule, of the optical type. The magnification of lenses in them basically is fourfold. Automatic type fuse is rare. In this case, the trigger mechanisms are installed in almost all models. It is an average rifle of this brand in the area of ​​9 thousand rubles.

Review "Crosman Optimus"

The optical sight is provided by the manufacturer. The diameter of the lens is 32 mm and the fixing width is as much as 22 mm. Adjust the descent of this gun can. The fuse in this case is of a manual type. It is a single-shot rifle for beginners in the area of ​​8 thousand rubles.

Characteristics of "Cross Nitro"

These 9 mm pneumatic rifles for hunting among other devices are characterized by rather high-quality sighting devices. The lens in this case at the gun is used with a diameter of 35 mm. In this case, the fixing is applied with a width of 13 mm. In addition, it should be noted that the parameter of the initial velocity of the bullet is 305 mm.

This one-shot weapon has a range of 470 meters. Bullets for him fit only caliber 9 mm. For the sight, the mount is used as a swallow type. The fuse is installed in a conventional, curled form. This rifle is worth about 10 thousand rubles.

What is the difference between "Cross Phantom"?

This pneumatic rifle for hunting today is actively used by professionals. This is primarily due to the excellent quality of the trigger mechanism. The trigger always works very smoothly. Bullets for this model are used in caliber of 4.5 mm, manufactured and lead. The barrel in this case is of a rifled type.

The gun is cocked by breaking the trunk. The pin in this case is set to a diameter of 12 mm. The spring of the trigger in the gun is fixed on a special stand. All pads in the mechanism are protected with rubber stops. The piston is of a fairly small size, and it moves easily over the sear. It is worth this pneumatic rifle for hunting in the market of about 10,500 rubles.

Models of the company "Norika"

In order to understand what kind of pneumatic rifles are needed for hunting, how to choose an excellent model, we need to look at the assortment of Norika. In our time, the guns of this company are in demand. However, it is difficult to find them in stores. Also it should be noted that the range of modifications specifically for hunting is not too large. The available specimens boast excellent ballistic characteristics. In particular, we can note a good indicator of the initial muzzle velocity in most models. Caliber is most often used 4.5 mm.

Characteristics of "Norika Storm"

This gun is more suitable for skillful hunters, but newcomers will also like it. The application is designed in a special form. Due to the small lining of a serious kickback during the shot is not felt. If we talk about the parameters, then the initial muzzle velocity is at 300 meters per second. The gun is built by breaking the trunk.