We all know, life sometimes turns to the black man party. It happens, usually unexpectedly and causes people stress. But, there are also signs that tried to give the angel. He tried so hard to warn you, and you have not heard. This refers to a bad omen. This is a special symbolic sign of God. If to be able to see him, life takes on a different quality, as they say. Only because they need to know. Otherwise, nothing will be able to tell. Let's see how to correctly perceive such significant events.

A bad omen as a harbinger of danger

Knowledge is power!

Anyway, a conversation with an Angel, you must begin with information about his "language". It is not available. Popular signs are just the tool of deciphering. It should only listen carefully to the older generation. After all, every endeavor (even subconsciously) to convey experience, including about what "bad luck". These signs are completely different. But they have learned to classify. Science is a great thing. It allows and signs of people to sort through. So, there are several important areas in which there are warning signs:

  • home and life
  • a solemn situation
  • dreams
  • work and finances.

Surely there are other areas in which manifested a bad omen. However, they are not as widely popular as the above. Therefore, we consider them in detail.

Bad omens in the house

We are constantly in motion. Something happens, or is bought spoiled, come to visit, work and so on. Among the whirlwind and you need to look for warning events. We all know that breaking a mirror brings bad luck. It's bright and obvious warning of a serious mishap. It is difficult to neutralize. Say that you need to collect the shards and bury it under the old oak tree. You see, the attack pass. One widely known sign – scattered salt. It heralds the scandals and strife, burdened with a mass of emotions and tears. Do not take bad in a head, suggest knowledgeable people. Sprinkle with sugar and an estimate. Nothing is going to happen. Birds too for some reason people do not favor. They say that in the room they fly, to predict Woe. But do not worry ahead of time. Let the feathered guest and read the following prayer. If you "hid" the keys to the apartment, do not be nervous, better think back to what you're going to do. Somewhere in the logic is a mistake. This sign is pushing for its detection and correction, until it was too late.

Little-known warning signs

Symbolic messages of the guardian Angels persecuted man at every step. If, for example, your watch is up, it is advisable not to solve any financial issues that day. Sign portends failure. Such inaction encourages the broken transport, which you you go for. Stop is intended to encourage the person to reflect. He is willing to make a mistake. Think again, if reliable information is used in decision-making? Progress makes its own adjustments, and in the region to take. They say that the cars with numbers, containing about three same digits portend financial loss. Ballpoint pens, is also able to "speak" with the owners. If your drip, you be careful. Your desire to rise above the others unnecessarily. Try to behave modestly, more listen to colleagues and relatives. Trouble can be seen even in their own behavior. It so happens that everything "goes wrong". Look at the sides. Someone close to you needs care, attention and compassion. This house is pushing under the arm.

Bad omens at the wedding

A large part of mental comfort and balance gives us a family. That's why everyone wants to create, to make strong and prosperous. It is believed that the future can be found already in the wedding in some respects. So, an unhappy and short marriage portend:

  • a meeting or conversation of the bride and groom morning of wedding
  • the green color in the dress of a young
  • accidentally dropped the engagement ring in ZAGS
  • the black cat that crossed the path of a festive motorcade
  • flat tire or (God forbid) an accident on the way to the place of registration.

At the table, too, it is possible to notice some negative signs. So bad, if young eat with a spoon. Would often quarrel and take offense. If you notice that someone from the spouses takes a piece of freshly baked treats, add in his plate the second is the same. Otherwise, they will soon scatter to different corners. Marriage is on the rocks. Don't let the bride to look in the mirror before the wedding. Otherwise you'll be crying. And the girl should not carry a handkerchief. Better give it to a friend. This accessory, once the bride at the time of registration, opens the way to tears.

Is it possible to neutralize bad omens?

In fact, these signs are carefully preserved and transmitted by the nature, so people used them. For example, received a warning about the upcoming disaster, we change the behavior, don't take serious decisions. Because life is in the hands of man, and not accidental circumstances. Rituals to neutralize the bad will compose and use only for complacency. It is a kind of psychological pill. She organizes thoughts, banishes from the head of the unnecessary trouble pushing to the same misfortune. Believers are encouraged to read the prayer as soon as I saw the hint of impending trouble. And again. Always thank your guardian angel. Tell him that I understand he is not tried in vain. Then trouble will happen. How will she break through this United defence, covering this and the worlds?