For a long time gray color does not go out of fashion. Its shades are many-sided. By itself, gray means sadness and loneliness. But at the same time, it symbolizes harmony and humility. The fact that there is nobility in it is a fact. After all, it contains two colors - black and white, and this is always a classic.

Dress gray: what to wear, the best combination and recommendations of professionals

Women are ambivalent about dresses of gray color. Some fall in love with him. Then most of the women's wardrobe consists of gray and its shades. Other ladies are cautious about color. But it's worth choosing the right tone, the style of the dress, adding it with accessories, and you will always look spectacular. In the wardrobe of modern stylish women, following fashion, quite a lot of gray things with its different shades. The dress of this tone always looks elegant and elegant. Teachers, office workers prefer gray to another color. In some situations, psychologists advise wearing clothes of this shade.

So with what to wear a gray dress? If you work in a company where you need a dress code, your outfit should be low-key, executed in a minimalist style. It is not acceptable for bright and bright details. Stylish dress (gray), complemented by accessories, will create the image of a business business lady. Elements should be bright, they will refresh the image, and not underline it. A black blazer or jacket in a black-and-gray cage will also fit together. Gray is in perfect harmony with blue. Your image can be supplemented with hours of this color. Business style provides shoes, not boots. Blue or black models are suitable for the chosen image. And in the winter time to your dress you can wear high boots in dark tones. You can supplement the image with a bag in tone. In cold weather, pick up a trench coat. Spectacular onions in business style ready.

Unexpectedly, at your enterprise there is a corporate? You do not have to worry and run home to change. It is necessary to make up the lips with red lipstick, pick up a bright silk handkerchief, and you are again at the height.

Evening image and bow for walks

The gray dress has its advantages and dignity. Evening image of the business style can be done by changing the purse on the clutch, small strict earrings - on volumetric vintage. The sophisticated image is ready.

If on the weekend you decide to go for a walk with friends in the park or go to a cafe, then your outfit should match the situation. And again the gray dress will be appropriate. If the dress has a color print, then add accessories to the tone and that's it. A light knitted short jacket will not interfere with your walk and your image.

Outfit on the figure

If you want to hide your shortcomings, choose a gray dress with a wide, loose cut. Thus, you will emphasize only dignity.

Full of women will approach the shades of a dark gray dress-case. This outfit will perfectly fit the figure, and you will feel comfortable.

Knitted outfit in the floor

Slender girls prefer a gray knitted dress, so pleasant to the body. It always looks very feminine. The model and material chosen correctly will create an irresistible image. Such a thing has its own peculiarities. If you have chosen a gray knitted dress of the maxi length, then you must choose the appropriate footwear. It can be rough boots on the tread or ankle boots, the color of the shoes is welcomed black or eggplant. The weather can be worn over the dress. Gray and black are a very advantageous combination of colors. It always looks stylish. Jackets of brown color and its shades do not fit.

The first rule for a girl, a woman - leaving the house, look in the mirror. It is necessary. So do not be afraid, try, look and dress beautifully and stylishly. Of course, do not forget about accessories: earrings, bracelets of bright colors.

Midi dress

The knitted dress is midi long preferred by young girls.

Now this style is very popular. Undoubtedly, that in such a dress is very convenient and comfortable. Girls quickly pick up clothing options for this dress, sometimes forgetting about simple little things and details.

Sandals and shoes with heels are definitely not suitable for such an image. Choose better sneakers, ankle boots, sneakers, high boots at low speed. You can supplement the image with a cardigan or a straight coat. We must not forget about pantyhose. The color should be black. In combination with gray they look elegant.

Chiffon and sports outfit

In warm weather, light chiffon dresses of gray color are very relevant. This image of an airy, daring girl will lift your spirits and self-confidence.

A gray dress can be in peas, a flower, a light cut. This style is very successful, it is suitable for almost everyone. To complement the image can be a lot of bright, heavy bracelets, coarse shoes and a light cardigan, or a thick thick-colored sweater.

Now a very fashionable dress of sport style in gray tones. Young girls prefer such outfits with a hood, long, thick textures. Very convenient and practical. Sports gray dresses are popular among teenagers.

In everyday life, such things are very necessary. Absolutely do not require any additions and accessories. Simplicity and convenience dominate. Stylish, practical shoes will only improve the image.

Long dress

A long gray dress is suitable for a special occasion: a dinner for two, a reception, a social event. And, it can be said, will compete with a small black dress, which must be in the wardrobe of every woman.

Choosing clothes under the dress, it is worth noting that gray is a neutral color, but it is, rather, its dignity than a flaw. You can play with the color palette. To this side should be the appropriate footwear. Shoes should be black, purple, always on heels. It is desirable to wear jewelry from precious metals, not too catchy and provocative.

Black and gray dress is also suitable for dinner in a good, expensive restaurant. White cardigan, black shoes, necessarily gloves, and you will be unique. In winter, the image can be emphasized with a fur coat or a beautiful expensive sheepskin coat. This you just decorate or complement your outfit.

Interesting combinations

With what to wear a gray dress? With things that are in color with it combined. Note that the gray is harmoniously combined with all colors. Do not be afraid to play with shades, experiment, but know the measure. For example, take the gray and pink. It's bold, but the image looks so tender and refined, easy and at ease. Take the gray and the color of fuchsia.

This combination looks bright, defiant, bright. Very nobly blend blue and gray. Both tones are cold, but so harmonize. Gray and its hues are very relevant now.


Correctly choosing the style of the dress, the structure of the material, you will always look stylish, fashionable and very worthy. It is indisputable that the gray dress does not look so elegant and sought-after in itself. A unique image with such a thing will be created by you, selecting the correct and tasteful additions. Then your image will not seem gray and dull.