Sneakers were popular in Soviet times, but they were worn exclusively for going to the gym or on the street with jeans. Today, a trend of fashion has become a combination of sports sneakers and feminine dresses. For some, such a tandem is a manifestation of bad taste, but for some, the originality of this set, on the contrary, will be to its liking. Celebrity with pride and pleasure wear evening dresses with comfortable shoes, feeling at the same time at the height of camera flashes.

Who can wear

With a blind imitation of fashion trends, there is a chance to pick up a ridiculous and tasteless outfit. In order to wear a dress with sneakers, decisiveness, courage and self-criticism are necessary. Even a young person does not always go this combination. And adult women need to be even more cautious when choosing such a dress. Wearing sneakers under the dress is possible if the woman of fashion is not older than 35 years Need to pay attention to your figure.

Dress with sneakers: how to wear

Best of all, the tandem will look at tall, slender girls with a sporty figure and long legs. Owners of short stature and magnificent figure should be wary of a new image, because the flat sole visually shortens the lower limbs. Designers found a way out of this situation by transforming ordinary sports sneakers into fashionable and stylish wedge shoes or with a hidden heel.

What sneakers to choose

Girls who prefer a sporty style in clothing can choose high-top sneakers on a flat run. In this case, it is better to buy a short knit product with a straight silhouette. Also, with a converse, a short fitted dress with a narrow skirt looks good. This image describes her mistress as collected and purposeful. Wearing high-top sneakers suggests that a woman has slim and long legs.

Dresses of a laconic cut will be organically combined with white or black sneakers, which are worn on a short toe or directly on a bare foot. Girls who want to visually add a few centimeters of height to themselves need to buy wedge sneakers. The expressive image will be achieved when choosing a narrow denim dress to the middle of the thigh to such shoes.

Dress styles for sneakers

The best options for a combination with sneakers are dresses of such silhouettes and styles:

  • Straight short, loose-fitting dress made of knitwear or cotton.
  • Linen or cotton sheath dress.
  • Dress-tunic made of knitwear, chiffon or lace.
  • Dress shirt made of cotton or denim.
  • Flared sundress made of batiste or chiffon.

The choice of colors and textures

Choosing shoes under the dress, you need to carefully consider not only the style of the product, but also the color solution. Contrasts in the choice of shades of clothing and footwear should be avoided, because the combination of “sneakers + dress” is already quite bold. Do not give the image of excessive shocking and even absurd. The ideal color combination is monogamma, where, for example, a milk dress with white sneakers appears. In tandem there should be no more than two shades that are well combined with each other.

When choosing dresses and sneakers need to pay attention to the materials from which they are made. For an autumn set, a woolen dress, a thick knit garment, or a knitted item is most suitable. In this case, sneakers need to wear leather. And do not forget about tight pantyhose, complementing the image.

A spacious dress made from lightweight materials and low beige-colored low-top sneakers will suit the summer look. This bow will be harmonious, simple and light, and the skin color of the shoes will visually increase the length of the legs.

Basic principles of creating images for every day

Today, it is considered fashionable to mix styles and play on contrasts to create your individual image.

Well combines everyday original dress with sneakers. The highlight of clothing can be an interesting cut, nuances or color. To emphasize the harmony of the legs, you need to use A-silhouette dresses, with a flared skirt or a tutu.