Wedding dress "fish" - this dress is one of the most seductive and emphasizing the shape of the style. He is perfect for brides who are proud of their body and are not afraid to emphasize it. What are his features, how to choose a wedding dress "fish"? You will learn all this later in the article.

Charming and fitting wedding dress

The style of "fish" is also called "mermaid". This is because he closely fits the figure of the woman on the chest, waist and hips, and in the region of the knees passes into a skirt resembling a fin.

The wedding dress "fish" is popular due to the weighty benefits that it can offer the brides:

  • Since it fits tightly around the top of the figure, it allows you to form a beautiful silhouette that looks like an hourglass. Drapery or jewelry in the chest area can add to her volume, and corset lacing will make the waist thinner.
  • The dress of the silhouette "mermaid" is well combined with a long veil and massive ornaments, leaving no impression of the overload of the image.
  • And finally, many people like that this style though tight, but still has a magnificent skirt.

For different types of shapes

  • For short girls who want to lengthen the silhouette, the wedding dress "fish" with a train is perfect. Photo of one of the interesting options:
  • Overstated waist and tight fitting cut also visually increase your height.
  • The wedding dress "fish" lace is simply created for girls with a figure of the "hourglass" type. Like no other, this style will introduce you in the best light.
  • If you are a girl with forms, then this does not mean that you do not fit a mermaid dress. On the contrary, it perfectly emphasizes your curves. No wonder Kim Kardashian chose the wedding dress "fish" with a train. Photo of the beautiful star on her wedding day:
  • Girls with a large bust should avoid overstating the waist and the abundance of decorative elements in this area. And if, on the contrary, you want to give the volume of the breast, then use these techniques.
  • A small tummy will hide the drape at the waist.
  • If you are tall, then a chic dressed wedding dress "fish" with a train and with an exquisite "necklace" made of lace will only emphasize your graceful silhouette.

Girls with a clearly expressed type of the figure "apple" should prefer a different style, because the "fish" will incorrectly place the accents and make the figure disproportionate.

Design features of the dress

As you can see, different models skirt starts from the middle of the hip, then over the knee. This parameter plays a very important role in how the dress will look at the girl.

For example, if you want to give the silhouette the shape of an "hourglass" and add bends to a figure, then the skirt should begin just below the buttocks. This cut also hides the full hips.

If you want the dress to be as tight as possible, then the skirt should go from the middle of the thigh or even lower.

And if you like the classic silhouette of a "mermaid", then the dress should expand from the knees. Consider that even though you will look amazing, moving will not be easy.

Size of the skirt

This is also an important factor. A small modest skirt looks elegant, but with her dress is not much different from the A-shaped silhouette. While the lush multi-tiered bottom may look unbalanced without a long heavy veil, complex hairstyle or makeup.

Consider that the skirt volume can be achieved in two different ways:

  • with the help of a large number of layers of tulle;
  • with the help of a special povyubnik, which from the waist goes like a regular skirt, but at the right height it expands due to sewn wire rings.

The fabric from which the "fin" is made also matters. Small skirts have, as a rule, the same material as the main part of the dress. Since the silhouette looks solid and neat, it visually draws the figure. Such a wedding dress "fish" can be successfully supplemented with a richly decorated embroidery or rhinestones with a belt to further emphasize the waist.

Lush skirts are usually made of tulle or heavily draped satin. They contrast with the top of the dress and give it a resemblance to a ballerina pack or traditional wedding dresses of the silhouette "princess". Since the line of cloth change is quite bright, it is often decorated with rhinestones or beads.

In some models, the top layer of fabric on a lush skirt rises slightly above the lower layers of tulle. Therefore, you can use the fabric in tone to the basic color of the wedding. This contrast will emphasize the individuality of your dress.

Wedding dress "fish" with a train

Lacy work of art - many girls are dreaming about this outfit.

A luxurious dress with a train looks royal. And at the same time he gives the bold silhouette of the "mermaid" a little more traditional and makes him more close to the classics.

The length of the train can vary - from a small extension of the skirt to the train length of several meters.

Many brides prefer to pin up the train after the painting and photosession, and since the "fish" dress already has a skirt, it can be successfully masked as another layer of it.

Top of the dress

This is another important aspect on which the whole appearance of the bride depends.

You can find "fish" dresses with different cut-out and top-dressing options: with or without sleeves, with a "heart" or "V-neck" cut, with abundant embroidery and lace or with a minimum of ornaments.

But the most important thing is that the dress fits tightly to the figure. If the fabric frowns or does not fit, the whole appeal of the style will be lost. For the same reason, "mermaid" dresses often do not have sleeves - this saves efforts to fit the dress. But be prepared for the fact that the dress you bought in the store will have to be carried in the atelier, so that it exactly matches your parameters.

Do not make a mistake and do not buy a dress for a size smaller. In it you not only can not walk normally, but even sit down.

Important Tips

  • Try to try on different colors of wedding dresses. Girls with a warm skin podton can better approach the shade of ivory or champagne.
  • If you are sewing a custom-made dress, then contact the tailor to take measurements, otherwise the result may be spoiled. Do not try to do it yourself. And also choose masters with a good reputation and portfolio. Only a good seamstress can make a beautiful dress on a figure without loss of comfort.
  • The choice of linen with a "mermaid" style becomes especially important. To avoid unnecessary lines, it should be seamless. If you want to tighten up the tummy and buttocks a little, it's worth thinking about buying corrective linen, necessarily elongated, so that borders are not noticeable where it ends.
  • When trying on a dress, be sure to move to make sure that it is comfortable enough. After all, you have to walk and dance in it all day.