Wedding is an incredibly responsible and exciting day, not only for the newlyweds themselves, but also for all their guests. And if the bridegroom's friends worry only about how to manage everything and what to give, then each girl invited to the celebration will need to choose another girlfriend's wedding dress. What colors and styles are appropriate for holiday dresses in this category?

We consult with the hero of the occasion

Wedding dress for girlfriendIf you marry a pretty close friend, try to discuss your outfit with her in advance. Depending on the mood of the bride, you can spend more than one day on the joint choice of a dress, or she refuses to take part in this event. Today in Russia it is becoming more and more fashionable to choose the same dress for bridesmaids. Offer this idea to the hero of the occasion, but if she’s the first to offer such an option, she’s simply uncivilized to refuse. Remember, a wedding is a holiday of newlyweds, and the task of the guests is to please them in everything and fully meet their expectations. You can also make a surprise and agree with the other close friends, order tailoring of the same or similar outfits. Just look similar dresses at least equally stylish, or another fashion trend - the purchase of outfits combined in style but sustained in contrasting colors. In any case, the dress for the wedding of the girlfriend should please the bride herself and be advantageous to combine with the outfit herself - perhaps this is the main principle of choice.

How not to outshine the bride?

On the wedding day, the newlyweds should be the brightest and most beautiful, so guests are not recommended to choose too original, flashy outfits or clothes of acid-bright colors. The best option is muted shades and a calm style, a moderate amount of accessories. Inappropriate would be an excessively expensive dress, screaming about its price, if the bride purchased an inexpensive outfit or from the middle price category. It is also simply indecent to choose too massive jewelry or accessories that look noticeably more expensive than the hero of the occasion. If you do not have the opportunity to find out what the bride will be in, choose a stylish, but rather modest outfit - you will definitely not lose.

White dress for the bridesmaid: the pros and cons

White color is considered to be traditional for a girl’s dress that marries on the day of the ceremony. Accordingly, a logical question arises: is it appropriate to choose this color for guests of the celebration? Many wedding receptions and beliefs argue that you can not come to the wedding in white and its shades to anyone except the newlyweds. However, today such prejudices are a thing of the past, and quite often these rules are violated. If, however, to consider this issue from a practical point of view, White should not choose a witness or one of the closest friends. If the photos of the girl in such a dress will often stand next to the bride, their clothes will merge. Do not forget that light shades are fattening. And you can choose a white dress for the wedding of a friend only if you are completely confident in your figure. It is quite another thing if you know for sure that the bride herself chose an outfit of unusual bright color for the celebration. In this case, guests can afford white clothes, but for women the important rule is that the style of the dress should differ significantly from the wedding one. Light shades, such as ivory, milk or champagne, look no less impressive. Choosing an outfit in this range, you can be sure that you do not set off the beauty of the hero of the occasion and no one will judge the color.

Black or red dress for a wedding to a friend?

There are two colors that in the classical tradition is considered inappropriate to wear at the wedding. It is black and red. In the first case is too obvious Association with mourning garments. Choosing a black dress, you risk looking too strict and gloomy for a bright holiday, create a family. However, if you combine it with bright accessories, choose the color shoes, belt and contrasting the Cape on the weather – this effect can be mitigated. Can I wear a red dress to the wedding of a friend? Formal rules and traditions that prohibit this color for outfits guests of the ceremony of marriage, no. But still, red is too vivid and evocative, it attracts attention and remains bright spots on the photos. Think carefully whether you need it? There are a lot of muted colors and related colors: orange, coral, crimson or Burgundy relaxed. Many of them at the wedding will look much more appropriate bright red.

Choose the length of the dress

What is it - a beautiful dress for the wedding of a friend: a long, barely covering the knees, or a super mini? You should choose, of course, to your taste, but there are still certain rules. Do not forget that the wedding includes a festive painting in the registry office, and this event is official. Therefore, guest dresses should not be too vulgar. A short skirt is categorically inappropriate if a wedding in a church is also planned on the day of the celebration. But too long dresses for a wedding to a friend are not the best choice for girlfriends. According to the rules of etiquette floor outfits are designed for evening gala events. During the day, you should choose cocktail dresses knee-length or slightly lower. Of course, today all these norms are not always respected, but knowing them is useful.

Popular styles of festive dresses

Recent years in the trend of feminine outfits of the A-silhouette with a pronounced waist. In this style, the upper part fits the body, the waist is emphasized by the notches or the belt, and the skirt is rather loose and fluffy. Today such dresses decorated in retro style are popular. Win-win - Empire, high waist right under the bust and loose skirt. Such models are absolutely everything, and if necessary, they hide all the flaws of the figure. You do not know what dress to wear to the wedding of a friend? Try on classic cocktail dresses, pay special attention to those that are made with original sleeves and neck.

The subtleties of individual selection

Do not buy even the most beautiful dress at the wedding of a friend in the passenger compartment if it is not appropriate for you. Is, is not you this or that thing we need to understand this intuitively, looking at his reflection in the mirror or pictures. There are some General rules of compatibility. The clothes should hide the flaws and not accentuate them. Color dresses better to pick your complexion. It is not only about a specific shade, but his warmth. To match the dress obliged from skin, hair and even the eyes of its owner.

What can not be put on the wedding guests?

We made out all the basic rules that help choose a dress for a girlfriend's wedding. In conclusion, let us try to figure out which outfits are categorically not recommended to choose for a holiday dedicated to creating a new family.

Too strict and formal suits and dresses are forbidden, in such a dress you will look inappropriate. It’s better to give up the trousers, because today it’s not at all difficult to find inexpensive wedding dresses for a friend’s holiday guests. If you have a very beautiful blouse and would not like to wear it, combine with a suitable skirt. Not the best option for a wedding are dresses with a frank neckline, a low cut on the back or a frank cut from the side. And it's not their beauty, but the established rules of decency. Even if the holiday takes place in the summer, give up too informal, airy, everyday and beach sundresses and mini-dresses. Remember, the outfit for the wedding should be quite festive and solemn.