The fate of a person is affected not only by the name or sign of the Zodiac. As you know, every sign has its own planet, providing protection to people born under a certain constellation. Like the sign of the Zodiac, the patron planet has a direct impact on the character and behavior of a person.

Planets in the signs of the Zodiac

The influence of the planets on the signs of the zodiac, general facts

The action of the planets corresponds to the principle of duality of the outer and inner worlds of man. In most cases, the planets are symbols of energy sources. And the energy emanating from the planets can be in three forms - harmonious, disharmonious or mixed. Planets in the signs of the Zodiac and their influence can be divided into four levels, each of which has its own sphere of actions and manifestations. Let us consider each level in more detail.

Influence of first-level planets

Planets of the first level include the Sun and the Moon. The luminaries, as patrons of the zodiacal constellations, are the basis of all the circumstances of the external life, while being the same basis for the human psyche. The influence of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac at this level is clearly distributed both in the external and internal spheres of life. For example, the Sun, as the planet-patron of the first level, is responsible for the will and intentions in the inner side of life. Outwardly, this luminary is responsible for dictating external circumstances. At the same time, dictate includes the human will in an imperative order.

The moon, in turn, is responsible for the conditions of society and the subconscious of the public, if we consider the external manifestations of its influence. Part of the inner life, which is under the influence of the light, concerns the desire and reaction of the subconscious, which is reflexive.

Planets in the signs of the Zodiac. Second level

This level of planetary patrons includes Mercury, Venus and Mars. As at the previous level, each planet from this set is responsible for specific manifestations of human nature and behavior. Generally speaking, we can safely say that this level is responsible for the circumstances that can affect everyone, without resorting either to psychoanalysis or to any magical resources of the individual.

Mars symbolizes the position of the activity of the external world in relation to each particular individual. And through the use of the subconscious, this planet can awaken instincts of an aggressive nature and activate all mechanisms under which physical and mental energy is released.

Venus is in close connection with the signs of a correct perception of the external world, namely love and aesthetics. If we consider the external manifestations of the influence of this planet, then they are responsible for the behavior over which a person is to a certain extent domineering. For example, the influence of this planet is manifested in situations where rudeness takes place, and the result depends on what kind of answer you give.

Mercury, belonging to the second level of the planet-patrons, has long been considered a symbol of rational thinking, reason. Mercury serves as a means of modeling and a link between desires and intentions, as well as active actions and perceptions. The close connection of this patron planet with the rest of the planets on the first three levels is justified by its amazing ability to model anything, even love or hate.

The third level of patron planets and their impact on humans

Planets of the third level basically have their influence on programs of karmic origin. At this level of the planet in the signs of the Zodiac symbolize those circumstances, to which a person can have only a minor influence that will be felt.

Jupiter expands the consciousness of man and provides him with opportunities for further growth and development, symbolizing the influence of large groups of socium. In terms of inner peace, this planet influences the boundaries of the psyche, expanding them and allowing the creation of new subconscious programs.

Saturn acts diametrically opposite. Under the influence of this planet, the possibilities are narrowed, and obstacles and obstacles appear on the way that can not be overcome without much effort for a long time.

Chiron, as a third-level planet, acts as a balance and provides opportunities for a person to realize that the inner and outer sides of each person's life are identical. Thanks to the influence of Chiron, one can deduce the connection between the events and circumstances of the inner and outer worlds, and also helps to start using karmic laws in practice.

The fourth level of the planets

In fact, the fourth-level planets represent the ultimate embodiment of the patrons of the constellations, which are on the second level. Pluto is the embodiment of Mars in the highest degree, Neptune represents the highest Venus, and Uranus is in accordance with Mercury. Human power over the fourth level is very small, so most of the events occurring under the influence of these planets are perceived as inevitable, like rock, which can only be accepted in different ways. At the inner world level, the fourth level of the planets is responsible for the qualities and abilities of an innate character or very deep programs in the subconscious.

Interaction of planets and signs

The planets influence man not only on their own. Each patron passes the Zodiac for a certain period of time. During this time, the planet in the signs of the Zodiac awakens in a person those or other qualities and lines of behavior. It is worth noting that Mars in Scorpio will have a different effect than any other planet in the same sign.

Each planet in this or that sign can awaken a certain talent and ability. For example, Venus in Pisces, who is responsible for emotions and sensitivity, can help to awaken the propensity to music, in particular to classical. It should be noted that such a combination of the planet and the sign is the best for women.

At the same time, Mars in Scorpio can arouse interest and craving for danger, combining it with a high level of intuition and prudence.