It would seem that difficult to write a letter to his beloved man. Moreover, this can be done in the traditional way using pens and paper, and with the help of modern gadgets, mobile devices. But it’s not so easy to find the right words and with their help attract the attention of your lover to your person. On how to write such letters, the style of writing and many other things will be discussed in this article.

A letter to a beloved man

When is it worth writing letters for a loved one?

A love letter is a great way to express your feelings, emotions, share experiences, opinions and the most intimate thoughts. When does it become necessary to write a letter to a beloved man?

Consider a specific case. Your loved one was forced to leave you and your house on duty. You are too attached to it and it’s hard for you to part, let it be temporary. And in order to smooth out the endless hours of loneliness, you decide to write a letter to your spouse or friend.

The second case. You are madly in love with one person who does not pay attention to you. Previously, you did not dare to write to him and tell about your feelings, but now, his birthday has come. You chose a suitable envelope and a postcard, wrote a couple of beautiful phrases and sent a letter to a beloved man.

The third case. You communicate with a married man for a long time. He swears in his feelings, but does not plan to leave the family. You have decided in writing to state to him all your conclusions and, finally, to put an end to such unpromising relations.

Simply put, with the help of a letter you can convey to your beloved the information that you cannot communicate with the help of words.

Do I need a reason to write a love letter?

In order to write love letters, it is not necessary to look for a reason. You can write a few pleasant words on paper or even in personal messages on VK, Odnoklassniki or any other social network at any time. If you wish, you can create such messages for the birthday of your chosen one, for Valentine's Day. Often love letters are written by spouses to each other, for example, on the New Year or on the anniversary of their life together.

What form to write letters to your beloved?

A letter for a loved one is not an application for employment, which can be written on a standard pattern. It should be written in any form and maximally reveal the essence of the message.

Most often they write a letter to their beloved in prose. Much less often the messages written in verses meet. Basically, such letters can create gifted individuals who can express their feelings with the help of rhyme. Sometimes letters for loved ones can have erotic overtones.

Who can write a message for a loved one?

These can be people of completely different ages, taste preferences, religion and gender. The main thing is that they have a sincere desire to share their thoughts with the subject of their adoration and write a letter to their beloved about feelings.

What are the main elements of the letter?

A love note, like any other letter, consists of the following parts:

  • entry;
  • the main part;
  • endings with possible conclusions.

The introductory part, as a rule, begins with a greeting and a brief background. The main part reveals the essence of the appeal and expressed the main idea. In the end - the result of the appeal is summarized and, ideally, conclusions are drawn. At the end, a romantic letter to your loved one is signed in a standard or non-standard way, for example, instead of a signature, you can decorate the paper with a kiss.

What should be the content of the letter?

How to make letters for your loved ones?

The design of letters addressed to different people will differ depending on the effect you want to achieve. For example, a letter painted in pink or reddish color, covered with hearts and kisses is suitable for a love message. In an envelope with such a message, you can put a photo of the addressee, a beautiful card, a valentine in the form of a heart, and also sprinkle a drop of your favorite perfume.

Gentle letter to your beloved can be made in the form of a collage, using your joint photos, clippings from magazines and newspapers, sparkles. In addition, the leaf itself can be decorated in the form of two cooing doves, a floral bouquet, hearts.

The sheet of anger can contain dark colors, images of thunder and lightning, and the skull, and the letter of request can contain folded hands.

What is the difficulty of writing a letter?

There are samples of letters to your beloved?

As such samples of such letters does not exist. However, there are always people who have managed to create true masterpieces of manuscript devoted to this delicate and serene feeling as love. "I write to you – what else?" – learn? This is the famous "Tatyana's Letter to Onegin", created by the great poet Alexander Pushkin. It is a Prime example of the beautiful and open love letters. And although it is written this work for a long time, nowadays it has not lost its popularity.

Of course, you can find the finished text, make some improvements to it, change the name and correct other details, and then write your letter to your favorite guy about feelings. But do not forget that such a message will not express your real feelings. On the contrary, it will resemble a kind of remix of other people's experiences and your conclusions.

A couple of examples for writing love letters

Suppose you decide to write a beautiful letter to a loved one who is away. Begin to express your thoughts with the fact that you really miss. Write about how you spend a lot of time thinking about it. You come home from work, turn on the kettle, stand by the window and succumb to your memories.

Remind those moments when you were good together. Tell us what associations you have when thinking about those times. For example, listening to one of the melodies on the radio, you remember how you danced to it, hid from the rain, how you saved a homeless, wet puppy, etc.

If, for example, you decide to leave, you can write a spectacular written appeal stating the reason. In this case, it is also worth remembering about the positive moments in your life. If you plan to issue a note in the form of a request for something, it is also recommended that you first make a small introduction, indicate the reason and the appeal itself.

For example, if you decide to write a touching message to your friend who is in the army, tell us about how you really feel about him.

How to write a letter correctly?

If you decide to write a letter to your favorite prose, first make a plan of action. Write down in detail all the points that you plan to highlight in your letter. Create a model of the future letter indicating the specific place for the text and possible images. Consider the manner of writing the note, the text of the appeal, as well as the length of the letter. Decide for yourself how long your letter will be, for example, whether you will create a 10-page poem or be able to single out the most important thing and describe everything in three sentences.

In order to relax and tune in to the appropriate wave, it makes sense to turn on romantic music, light scented sticks with a drop of lavender oil. And then, take a pen, mouse or keyboard in your hands and let your hand put all your feelings and feelings on paper or electronic media.

What follows and what should not be written favorite?

Suppose you decide to write a letter to your beloved man. What follows and what does not need to say in his message to the sweet? So, first of all, it is worth talking about your feelings, about the first date (if there was one), about pleasant romantic meetings, remembering about a joint holiday, saying positive and romantic things.

It is impossible in the letter to insult the subscriber and speak in his address obscene phrases, humiliate. Also, it is not necessary to mention the mistakes of your partner, which can lead to an underestimation of his self-esteem and the appearance of complexes. It is not necessary to say such phrases as “you owe”, “I owe”, “I demand”. It is better to choose an easy and even comic form of communication that will give the opportunity to get the location of a loved one.

What to write in a romantic letter?

Want to write a letter to your beloved man? Planning to do this in a romantic style? Then we offer you one of these options:

"Hi stranger! We have known you for three years and five months, and for me you still remain a real mystery, which I can’t solve. Everything is perfect in you: a pleasant voice with a slight hoarse, strong and strong hands that squeezed my hand so tenderly during our last meeting. Your eyes are two blue lights, alluring and all-consuming. If you look into your eyes for a long time, you can drown in them and plunge into the abyss.

When we first met you, I didn’t even suspect that I could fall in love so much in my 20th birthday. "

As can be seen from the letter, the girl confesses to her chosen one in love, using beautiful phrases.

"Hello! I did not dare to write to you for a long time, but I can’t keep silent anymore. Your eyes, your figure, your walk - drive me crazy. From our very first meeting, you became the mistress of my heart. Your voice - excites the imagination and fascinates. My attention belongs only to you. I think only of you and only with you I am ready to live the rest of my life! ”

In this example, the young man talks about his feelings and makes a marriage proposal to his chosen one.

"Favourite! It's been a couple of weeks since I haven't heard from you! Do you remember our last meeting? We were like schoolchildren walking in the park by the handle, eating ice cream and kissing in a booth on the Ferris wheel without a break. And then they danced in the rain for a long time and basked in each other’s hot embraces. Now you are silent. Answer me. Did you forget me? Do not remember our last evening together? I really miss".

In this example, the girl confesses her love, but also rebukes her chosen one in the absence of attention from him. Notice, she does it very correctly and beautifully.

"Pretty! Love Miss you I can not live without you! Already running to visit. " Very concise message, which is not deprived of a kind of charisma.

"Dear! In our cozy love nest today I feel so lonely! Drop everything and come to me. The most beautiful romantic evening awaits you. ”

As you can see from the examples, it is not too difficult to write a beautiful letter to your beloved. The main thing is to put the right meaning in it.