Pin-up style is an unusual cultural phenomenon that combines elegance, tenderness, sexuality and seduction. He is, and will always remain popular and in demand in modern fashion. To put it in simple words, this is such a style, it makes the girl with the forms look very tempting for every man. If you choose the right image, then it will be difficult to look away from you.

How did the pin-up style, the story

Pin-up style begins its existence in the distant 1920s in America. Its founder is considered C. Gibson. It was he who was the first to create the image of a girl-dream, which as a result became the standard of imitation for everyone. Not only women, but all the men liked this style. And how can you not pay attention to the beautiful eyes and magnificent chest?

After the first image of the famous M. Monroe, America literally went crazy. The idea of ​​this format began to be used by many magazines and fashion houses. Increasingly, girls began to appear on the covers of magazines that looked quite seductive and erotic. Peak style begins in 1950. Thanks to Monroe, the style entrenched for many years in the soul of every fashionista. Today it also continues to actively develop and flourish.

Pin-up girl image

A period of time pin-up style was forgotten a bit. But years later he was remembered and revived already in our modern times. Due to the fact that today there is an opportunity to acquire clothes of various styles and colors, any fashionista can independently create her own unique and sexy image that will delight every passing person on the street.

What does a pin-up girl look like? This is necessarily a young and funny person. who does not like to sit in one place and has rather curvaceous forms and a seductive smile. But it is her naivety that should attract attention. After all, the clothes of the girl absolutely will not match her behavior.

Pin-up nowadays

When the pin-up style was revived in the modern world of fashion, it was significantly transformed and became more fashionable and vibrant. The style gives the girl the opportunity to express themselves, using not only clothes, but also all sorts of accessories, hairstyles and makeup. You can quite often meet young people dressed in pin-up style. They are not ashamed of this unusual, but only on the contrary, they are trying to demonstrate their individuality to everyone around them.

The main change in style was the fact that the girl does not have to have curvaceous. Slender ladies will be able to embody the qualities listed above.

Pin-up style in clothes

If you pay attention to how the image looks like a girl in a pin-up style, then at first glance it may seem that all the beauties are absolutely the same and are no different from each other. In fact, this is a delusion of many. Modern pin-up style in clothing must adhere to certain rules, which include the following items.

  1. A woman who does housework.   In this case, it will be important to wear a plaid shirt, which can be tied on a stomach in a knot. Also very important is the use of jeans, which designers recommend to roll up almost to the level of the knees. Do not forget about the headdress. For this suitable scarf bright colors or bandana. On the legs you can shoe wedge sandals or simple shoes. A girl dressed in this way shows everyone that she is proud of her body and is not afraid to show it to those around her. A headscarf can be tied in various ways. The more unusual, the better!
  2. Neighbor girl.   For such a fashionista would be required to have a dress in colorful polka dots or with a flower print. If you can not find something suitable, you can pay attention to dresses of the same color. The main thing is that the dress could highlight the thin waist of the girl. An excellent option for this may be the use of a belt or tape at the waist. The dress should be very gentle and feminine, but it does not look childish. Pin-up dresses should not be tight and be too long. Need to focus on something bright and fun.

Skirts, corsets and body are important components of the image.

In order to make the image in pin-up style more colorful, it is recommended to add skirts, corsets and bodysuits to it.

  1. The skirt should not be short or long. It is better to choose something in between. It must be present folds. It is better if the model is sewn of light flowing fabric. Ideally, this skirt should be flared.
  2. Shorts must be high waist, but their length will be very short, because of what they can resemble underwear. The colors are selected depending on the mood. Most often, give preference to denim things.
  3. Having a corset will help emphasize the waist and chest. Moreover, it can be perfectly combined with a skirt and shorts. It is best to have various frills on the corset and a decent neckline.
  4. Body or swimwear. These things can be both open and closed plan, it will not matter. The colors are chosen such as the dress. It will look great large peas, bright print, as well as things of the same color.

Pin-up style makeup

Pin-up make-up is pretty simple. With an even and natural skin tone, it is very important to be able to highlight the eyes and emphasize the lips. Basically, pin-up accepts only the natural color of the foundation. Therefore, you need to try and not to overdo it. This makes it possible to perfectly distinguish the eyes and lips. Blush will help to give an unusual look, which should be applied in such a way that the cheeks look a bit like apples. Do not forget to paint your lips with bright red lipstick and also apply a lengthening mascara on your eyelashes.

Since the makeup in pin-up style consists of details, attention should be paid to eyebrows. You can make them clearer and more expressive by using a brown or black pencil. To make up your eyes, it is best to turn on the shadows are not too bright shades. White, soft pink and coffee colors are perfect.

Pin-up headbands

Headbands are considered to be one of the main accessories in pin-up style. Previously, they were recommended to wear only in accordance with the style of clothing. At the moment, they are very often used in the daily life of any girl.

Headbands in the style of pin-up can be a variety of colors. Both monophonic, and mix of various abstractions will approach. The more interesting the bandage is, the image will look more unusual and stylish.

Can all girls wear bandages?

Without a doubt, pin-up dressings are suitable for every girl. The main thing is to skillfully use this accessory and emphasize all the advantages of its appearance. From how effectively the bandage will look, the hairstyle itself depends. In this style, it is customary to do bouffant to create the effect of a large volume of hair. High tails with a combed back bang are also relevant. The bandage on the hair, which will be gathered in the bun, will look very unusual. Flowers and ribbons of various colors can also be added to the hairstyle. In each of the options you have invented, the bandage will look very laconic and stylish.

Swimwear for pin-up style

Pin-up swimsuits are completely different from the models of the modern world. They allow you to emphasize all the virtues of the figure of a girl, but they look very sophisticated and fashionable. Recently, you can notice a trend in swimsuits with swimming trunks, which have an overestimated waist. This not only emphasizes the beauty of the body, but makes the image of a girl very mysterious. Swimwear can be both separate and one-piece. In each of the options the girl looks very seductive and refined. The color of swimsuits is quite varied. The right to choose is given to the fashionista herself. But most often you should focus on the swimsuits of bright colors, which can be depicted various abstractions. Monochrome models will also be relevant. And the coloring in the pea will make it possible to slay all. To date, you can order a swimsuit, which, thanks to the use of color print technology, will make the image unique and inimitable.

Pin-up style created for brave girls who are not afraid of major changes in their lives. If you are a young and confident young lady, then this image is perfect for you!