The procedures offered by cosmetology centers do not cost a lot to patients. Not every woman is able to pay for the services of a modern beauty salon. For this reason, ladies are trying to find an alternative to the cosmetology procedures performed in the salons. Such an alternative is a face peeling with calcium chloride, made at home.Face peeling with calcium chloride: reviews

What is peeling?

As a result of the impact of the environment on the skin appear old and keratinized cells. They negatively affect the skin condition - oxygen access to the epidermis decreases, which gives it an unhealthy appearance. Get rid of this defect will allow peeling - a deep cleansing of the skin, as a result of which the epidermis becomes elastic, smooth, healthy.

At home, you can perform many cosmetic procedures, among which the most effective is peeling of the face with calcium chloride.

This procedure allows you to achieve an incredible effect:

  • Improves the complexion.
  • Matters oily skin.
  • Dries pimples.
  • Cleans contaminated pores.
  • Struggles with skin pigmentation.
  • Coping with problems of increased secretion of sebum.
  • Smoothes the skin, and also returns to it freshness and youth.
  • Removes keratinized cells of the epidermis and, accordingly, saves from a yellowish and grayish complexion.


Despite numerous advantages, peeling of the face with calcium chloride is far from being suitable for everyone. He has the following list of contraindications:

  • Diseases of the skin.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy.
  • Purulent lesions, wounds and other such troubles.
  • Dry skin.
  • Exacerbation of herpes.
  • Individual intolerance to this drug.

To find out if you are allergic to this drug, you need to conduct a satisfied simple test. To do this, apply a couple of drops of the drug to the elbow. If after a few minutes the skin does not turn red, you can safely peel with calcium chloride at home. Reviews of consumers say that allergic reactions to calcium chloride occur extremely rarely.

Side effects

Unfortunately, this procedure may not be suitable for everyone. In some cases, it leads to deterioration of the skin, among the unpleasant symptoms - the appearance of pigments, severe dryness, disruption of acid balance.

To prevent these troubles, you need to carefully monitor your feelings when carrying out the procedure at home. The feeling of tingling and burning is normal. If these symptoms increase, then the procedure must be stopped immediately. Redness and peeling the next day after peeling is not a side effect. This is a normal phenomenon that will take place in a couple of days.

Helpful Tips

To peel the face with calcium chloride was the most effective, it is recommended to comply with certain requirements:

  • After the procedure for several days, protect the face from any effects (sun, wind).
  • Within a few days it is advisable to refrain from using cosmetics.
  • Do not resort to this procedure more than once every two months.
  • Sports also should be postponed for 2-3 days, because during training, sweat is released, which prevents normal recovery of the skin.

Safe peeling

To prevent the occurrence of negative consequences and to achieve the maximum result, during the procedure it is necessary to observe the safety rules:

  • Before you do calcium chloride peeling, it is important to carefully inspect the skin and make sure there are no combs, cuts and wounds on it. Since even a slight skin damage can trigger a burn on the face, in this case it is desirable to postpone the procedure until complete healing.
  • Begin the procedure preferably with a 5% solution gradually moving to 10%. This will avoid chemical burns, since the skin is not yet prepared for exposure to calcium chloride.
  • Owners of the combined skin type solution should be applied only to fatty areas, reducing the volume of the solution in dry areas or not at all applying it to this area.
  • Carrying out peeling with calcium chloride (photo before and after the procedure see below), it is necessary to avoid applying the composition on the red border of the lips, the area around the eyes, and also from the nose to the upper lip.

  • Before the procedure should be tested for an allergen, for this solution is applied to the hands or back. If the skin has transferred well this composition, after a time on it there was no reddening, then the solution can be applied to the face.
  • The product should be applied to dry skin, during the peeling, the use of water should be minimized. If during the peeling strongly burns the skin, then the composition must first be wiped with a napkin, and only after it is washed off with soapy water.
  • The procedure is preferable to spend before bedtime, so that the skin calms down overnight. After peeling, it is important to change the bed linen to prevent bacteria and microbes from getting onto the cleansed skin.
  • After the procedure for a long time, sunscreens with a protection factor of more than 50 will be required.

Calcium chloride: face peeling at home

As noted in the reviews, in order for the procedure to be successful, it is necessary to purchase all the components in advance and prepare the face. So, you need the following for a procedure such as peeling: calcium chloride and soap, and cotton wool. All this can be bought without problems in the nearest pharmacy. For one procedure, one ampoule of calcium chloride is 5% or 10%, for a whole course - 10 ampoules, that is, packing. It is important that soap does not contain additives, so the preference should be given to the child.

Main stages

  • The facial skin is cleansed of cosmetics and dirt, then wiped dry.
  • Using a cotton pad, carefully apply the chloride solution.
  • After the solution has completely dried, the procedure should be repeated.
  • Such manipulations are repeated three times, in other words, no less than three layers should be applied.
  • Do not apply the solution to the skin around the eyes and mouth.
  • Next, soak the cotton pad or fingertips and apply soap foam over the layers of calcium chloride.
  • It is important to ensure that the contact of soap and calcium chloride occurs exactly on the skin. Apply foam on the massage lines, if necessary, you can add a little more soap solution.
  • The peeling is finished by washing with warm water and then applying any moisturizer to the treated skin.

Judging by the responses, if a high quality solution of calcium chloride is used, peeling is carried out in compliance with all requirements, then when the components are combined, pellets should form. In scientific terms, insoluble calcium salts appear in the process of compounding the components, which slide down and at the same time capture the scales of the upper skin.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that if the first stage feels a burning sensation, you must stop the procedure. After peeling can be repeated, but calcium chloride is recommended to dilute with special water for injection or boiled.

If desired, you can make a soothing and anti-inflammatory solution, which is applied for about 10 minutes. For this, a banana mask, consisting of banana mash, oat flakes and chamomile broth, is perfect.

Use of essential oils

In the solution of calcium chloride it is allowed to add essential oils, this will require:

  • Carnation oil.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Oil of cinnamon leaves.

These essential oils (no more than 1 item of a spoon) are added to one portion of the prepared solution. But after such procedure on the face it is necessary to put a mask from white clay and water. For the regeneration of the skin as a result of such cleansing, lavender, chamomile, sasankw or jojoba oil is ideal.

Calcium chloride: face peeling, reviews of cosmetologists

Users leave numerous positive responses about this procedure. Fans of peeling with calcium chloride note its effectiveness literally after the first use.

Owners of oily skin report that after the procedure, the secretion of the sebace secret has decreased. Women with combined covers recommend applying the product primarily to areas with oily skin, and only after processing dry. Girls with dry covers are advised to give up peeling.

Observance of all requirements and the correct approach to this procedure will achieve the desired effect, the result can please after several sessions. However, it should be remembered that any chemical peeling for the skin poses a certain threat, since the stratum corneum burns. It is important to study all possible manifestations (burning, tightening, etc.). If an undesirable reaction occurs, the formulation is immediately washed off and a moisturizer applied.

If proportions were maintained, and allergic reactions were not present, then there was no cause for concern. However, experts advise to perform calcium peeling in specialized clinics, where the cosmetologist will perform the procedure qualitatively and guarantee its safety.